Be Your Own Boss, Work At Home – You’ll Love It!

Be Your Own Boss, Work At Home

Do you wish you could be your own boss and work from home? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could quit your job in the next year because your new business replaces your wages and then some? Think of the financial freedom you can achieve, to be able to live out your dreams.

Starting your own online marketing business, for free I might add, allows you to be on your own boss and working from home….or anywhere there’s an internet connection for that matter. It’s the working freedom most everyone desires.

Work at home, coffee shop, your cabin, on vacation (ok, well maybe only a little…haha), or your time away in a warmer location.  Can you tell I’m a Canadian?

Hi. My name is Suzanne and I want to help you realize your dream. I’ve achieved my dream of working from home and I know you can too. My goal is to guide you through the process to make things easier for you.  This is where I found my success…



I Don’t Have The Time To Start A Business

Actually, you do. We all have busy lives. Whether it’s a full-time job, going to school, or raising a family, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. If we wait until we have more time, we’ll probably never start what could be a life-changing decision.

be your own boss, work from home, make the time

You just need to take a close look at your day and carve out an hour here and an hour there. I’m always amazed at the time I find. Cutting back from T.V. and social media is how I initially made my time.

If you’re like me, once you get going, you get excited and commit more time to it than you thought possible. The idea of being able to make money from home is a huge motivator.

be your own boss, work from home or away on vacation

The other convenient factor of an online business is that you don’t have to work from home. You can take it with you anywhere you have internet availability. Right now I’m writing this article in another country while on vacation. Isn’t that awesome?


Make Money on Vacation

Remember when I said making money from home is a great motivator? For me, that means even a few hours on my vacation. Remember, when you’re not working, your competitor still is.

I always have my phone with me when on vacation. All those phone apps come in handy. I use my Notes to jot down ideas that come to mind for content on my niche. If I hear anyone speaking about my niche, I’ll jot down possible new keywords.

I love taking pictures and sometimes they’re applicable for my articles. I love reading so will often educate myself while reading by the pool. And as I said before, I’ll often write articles while on vacation, in note form on my phone, then finalize them when I get home.

The one thing you certainly can do on vacation is to take a little time to answer your emails.  This way your customers continue to build trust in you knowing you’ll respond quickly.  And it will relieve the backlog when you get home.

If you have a few minutes, I’d like you to read this post from a very respected online marketer named Kyle. He talks about his busy life and offers us 7 practical solutions to get more done.

Just click on the image below to read the article…

i dont have time to start a business


How To Get More Done in a Day

These are Kyle’s practical solutions to get more done in a day:

  1. Write down your weekly goals.  Spend a few minutes, at the beginning of each week, writing down everything you’d like to accomplish.  It will help you stay on track.  Personally, I’m a list person, so being able to cross off finished tasks is quite rewarding.
  2. Take a break from social media.  Or at least limit yourself to 15 min. a day.  Using it for business purposes is important, but getting sucked down that rabbit hole can end up wasting hours.
  3. Use your lunch or coffee breaks to work.  If you work a full-time job, you would get breaks at various times of the day.  These are great times to develop ideas or do research.  Think of these breaks as investing in your own business.
  4. Have a notepad wherever you go.  You never know when you’ll be inspired with a new idea for your business.  Or maybe to start another?  My ideas can come at the most ridiculous times, haha.
  5. Take your computer, tablet or phone wherever you go.  Whether on vacation or down to your local coffee shop, always be able to maximize your available time towards your new business.
  6. Read, research, learn.  If you’re a reader like me, you always have something to grab, be it a magazine, kindle, or phone app.  Why not use these times to educate yourself, and keep up on current news relating to your niche or online business.  There are always new and improved ways to better your SEO or get content ideas for your website.

Something else to consider is working a 7-day work week.  If you want to achieve quick success, working every day is the way to get there.  I know that traditionally the weekends are for time off, and that’s ok if you so choose.  I’m just reminding you that if you want to reach your goals in the quickest time possible, you should put in some hours on the weekend too.


How Do I Start My Online Business?

be your own boss work from homeThe basic things you’ll need to build a successful business are:

  • Education – proper training to learn the correct techniques
  • Website – to display your product or service
  • Hosting – the hosting company where you “park” your website
  • Keyword research tools – finding those words that will attract your audience and put you on page one of Google
  • Community support – a place to get immediate answers to all your questions, and encouragement

You can spend a lot of time online looking for all these things, and possibly be paying a large amount of money to acquire them. I’ve already done a lot of research, and it took me hours and hours. I was frustrated and overwhelmed.

You might be the type of person who needs to look for yourself, or you can take advantage of all my research and do what I did. Get everything in one place. That’s right. I finally found a platform that has it all.


The Best Training Platform Out There

Yes. I said it. The best one!  It’s called Wealthy Affiliate University.

There are other legitimate programs, as well as many scams. Scams are often hard to identify because they can sound so convincing with promises of overnight riches.

Legit ones are either pricey or have many required up-sells. Most don’t provide all the tools you need under one roof. You would need to purchase websites, hosting or keyword tools elsewhere for an additional cost.

I’ve reviewed The Chris Farrell Membership and Affilorama if you’d like to read them. They are both legitimate platforms but have a few things I didn’t like such as costs of upsells, no live community and poor support reviews.

I can save you so much time if you’d like to use what I use. At Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to everything you need.

It was designed by two already successful marketers named Kyle and Carson. They had to learn the hard way about 15 years ago, and now want to genuinely share their knowledge to help others achieve success.

be your own boss, work at home like Kyle and Carson

The best part is that you can start your new business with a free starter membership. This was an important feature for me. I wanted to try everything out without making any investment.

I wanted to make sure I liked it first, then I could decide if I wanted to upgrade to a premium membership, or stay as a free member.

Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to see the added benefits of becoming a premium member. It’s that good! Give it a try and decide for yourself, OK.

Click on the picture below to read my insider review.


my WA review picture



I’m here to help you achieve your dream of working from home with your new online business. If I can do it, anyone can!

I would love to hear what you think. Please feel free to leave me comments or questions. I’d love to hear from you.

Your friend,