How Do You Build a Website? It’s Easy…Let Me Show You!

How do you build a website

Are you trying to find a way to sell something online?  Or maybe a friend or local business wants you to create a professional website for them to showcase their services. Do you already have a business that needs an online presence?  Not having a website could mean losing potential customers!

So, how do you build a website?  Well, it’s much easier now than it’s ever been.  Years ago you needed a college IT degree to write code. Not anymore!  Now anyone can build their own website, hassle-free, at very little to no cost at all.

There are many website builder platforms to help you build and host your website, but you need to be careful that they offer you all the things you need to make it a quality site that people will want to visit.

 Below, I will share with you my 3 easy steps to building your own website.

Before we start creating a website for your business, it would be helpful for you to write down what you’re wanting to accomplish with your website.

  1. Have you chosen your niche?

This is the subject of your website.  You want to start out quite specific, with the option of broadening it out later on.

For more information on choosing a niche, please read my article “Definition of a Niche”.

  1. Do you want a blogging section and/or a photo gallery?
  2. Do you want to be able to upload videos?
  3. Do you need an online store to sell your products or services?
  4. Will this store get bigger in the future?

It’s important to think about your growth options.  Some hosting platforms will only offer so much room for storing your data.  Any increased storage space could cost considerably more money.  And sharing your hosting space with other large businesses could really slow your site down.

If you’re not sure about what you would need, check out the sites of other businesses in your niche.  You can get great ideas from other websites that are already successful.

If you don’t like doing research and would prefer to know which platform I started my first website on, please consider Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s my #1 recommendation because you can do everything in one place, plus have access to all the training you need to build a successful business.

how do i build a website with 3 steps


Step 1 – Choose The Right Platform

This first step involves a little research to find the platform that will suit you the best.  I’ll help yo