What Is An Authority Website? – Should You Care?

What Is An Authority Website? - Should You Care?

Whether you’re a newcomer or not, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Authority Website”. And if you are a newbie to online marketing, you’re probably wondering what is an authority website? And why should you care?

I know that there’s so much to learn about online marketing, and I’m here to make it easier for you. In this article, I’d like to explain what website authority means, why you should care, and the benefits of increasing your domain authority. See how I slipped “domain” in that last sentence, haha. Website and domain are interchangeable here!

Here is where I learned everything about online marketing.



Let’s Start With A Website Authority Definition

This is Wikipedia’s definition:

what is an authority site according to wikipedia

In layman terms, it means that this type of website has a high quality of content that gives valuable information to its readers. It’s respected by other knowledgeable people or peers in the same industry. These are larger sites that give such value, people trust the advice given and take action on its recommendations.

Here’s a quick video for you to watch…

An authority website is a content-driven site. It focuses on one core topic (or niche) that’s usually very focused. They cover the information thoroughly and give their visitor exactly what they’re looking for.

Really, it’s an entire business in the form of a website. It’s built without selling any physical product. Its commodity is information!


So Authority Websites Are Information Hubs?

domain authority meaning information hub

Basically, yes! People who use search engines are looking for specific information. And authority sites exist to help these people find those answers. Successful sites will focus on only one concept, to deliver the best (or close to best) answer for that one type of person.

For example, let’s use my site “Legitimate Affiliate Training“. My focus is on one concept – showing people how they can start their own online marketing business. I try to deliver all the answers that people would ask or want to learn about. So I am catering to one type of person! This way, my visitors will get a well-rounded appreciation of marketing, in answer to their original question.

In relation to information, I believe there are two goals for website authority:

  1. To become the single most authoritative voice online, or at least close to it, about their chosen niche.
  2. To have their visitors trusting their advice and recommendations, so they return time and time again. And of course, this means income opportunities.

If you can accomplish this with your website, you can earn some serious passive income. Of course, to maintain that passive income, you’ll want to make sure your answers are always up to date with fresh or updated content.

There is no prerequisite amount of content to have an authority site. Some are massive, and many aren’t. The crucial thing to remember is the quality of information you’re delivering. If you thoroughly cover all the questions your viewers would ask and build up that trust with them, then you can very well become the online authority in that niche.


This Was Never Important Before? Why Now?

get your own authority so you stay in business

Years ago, many online marketers were more interested in making a profit than helping their visitors. That’s because they were able to manipulate Google to achieve a high ranking. They were making money off things such as Adsense. They would put ads on their sites in hopes the viewer would click on them, therefore getting paid per click.

They had no reason to deliver quality content. It was all a ruse to get people to click on these ads and move away from their sites. But guess what? Google changed their algorithm, and most of these sites lost their ranking and their profits.

Those marketers who truly desired to help their visitors and created quality content survived. The new changes Google made didn’t affect them the same way. Google now looks for quality content that answers specific questions, and these types of websites are ranked higher. In fact, the longer you can keep your visitor on your site, the better.

Google continues to make changes in the way they view websites. Their intention is to weed out low-quality sites in favour of high-quality ones who deliver valuable information to those search questions.

Can you see now, why it’s important to work towards increasing your domain authority? Not only do search engines rank you higher, but it creates long-term security for your website.


Does Domain Authority Mean More Profits?

does domain authority mean more profits?

I believe so, yes. But only because of higher ranking and its diversity. Let me explain.

An authority site is an excellent way to produce passive income because they can have multiple traffic channels and multiple revenue streams. This, in turn, provides you that security net in the long term. Why? As I said earlier, things in the industry can change so quickly. And when they do, your entire business can be impacted.

When Google changed their algorithms a few years back, websites who were relying on the previous model lost most of their business overnight. And how about Facebook’s recent changes? Those businesses who were relying solely on Facebook traffic had a rude awakening! Can you see why I like diversity in traffic and income streams?

Authority websites can be extremely profitable if you choose the right niche, and match it with the right types of monetization. Yes, it’s an equation you’re always working on, but a fun one. What’s not to love. You’re looking for ways to increase your income, after all.


More Reasons Why You Should Build An Authority Site

  1. tips creating quality authority sitesMakes your SEO strategy so much easier, because search engines want to rank you higher.
  2. Because you’re ranked higher, you get more free traffic (organic traffic).
  3. People are more willing to share your information, therefore boosting traffic (social media traffic).
  4. You have more long-term earning potential (passive income).
  5. These sites are easier to build because you’re focused on one specific niche.
  6. It’s rewarding because you’re helping people.
  7. They acquire quality links to other authority sites, which in turn improves ranking.
  8. The learning curve can be broken down step by step, making it easy to build.

To learn anything new in life, we need proper training to succeed. And this is no different. Is building your business to become an authority, online, a lot of work? Yes. Is it difficult? No. Is it worth it? Heck ya!

Like I said, you need the proper training to succeed. And the proper tools to find your perfect niche, build your website, have immediate support, etc. When everything is broken down, step by step in a logical order, it becomes easy and enjoyable. And I want to show you where you can get all this, and start for FREE!

Like anything new, you’ll want to try it out first to see if this is for you. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.  It’s such an awesome way to make supplemental income in your spare time.

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Do you already have a website and you’re struggling? Are you confused about all the advice out there? Come join us. You’ll feel at home in no time, and you can relax knowing you’re in great hands.