What Is The Affiliate Marketing Mastery? Does High Ticket Mean High Quality?

Do you have a desire to make money online? So many of us do and are always searching for the best place to learn. Have you heard about Stefan James’ program he released in 2016? It’s his own video training program about affiliate marketing.

But what is the Affiliate Marketing Mastery? That’s what I want to review for you today. And I’m so happy to see you doing some research before jumping in.

This tells me you are wise with your money and time. And that’s a good thing because this is what you call a “high ticket” program, meaning it’s very expensive.

The big question is, for a high ticket price, do you get a high-quality education? Well, that’s what’s debatable. But by the end of this review, you will be able to make an informed decision whether you think it’s worth it, or not.

For the sake of transparency, I did not buy this program but have done a TON of research on it. I discovered what the course entails so that you could see what you get for your money.

I didn’t need to buy this course because I learned all the same things elsewhere, and loved it. This is where I learned how to start my own successful business.

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What Is The Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a comprehensive video training program to teach people how to build a successful online business with affiliate marketing.

Stefan James (also the founder of Project Life Mastery) helps you to brand your website in a specific niche, and how to build it out onto all social media platforms.

There are over 70 videos here, with over 45 hours of viewing time. And there are PDF transcripts for each lesson.

OK, this is a long list, but I thought for the price of this, you’d want to know what’s inside, LOL.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery – $1,997 or 3 pmts. of $767

What’s Inside

Module #1: Foundation (Introduction, Strategy & Mindset)

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction
  • Lesson 2 – Mastery Mentality
  • Lesson 3 – Blueprint
  • Lesson 4 – Success Principles
  • Lesson 5 – Goal Setting Workshop

Module #2: Niche Selection (Market Research & Keywords)

  • Lesson 1 – Profitable Niches
  • Lesson 2 – Digital Products
  • Lesson 3 – Physical Products
  • Lesson 4 – Keywords Research
  • Lesson 5 – Choose The Best Niche
  • Lesson 6 – Affiliate Networks

Module #3: Marketing Channels (Creating Your Online Brand & Presence)

  • Lesson 1 – Marketing Channels
  • Lesson 2 – Brand Name
  • Lesson 3 – Domain & Hosting
  • Lesson 4