The Paid Social Media Jobs Review. Make over $700/week. Really?

The Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Are you looking for ways to make money from home? You’re not alone! There are so many reasons why persons such as yourself need additional income, and there are so many advertisements online, on social media, and in our inboxes, promising us ways to do this.

The big question is…are they telling you the truth? This is why I’d like to share with you the Paid Social Media Jobs review. And I’m so glad you’re here. You are obviously a smart person, checking these products out before purchasing them.

I’ll go over what the product is, how it works, and give you my honest recommendations, OK?

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What Is Paid Social Media Jobs?

Paid Social Media is an online site that provides training to become a social media manager and lists various types of social media jobs currently available. It was developed by Annie Jones, who narrates the promotional video.

She claims to have learnt all the tips and tricks to make the most money from day one, even if you have no experience.

Training – $54 with 50% discount

  • Module #1 – This module gives you an introduction to what a Social Media Manager is, why you need to become one, and how to hire yourself out.
  • Module #2 – This module goes over the importance of Social Media Managers to the business world and how you, as a beginner, should get started.
  • Module #3 – This module discusses the type of businesses who look for these managers, and how to find them.
  • Module #4 – This has more advanced training about the importance of media managers and some training on Facebook marketing strategies. You will also have access to a free ebook called “Unstoppable FB Traffic“.

Upsells – $37

  • Social Media Arbitrage Ebook – Teaches you how to make twice as much money by outsourcing.


This is where you would find any social media jobs available.

You are also provided with

  • 50 Facebook status update quotes, fully editable in a Microsoft Word document.
  • A variety of Facebook timeline cover images.
  • Examples for creating your resume.
  • Guidelines and Blueprints to get ahead of your competition.

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Who Is This Platform For?

Though this product is supposed to be designed for beginners with no previous experience, I’m not convinced that a beginner will make much money. For any business to want to hire you, you would have to have some online writing or blogging experience, as well as with Social Media Management past employment.

But if you are comfortable competing for jobs, offering low enough bids to get their attention, and showing any experience and creativity, then you should be able to make some money.

With enough added experience, your resume should improve over time and may be able to negotiate a full-time position with a specific business.


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How Does It Work?

This product will usually be seen on social media or mailed to your inbox via email marketing. When clicked upon, you’ll immediately see a discount off for your country. A typical marketing tactic to make you feel privileged, lol.

You’ll then see a promotional video by Annie herself. Unfortunately, this is a fake picture, most likely narrated by a voice-over actor. Here my proof…

paid social media jobs reviews scam or legit?

As you can see, this is just a stock photo from OK, I know this isn’t the end of the world, but why hide behind a stock photo?

Annie also claims that many businesses will send you free samples of their products as part of the job. She’ll even show you her secrets to how to keep them all for free. Here’s the image she shows as an added incentive…

paid social media jobs help get you free products

I know products are received by reviewers who have, let’s say, a large following on YouTube and is quite renown for their reviews. But I can almost guarantee you they won’t send an expensive item to an unknown person. Would you?

There is even a “breaking news video” clip. The gentleman shares about people around the world getting paid a lot of money by businesses hiring social media managers. Apparently, they’ll hire regular people to do this, both part-time and full time.

Again, a fake…

get paid to manage social media according to the news report

This is a hired actor from who specializes in creating a fake news clip.

It goes on to reveal someone’s income proof, but I think we can all assume that this is fake as well, LOL.

Once inside, you get access to the training modules on the dashboard.

get paid to post ads on social media training included

There is also the editable copies of the Facebook quotes and cover images. The images come in .psd or .png formats so you will need to have Photoshop or Gimp to customize the .psd files or edit the .png files with an image editing program.

All the in-depth training is for Facebook. There are some lessons on other social media platforms, but not nearly as detailed, so further online training would have to be found to learn about others your client may wish to use.

Here’s the video clip on their sales page.  Did you know that you can make videos like this for free online?  Just find a video maker, upload your images, and voila!


  • Step by step training
  • Learning to be a social media manager could lead to a full-time job
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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  • Obvious lies about the creator, the news clip, and income potential (what else are they lying about)
  • Training is somewhat vague for a beginner
  • Training isn’t updated to stay current with social media changes


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I do believe this is a legitimate product, despite all the fake promotional material. I’m not sure why they feel they have to lie to people to convince them to join, but it’s not an uncommon tactic.

If you’re not experienced online and know what to look out for, these sales tactics are very effective. At least, in this case, you are actually getting something for your money.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a scam? No Would I recommend it? No

Now even though I wouldn’t recommend this, it doesn’t mean that someone could make some money using this training. It’s just that I don’t believe you’ll make very much.

Offering training for social media interaction is something that should be updated on a continual basis. And there’s no proof that this product has ever been updated.

Social media sites change their rules and algorithms often so that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

Yes, it can change that fast!

Facebook just made a drastic change in how people’s timelines are viewed this past year (2018), which drastically affected how businesses promote their ads. Now it requires much more finesse or using paid advertising.

My other concern is calling yourself a Social Media Manager. There are a lot of specialized professionals for hire in this space, and any company who seriously wants to use social media for their business practices will want a professional.

You will have a hard time competing with others who have experience, a proven resume, and client recommendations.

If this is truly something you want to pursue, there is sufficient training online to be found for free. Have you heard of:

  • Udemy.comCheck this out…if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see they offer free courses as well as paid. And the paid courses are still cheaper than the cost of Paid Social Media Jobs.

Another thing you should consider is how you are going to present yourself to a prospective client. Anyone with any business knowledge knows you should look the part of a professional, even if you aren’t one yet! lol.

The best way to do this is to create a business website. And fortunately for you, this is so easy to do. These are the steps you should take to get started.

  1. Figure out what you want to call your business and then see if a domain name is available.
  2. Choose a platform to build and host your website. Website builders are quick and easy these days. No need to have coding experience at all.
  3. Some training and support to get your business up and running successfully.
  4. Learn how to add content to discuss your availability and experience.

Having your own website is a wonderful way to brand yourself. And the more experience you have, the better known your brand will be. Soon, people will come looking for you instead of the other way around!

Can I offer you my recommendation?

I have found and have used a wonderful platform for many years now, to learn how to build my own successful business online. They provide training for all methods of online marketing, as well as having all the tools and support to help you along.

You can start for free here as well. And, you will learn many other methods of making money online. Many more lucrative ways than spending time on social media.

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. I hope to see you there. I’ll meet you on the inside and help you as long as you need me to.

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Have you seen the ads for Paid Social Media Jobs? Is this something you think you’d enjoy doing? If you spend a lot of time online, building your own business is a great way to create additional income. Let me help you!

Your Friend,