What Is A Landing Page Used For? 18 Mind-Blowing Stats!

What Is A Landing Page Used For?

Is your business needing a boost in your conversion rates? Are you needing more leads to reach out to? Then start using landing pages. This simple addition to your marketing strategies can make an impressive difference to your bottom line.

And being the business savvy person you are, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this post.

Let’s look at some mind-blowing stats about how these simple web pages can work for you. Below, is an infographic showing you amazing statistics that should inspire you. Then I’ll provide you with some actionable tips.

This is something I’ve learned over time, which has helped propel the success of my business. And would you like to know where I’ve learned all these strategies? To find out, CLICK HERE.

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What is a landing page used for?

A landing page is used to capture your visitor’s information and direct them to a specific call to action.

When you’ve targeted a specific stream of traffic, and offer a valuable incentive for their information, you can convert a higher percentage of your readers into leads.

Many marketers will advertise via their homepage, social media and email, but when you know that visitors are coming to your website, why not increase your chances of converting them to leads? Or convert them to the sale of your product or service? This is the advantage of using landing pages.

Using targeted landing pages is critical for directing your traffic to take one specific action.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of landing pages, please read my article “What Is A Landing Page“.

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18 Mind-Blowing Stats To Inspire You

Proof That Landing Pages Work [Infographic] from ion interactive

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Actionable Tips

#1. Create Pages

When running your marketing campaigns, do your visitors click your ads but leave right away? It often happens because only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.

Adding a specific landing page with a clear take-action step can make an incredible difference to your campaign. Your landing page will only focus on your product, with no other distractions to lead your visitor away.

Take Action:

Create landing pages for each product market you interact with. Then make your call-to-action very bold and clear, offer a valuable incentive for their information, and you’ll soon see the difference it can make.

#2. Inspiring Proofs

The more landing pages you create, the higher conversions you will receive. Look at Dell. They now have over 1000 landing pages and have seen their conversions rise as high as 300%.

Axway has seen a rise in their ROI (return on investment) of over 291%. Wow! Not only that, they’ve saved $100k per year on their PPC (pay per click) ad groups.

Marion University tested between different landing pages, chose the better ones, and increased their conversions by 264%.

Take Action:

Depending on your niche, customize a landing page for each segment of the population you advertise to, and for each individual product or service. The more, the better!

Most autoresponders or landing page creators have some form of A/B testing. Test often to keep your conversion rate at its peak efficiency.

I use Thrive Leads, which offers incredible features for design, targeting, testing and reporting. They are the best I’ve ever used and highly recommend them 🙂

#3. PPC Keywords

MecLabs increased their lead capture by 144% by strategically using PPC (pay per click) ad keywords on their landing pages.

Keeping your landing page relevant to the ads you place on search engines, etc., is an important key to keeping your visitor on your page.

When a visitor is searching for a specific answer to their question, the last thing they want is to land on a page that has nothing to do with their search. This is the fastest way to lose your visitor.

Take Action:

Do you use PPC Ads on Google, Bing, or other search engines? When creating your ad, please make sure the keywords you use are directly relevant to the information you are presenting to your reader.

#4. Mobile Optimized

A large majority of the population are now searching online via their mobile devices. In fact, Google requires you to have responsive websites for ranking eligibility.

This one simple step can make an incredible increase in your conversion rate too. Look at Ion Interactive. They started using mobile-optimized landing pages, which led to a 153% increase in their conversions for one product. And Blurb increased in average a 7% – 13% increase in their registrations by simply using a mobile responsive template.

Take Action:

Ensure that your website theme is mobile responsive. Most themes these days are, but its worth checking out in case. If you need to find out for sure, you can test your site by using this free tool:

If you find out your website isn’t responsive, then its a quick fix with a simple plugin. There are many available when searching online. Here’s one for you:

  • WPTouch – this plugin will instantly enable a mobile-friendly version of your website. And the great news is that Google recommends this plugin. So it’s a win-win.

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#5. Create More

The statics show that the more landing pages you create, the better your lead capture rate. It’s been noted that companies with 30 or more landing pages get 7X more leads than those who only have 10 or less. Whereas companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12X more leads than those companies with only 5 or less.

That’s a significant rise in lead capture rates!

Take Action:

As you can see, the more the better. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to create 30 to 40 more pages overnight, lol. But over time, consider creating more defined pages that attract a certain segment of your audience.

For instance, my business is for helping entrepreneurs start their own online business. My audience comes from varying demographics wishing to make money online:

  • A college student looking for help to pay their student loans.
  • A stay-at-home parent needing a second income.
  • Empty nesters wishing to afford more travelling.
  • Retirees needing supplemental income.

These are just a few ideas to customize individual landing pages. Do you know your audience? What differentiates them from one another?

#6. Increase Sales

Landing pages aren’t just to capture email addresses. They are great for sale conversions as well. Look at Moz. When they ran an A/B test on a single landing page, their sales increased by 52% on only one product.

Avis created an optimized, targeted landing page and increased their revenue by 15%, which resulted in a 603% increase in their ROI (return on investment). Rasmussen College increased their ROI by 500% using landing pages. Again, Wow!

Take Action:

Where you may have thought landing pages were used primarily for lead generation (collecting email addresses), they are also used to generate sales.

Create your next landing page to lead your visitor to purchase your product or service. Again, make a clear and bold call to action so your visitor knows exactly what you want them to do.

#7. Stay Relevant

Notice how Megan’s Law saw an increase of 63% in conversions when making sure the continuity between their ad and their landing page was consistent. It not only looks professional but inspires the visitor.

Take Action:

Just as you need to keep your keywords relevant, you also need to create any following thank you and landing pages a similar theme of your brand, colour choice, and content.

ThriveArchitect (another wonderful plugin from Thrive Themes) offers sets of templates for you to use for any campaign. There are sets in a variety of themes and colours, with different uses for each. Some may be for an online course or webinar. Others may be for a short or long form sales page.

The image below shows you a portion of the template sets in Thrive Architect:

 what is a landing page template at Thrivethemes

And if you click on “expand set”, you’ll see all the different yet coordinated templates within that set:

great landing page examples with Thrivethemes

Let’s say you wish to run a campaign offering a free video course. You could start with a simple landing page offering the course. Then send a thank you page giving access to the course, and finally the course itself.

landing page builder for each step of your campaign

All of their templates are customizable with background images, colours, buttons, columns, you name it. It’s very impressive and will give your business a very professional look and feel.



Ok, that wasn’t 18 points in my list of actionable tips. But I didn’t want to overlap or repeat myself, LOL

Now that you can see how effective landing pages are for your business, would you like to be in the 13% of marketers who say their strategies are successful or the remaining 87% who aren’t?

I’ve given you some great tips to start or improve on your marketing strategies. And I would recommend you start slow. Start with one landing page at a time. As you continue to determine who your audience is, then create more.

In no time, you’ll have quite a few, and then you can start testing one against the other. Which one brings in more leads? Which one converts to more sales?

It’s exciting to see your online revenue increase by just tweaking a few things on your landing pages.

I should probably ask you if you’ve started your website yet. I realize that many marketers online say you don’t need a website to build a business using landing pages. But I disagree. This is why…

  • Not having your own website means you’re renting space on someone else’s property.
  • That someone else can close down and take your business with them.
  • Using all of their made-for-you landing pages still puts you at risk of losing it all.
  • You never learn how to build your own business if you need to start over.

This is why I highly recommend you build your own website, hosted on your own property, with your own beautifully crafted landing pages. It’s safe and no one can take it from you.

And once you’ve mastered the process, you can rinse and repeat, lol. Make as many businesses as you desire.

Can I recommend the best place to learn, build, host, and network your successful business?

This is the platform I’ve called home for many years now, and it has everything you need under one roof. My favourite part is the live community. Not a Facebook group, but a live interactive platform right there.

You can begin with a free membership, with no strings attached. Come and meet me on the inside, and I’ll help you out as long as you need me to. Just click on the image below.

my wealthy affiliate landing pic

Are you struggling with your business? Would you like to see more conversions? I’m sure you do. We all do! And creating landing pages is a great way to achieve that. Let me help you!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.