What Is The Viral Cash App? My Honest Insider Review

What Is The Viral Cash App?

Are you looking for an easy way to make money online, without breaking the bank? If you’ve been looking online for such systems, then you’ve most likely come across the Viral Cash App.

But what is the Viral Cash App? Is this just another scam, or can you really tap into the viral profits he claims you can?

I’m so glad to see you here, today, to read my insider review. This shows me you care about wasting your time and money on a system that may not work. I’m sure you’ve seen and heard a lot of hype like this before, right? And it may sound convincing, but that only shows you that the owner is a good marketer himself.

I’m going to share with you what this product is, how it works, then give you my honest recommendation. By the end of this review, you’ll have enough facts to make an informed decision.

And if you want to bypass all the hype and uncertainty, please check out a much safer alternative!

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What Is The Viral Cash App?

clickbank viral cash app review

This is another product created by Matthew Neer, and purchased on Clickbank.

What’s Inside

Viral Cash App – $47, downsell $24.95, again to $9.99

  • Quick Start – He promotes a free website (which he had said you didn’t need). Will cost you for the domain name and hosting.
  • Training
    • 30K Foot View – product overview in 12 min. video
    • Viral Money Site – shows you how to set it up.
      • recommends GetResponse to create your email list.
    • Google Adsense – how to set up
    • Amazon Associates – how to set up
    • Clickbank Commissions – how to set up
    • Connect Monetization – how to set up
    • Activate Money Links – how to’s
    • Get Viral Commissions – how to’s
    • Advanced Viral Training
  • Settings – your lists of niches, links, and codes
  • My Pages – this is where you would create your pages by adding your category (niche), page title, URL, and video or article. You then can add your autoresponder opt-in code for your list and any monetization ads, banners or text links.
  • Help Desk – email contact only with support tickets.


#1. Unlimited Autopilot – $149

  • Relevant posts to your keyword are daily uploaded to Matthew’s Facebook fan page

#2. Easy Button – $97

  • List of viral videos on YouTube that you can upload with a single click.

#3. Traffic Stream – $19/month

  • They will provide you with traffic each month. How much?? Solo Ads?? Matthew’s list??
  • This is offered to you on the “confirm payment” page with Clickbank

#4. Millionaire Webinars – $197

  • This gives you access to all of Matthew’s past webinars.

Expected Costs

  • Autoresponder – GetResponse starts at $15/month and up.
  • First three upsells needed to help – $246 + $19/month



Who Is This Product For?

viral cash system is for no one

This isn’t for anyone, trust me! It’s a good concept, but in reality, it won’t work. The only people making money with this system are Matthew and his affiliates. I couldn’t find one review of anyone using this to make actual money!

His videos are usually a lot of hype, hoping to make you believe this will work for you. He’ll show you flashy cars and homes, hands full of money and luxury vacation spots. I mean that’s the dream, right?

And it’s certainly possible to achieve those dreams, but certainly not with this product!

Matthew’s scripted voice-over doesn’t even make sense in some spots. Remember when he talked about selling a website for a lot of money?

Yes, there are many people doing this, but you couldn’t in this case. This isn’t even your website! How on earth could you sell a website that’s communal and used by everyone?


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How Does It Work?

what is the viral cash system about

Viral Cash App claims to create custom pages with viral videos, after which you monetize with links on the sidebar, and banners. These affiliate links are from Amazon, Google Adsense, or Clickbank.

Everyone’s pages are posted on a communal website called Viral Syndicator.com.  You then need to share these videos on your social media pages. The hope is that your visitors will click on the links and you can make commissions.

The Video

This is your typical sales video you would see with any low-quality product. It’s full of hype and lies. It contains the usual red flags you see and hear on other similar videos.

For example, it starts off with news footage of this “amazing new app”. Firstly, you would never see products like these talked about on the nightly news. That’s just ridiculous.

Did you know that you can hire actors to create a fake newscast for you? And some of these clips are just creatively cut to make it sound like it’s talking about the product. But if you listen closely, they never mention the name Viral Cash App. These clips are put together to make you think that’s what they’re talking about, lol.

Then, of course, there are the usual sales gimmicks like “this is a private video” and “only a few spots left in your country”. These are Clickbank products available to anyone. As long as he’s making money, it’ll be available for purchase, LOL

These scarcity tactics are commonly used by scammers in an effort to persuade you to buy.

Matthew goes on to say that all these advertising companies are making money from you viewing these videos. Well, that’s not true at all!

If a YouTube channel is very successful, with a ton of views every day, the channel owner chooses to place these ads on his site in hopes of creating an extra income. The idea is to have enough visitors clicking on Adsense ads, for example, to make you some income. But it takes A LOT of clicks to make any significant money.

The other way to create an income is to have your visitors click on affiliate links for products you may promote. If they buy, then you get a commission.

The frustrating thing is when Matthew tells you that this could be a stable, long term business, but then says you don’t need to worry how it’s done.

As an online marketer myself, there’s no way you can have a long term business without learning about online marketing and all the proper strategies to create income and drive traffic.

He’s obviously speaking to newbies who don’t know any better!

Matthew then says you need to qualify for this product, which is ridiculous. I believe the only qualification is believing his lies, haha. I mean really?? He says if you have advanced online skills, you don’t qualify? That’s because anyone with any experience will see right through this.

This entire video is nonsense. And I’ll explain why as we go through the member’s area, OK?

The Member’s Area

If you attempt to leave the video website, you’ll be presented with your first downsell to $24.95. And if you go to the purchase confirmation page, and try to leave, you’re presented with another downsell of $9.99, lol.

There are upsell options right on the confirmation page too. I didn’t get these…

Inside the member’s area, you have a get started button which is just another way for him to make a commission. It’s an offer for a free website, but don’t let that fool you. It’s not the website that costs. It’s paying for a domain name and website hosting! And this is after he said you didn’t need any of this.

The training tab gives you:

  • A brief overview of the system
  • Some how-to videos to set up accounts with Amazon affiliates, Adsense, and Clickbank. This is how you will be getting your affiliate links.
  • He recommends an autoresponder. This service captures emails from your visitors and comes at a monthly cost. He recommends GetResponse, which is a good service, and which he probably gets an affiliate commission when you sign up.

You don’t need this if you’re just planning on posting your ads to social media, but creating an email list is another way to generate affiliate commissions when you promote other products.

  • He’ll then show you how to connect these links to your banners and sidebar ads, and how to place your Adsense ads. You can also add text links to your descriptions below the videos.

Personally, I believe you get better training from Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon sites themselves.

  • The My Pages tab directs you to the Viral Syndicator site, a communal site where everyone posts their pages. Once there, you select which video you want to promote.

Take a look at the image below. This is the Viral Syndicator site, and you can see an example of where Adsense ads would be placed, and where your opt-in form is to start building your email list.

Now take a look at the # of view these “supposed” viral videos are getting! There’s just no way you’ll make any money with videos like this with barely any views.

viral cash app beta review of the viral syndicator website

When you’ve created your page, Matthew wants you to share it on your social media sites. Do you have a very large following? Do you think your friends will watch and share any of these videos, let alone click on your links?

The way Facebook works since their more recent algorithm changes, it’ll be amazing if your friends even see your video! You’d have to pay for advertising on these platforms if you want to get seen.

What he doesn’t tell you is that you will need a ton of traffic to make even a little money. Adsense pays you pennies per click. Amazon affiliates make a very small commission on purchased items, and Clickbank affiliates make a higher percentage, but the products are often low-quality with a high return rate. (Like this one…)

Learning about online marketing and how to drive traffic to your site is crucial to making money.

I think you may have a better chance if you purchase his first three upsells. At least some steps will be automated, and you’ll get additional traffic. But I have no idea how much traffic… I didn’t purchase these upsells. They are hundreds of dollars with no guarantee they’ll work.

The only guarantee is Matthew making money off of you!

Fake User Review

I couldn’t possibly write a review without showing you the typical fake user review on YouTube, haha. This particular video is being used over and over again with many of these schemes.

They had the actress, who you’ll find on Fiverr.com, read a very generic script, and never mention any product name. Then all they do is swap out the product name on the video itself.

Some other reviews that I’ve written and shown this video are:




  • 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Don’t need hosting



  • Need tons of traffic to make any money
  • Unrealistic income claims
  • No marketing training
  • No support


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

viral cash app beta is not recommended

Matthew Neer is what’s know in this industry as a serial product launcher. Meaning they launch new products almost every month if not more. Sure, he makes a lot of money online, but at the sake of unsuspecting people who believe him.

People like this also make a bad name for online marketing. This is why I get so frustrated. This industry is an awesome opportunity for people to make passive incomes, and get the freedom they deserve.

Matthew’s only in it for himself and doesn’t care that he’s hurting people. So sad!

The owners of these types of products are relying on the launch dates to make themselves a lot of money. Many offer contests with prizes to the highest selling affiliate. When the product dies down due to lack of sales, they simply move on to the next.

They are also building up their own email lists in the process. So you can probably expect to receive many more spammy emails in the future.

When I try out these products to write a review for you, I always use an email specifically created to sign up with. And believe me, my inbox is so full of trash! Every type of scam is in there, I’m sure, LOL.

Is Viral Cash App a scam?  No (unfortunately)   Would I recommend it?  NO

Personally, I believe that Matthew Neer, and other product creators like him, are only showing you the seedy side of affiliate marketing. Yes, they make money online, but at the expense of others. And you’ll notice that they always come up with new schemes.

That’s because these products don’t work and they know it.

A stable and long term online business needs a solid foundation. And the best way to build a solid foundation is to start from scratch. There’s something to be said for learning the entire process from the ground up.

When you have a complete understanding of how online marketing works, you have the biggest advantage over anyone who keeps jumping from product to product. They will, unfortunately, see failure after failure, hoping to get rich with little to no work.

This just isn’t possible! And anyone of us with online experience can tell you that!

Can I make you a much safer, and proven recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I started my online business. I learned everything I needed to know to build a solid and sustaining income with my own website. And I own this. No one else. I never have to worry about some system shutting down and my losing everything I’ve created.

I’ve been there since 2011, and have no intention of leaving. It’s that good! They provide all the step by step, detailed training, all the tools and very importantly, the support you need to succeed.

Actually, it’s the live community support that keeps me there, lol.

The best part for you is that you can start for FREE. Your free starter membership gives you a website with hosting, and enough training to show you the process of starting your online business.

Just click on the image below, to read all about it. When you sign up, I’ll meet you on the inside and help you as long as you need me to. See you soon!

my wa landing pic

I hope this review answered all your questions about the Viral Cash App. If you do decide to try it, please don’t put your hopes up about making a lot of money.

If you have any more questions or comments, please leave them below. I’m here to help and will get back to you quickly.