What Is The Income League? Another Scam Bites The Dust!

what is the income league?

How many of you were blasted with emails about this system? And now that you’re thinking about taking a look, it’s gone! Yep, another hit-and-run in the marketing industry.

So what is the Income League? Or rather, what was it?

Let’s take a look at its design so that when you come across something else like this or created by these men, you might think twice about joining.

I’m thrilled that you’re researching these types of products, even to now find out that it’s gone. You’re a smart person, and frankly, I’m happy you never got sucked into this one.

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is income league a scam?

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What Was The Income League?

The Income League was a system created by Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis. He has been around for a long time now, as a creator of various get-rich-quick systems. He is successful in his own right, but I believe only because he’s the one getting rich.

I’m not sure why this system is still posted on Clickbank, because when you click on the sales page and try to submit your email, all the pages have been taken down.  This is what I kept seeing…

the income league was taken down

Income League – $47

According to Matthew’s video, this was an easy, click and paste system that anyone could do. With one or two hours a day of posting these “little ads” all over the internet, you could make $1000 per day and more. And at no cost!?

So basically, it consisted of building an email list and having an opt-in landing page. You posted your ads, start collecting email addresses, then emailed everyone on your list with his email swipes.

The hope was that the person receiving the email would by the product. If they didn’t, you had a series of emails to persuade them. Then you had another series of emails to convince them to buy the upsells.

You were provided with very brief training on how to post the ads. Matthew himself said it wouldn’t take you any time at all to get going. Everything else was automated.

Upsells – $97 to $197 with downsells

Because the product has been taken down, I don’t have any idea what the upsells were, but I did see their picture of the sales funnel with associated prices.

is income league legitimate with upsells?

Expected Costs-?

In the video, both men talked about how this wouldn’t cost you anything at all (other than the initial $47). I don’t see how that could have been possible.

Unless you’ve been in the industry for a long time, and have created a large email list for yourself, there’s no way you could make any money.

You could use Solo Ads, which is paying a seller to send your emails to their list. But that can get very pricey.

And did this system include all the tools you would have needed? Like a hosted website for your landing page, and an autoresponder to collect and send out your emails?  These all come at a monthly cost for services.

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Who Is It For?

I believe this was only for those affiliate marketers who are well-established with their email lists and look for product launches like this.

Even though he says this is for beginners with no experience, I would say NO WAY!

Many of the launches come advertised with leaderboard contests. And of course, many of these types of product creators keep watching for the next launch about to happen. They most likely know that the only way to make any money with these is to hit it hard at the very beginning before the system is taken down.

Despite the talk of secrets, and new techniques never before used, there’s nothing new here.  It’s just another sales funnel promoting the system to make money through email marketing.

This product had no longevity, as we now know.  It’s designed for the purpose of making the creator and a handful of other marketers some quick money.

And unfortunately, there are many left in the dark with no product, no money, no knowledge, and out a lot of cash.


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How Did It Work?

From what I’ve learned, when you purchased the product, you were brought inside the member’s area. There was most likely some videos to watch, to learn how to post these “little ads”.

I’m sure you were presented with all the upsells as well, telling you that these added materials would make you even more money. But that’s speculation on my part, haha. I’m just going by my experience with these kinds of products.

This system is an email marketing strategy, dependent on a large email list. Without a list, you won’t make any money.

This is a valid form of affiliate marketing, but unfortunately, these types of what I call “hit-and-run” products, make a bad name for the entire industry.


Email marketing should be used to build a relationship and trust with your customers. If they’ve opted into your email list, it’s because they liked something you offered or were looking for information. To keep a healthy list, you want to continue to offer valuable help. Pushing sales on them each time you email will only frustrate them and they will unsubscribe.

The Income League’s training was to push the ads out to your subscribers, without first building that trust. And if you already have an email list, do you want to risk pushing low-quality products on them? I sure wouldn’t.

And what about the refunds? Even if some do buy the product, what are the chances they’ll ask for a refund when they don’t make any money? You’ll lose your commissions as well as your reputation.


If you started this as a beginner, where would your traffic come from to build your email list? Matthew is saying to post these little ads and people will click on them to opt-in. Ya? What people? Do you have a large following on social media?

And like I said above, if you do have a large following, do you want to risk your reputation promoting low-quality products?

The only way you could get a large amount of traffic is to, again, use Solo Ads. It would work, but at a significant cost to you. A cost which can’t be refunded!

Organic traffic is the only free traffic, but that takes a long time to acquire. So really, we’re back to affiliate marketers who are already established with lists, and who don’t care about promoting low-quality items. LOL.

Red Flags

Even throughout the sales video, I could pick out several red flags. I know the industry well enough to recognize the many false claims to get people excited.

But one huge red flag was near the end of the video. Mathew Neer admits to his wanting you to help him crack HIS first $10,000 month.  You see?  He’s the one getting rich, lol.

And Jamie Lewis was telling you to hurry and sign up, WHILE THE PRODUCT WAS STILL AVAILABLE. Hmm, that’s an obvious clue that the product will be taken down.

The following video is their sales video.  It’s fairly long at 15+ minutes, but if you click on the bar at about 14:50 minutes, you’ll hear what I heard.



  • Done for you system
  • 60-day refund policy

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  • Need a large email list to be profitable
  • Need a large amount of traffic
  • Many unannounced upsells
  • As predicted, wasn’t around for long


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I can’t call this a scam because there was a done-for-you sales funnel. But boy, it comes close in my mind.

Matthew pumps out these schemes, persuading unsuspecting people they can make $1000 per day or more. Then he gets rich, takes down the system, and moves on to the next.

Sorry if I sound frustrated, but I am. It’s so NOT FAIR to those poor souls who honestly just wanted to earn some extra money.

And now what. These people have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, trying to make commissions, and now their made-for-you sales funnel is gone.

And the worst part is that they were never taught how to build up another business. None of the training explained the email marketing strategy. You were never taught how to build your own sales funnel. You would need to know:

  1. How to build a website.
  2. How to choose your domain name (can’t build a website without one).
  3. Where to host your website.
  4. How to write emails that get people to open them.
  5. How to write compelling copyright.
  6. Setting up an autoresponder (do you even know what one is?)
  7. Tracking your statistics.
  8. Etc., etc., etc.

This is the problem with made-for-you systems. When they disappear, you’re left with nothing and no way to start up again. Sure, you could go on to buy the next shiny object (another system), but the same thing could and probably will happen again.

In the end, you’ve spent more money than you’ve made. If any!

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So where did you come across the Income League advertisement? I’m a little surprised to see them still floating around. I hope you haven’t had a bad experience with them. Let me know in the comments below.

Your friend,