What Is The Great Heist? (Review) Only Disappointment…

What Is The Great Heist?

Are you hoping to learn how to make money online? It’s easy to do when you have the right training. And if you’ve been searching for that, you may have come across a product called The Great Heist.

But what is The Great Heist? Is it legit, or just another scam? I’m so glad to see you asking these questions and doing research on these products before buying. It’s so hard to know what to believe these days.

And that’s why I write these reviews for you. I look at what’s inside, how it works, and then give you my honest opinion, OK?

And by the end of my review, you’ll have a much better idea if it’s right for you.

Would you rather see where I learned how to create an online income for myself? You can bypass all the uncertainty and learn how with an honest and legit platform.

the Great Heist? (Review) rating




What Is The Great Heist?

This is a Clickbank product that is supposed to teach you about messenger marketing, cryptocurrency, and ecommerce. The owner is unknown. The two PDF’s are authored by Robert Walter if that’s true…

This website was registered in July 2018.

The Great Heist (Club Heist) – $9.00 for 14 days, then $37 per month

What’s Inside

The Great Heist Blueprint

  • Guide 1: The China Secret (Chatbot Secrets #1) – 30 page PDF about messenger marketing.
  • Guide 2: The Ultimate FB Chatbot Step by Step Guide – 84 page PDF about chatbots.


  • Airdrop Secrets – 6 page PDF about free crypto tokens.
  • Access to Crypto Millionaire’s Calendar (upsell)


  • The Ultimate Guide to Shopify – 56 page PDF overview about Shopify
  • Ecommerce Kickstart – 59 page PDF about being an Amazon Affiliate
  • eBay Ecommerce Secrets – 51 page PDF about selling on eBay
  • The Amazon Rush – Exact same PDF as ecommerce kickstart ??


#1: Club Heist – $197

#2: The Crypto Millionaire’s Calendar – $147

#3: Heist Ecommerce Profiteers Society – $97

Expected Costs

It’s hard to tell here because it depends on which direction you go. Most online businesses need:

  • A domain name – $15 per year average
  • Website Hosting – $30 per month and up
  • Keyword research tool – $49 per month and up
  • Autoresponder – $19 per month and up


  • Shopify store – $29 to $299 per month
  • Clickfunnels – $97 to $297 per month



Surprising Discovery

This product is nothing but a rehashing of an old product called The China Secret. It was released in December 2018 and has already been taken down.

I can’t get access to that product anymore, so I can’t say if it’s identical. But chances are the two PDF’s are exactly the same. He didn’t bother to change the name on the documents. They still say “The China Secret” LOL.

it's the same as the china secret

He may have added the Cryptocurrency and Ecommerce sections to this new relaunch to change things up a bit. But the new sections have nothing to do with messenger marketing.



Who Is This System For?

thegreatheist is for no one

If you want a general overview, then that’s what you’ll get. But really? You can find all this online for free.

Personally, I think this owner threw a bunch of stuff together in hopes of making money. There’s just no way you can make the kind of money he’s talking about with this information.

And the worst thing is the charging of a monthly membership fee. For what? I can’t see any value in that other than to line his pockets.

If you’re interested in any of these marketing strategies, which all work great when you know what you’re doing, then take a peek at the better alternatives I’ve given you below.


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How Does It Work?

Well, right away I knew this was probably a low-quality product when I saw the sales page. Very little detail, “secrets”, and warnings, lol.

And the video is full of the usual hype and lies. Let me show you what I mean so that you might recognize them in future product promotions you might come across.

The Sales Page & Hyped Up Video

So the first thing you see is the heading. “Who is this man, and why is he revealing these secrets?” Did that catch your attention?

That’s exactly what he wants. Everyone wants in on a secret, right? He’s hoping you’ll listen to the video to find out what this secret is, and hopefully, have found a system to make you rich!

Let me point out the lies, OK?

Lie #1- Warning, this offer will be removed shortly!

When you’ve seen as many warnings as I have with these types of products, it’s always a tell-tale sign that it’s probably no good.

This guy doesn’t want to take the site down. Why would he? At least not as long as he’s making money with it.

He says due to unprecedented demand, it will be removed? Ya, sure! This is a Clickbank product that anyone can access. And I seriously doubt it’s been in demand…

Lie #2 – Usual Sob Story

Oh my. The drama this narrator makes. The way he spoke in the video made me laugh! So clandestine, haha! He needs you to feel like the future is about to crash on your head.

He gives you the great sob story of his past. And you should know that these video stories usually follow a general script, something like this:

  1. Something happens to his job or his health, and he’s almost ruined.
  2. Can no longer take care of his wife and children.
  3. Someone he knows shows up with an idea.
  4. He launches the system and makes immediate money.
  5. Now he’s rich and wants to help people.

Sometimes I will speak a little of myself with my readers, and that’s OK. I want you to learn to trust me. But these stories are just over the top!

Lie #3 – The Big Secret

Remember how on the sales page he entices you with finding out his secret?

the great heist is also the shanghai code

And here it comes…. messenger marketing with WeChat.

He tries to make it sound like it’s brand new, and was only available in China. In fact, it was launched in 2011, and though very popular in China, it’s used worldwide.

What I didn’t like reading was how China uses it for mass surveillance…

Lie #4 – He Did What??

Can you believe this? Well, don’t, lol. He wants you to think that he’s had computer science grads develop his system for him. Oh brother.

this product is about messenger marketing

If this is like any other low-quality product I’ve seen, it’s probably just a collection of PLR documents and maybe some videos.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. These are products created by someone with the intention of selling them to others with resale rights. They all come with various rules, such as whether you can edit, give it away, add your own name to it, etc.

I’m betting on PLR’s myself, lol. We’ll see when we get inside.

Lie #5 – Another Scarcity Trick

After telling us of his generosity with sharing this system, he says that anyone joining now is enrolled in a few charter positions for his “testing” group. And after he fills this group, access will be for no less than $197.

Please don’t believe this. It’s all his way of pushing your emotional and psychological buttons. He’ll say anything to persuade you to buy.

Lie #6 – Only $9, For Two Weeks? Then What?

He goes on about it only costing the $9 but doesn’t explain what happens after that. It’s not until you purchase the product that you find out about monthly payment.

Keep in mind that I’m paying in Canadian funds…

club heist is a monthly membership

Lie #7 – Fake User Review On Youtube

Don’t you think that if anyone was actually successful using this system, that he’d have real testimonials? But because there never are, they’ll use another actor to describe how happy they are with the product.

In most videos I’ve seen, there are one or two people who they’ve hired from Fiverr and give them a very generic script to read. This actress I’ve seen and heard over and over again.

In this particular video, they just use her voice. The video starts off like the sales video, but then her voice cuts in at the 30-second mark.

Notice how she never says the name of the product or gives any details. That’s so her video/audio can be used with each product launch. In the videos, they just swap out the product logo.

Here are other reviews I’ve written with her in them:

Ok, so if you believed even a little of what he said, you’re expecting to see a massive, done-for-you system, right? I mean, computer science grads have worked on it… lol. Guess again…

The Product Is Dismal…

So where’s the system? No system? Surprise!!

The Great Heist Main Product

All the main product consists of is two PDF’s about messenger marketing. That’s it. And I’m pretty sure that it didn’t take any computer science grads to write these… haha!

I have two nephews who are computer science engineers, and they’d choke if they saw this!

These are just a basic overview of messenger marketing, email marketing, and using Chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately, there’s no practical training for beginners.

You would need some additional training to learn how to properly use these strategies.


I really don’t know why he added these sections in. It has nothing to do with messenger marketing.

Boy, this guy never quits! Here he goes with his “big secret” again. And it isn’t, in case your wondering…

he needs to reveal all his secrets

This section discusses how you can get free cryptocurrency coins when a new one is released. I looked into the company called Polymath, and at rare times when a new coin is launched, the company may give away some coins for promotional purposes.

Unfortunately, the 6-page PDF won’t tell you much. And the other area to access is an upsell.


When you get down to the ecommerce tab, it says video training – where are the videos?? Videos are an excellent way to help in training because they’re usually an over the shoulder type of video.

It’s so much easier to understand when you can actually see what you’re supposed to do. But alas, no videos at all…

there are no videos even though it says there are

This section gives you an overview of three ways to run an ecommerce business. Again, nothing at all to do with messenger marketing. It gives you four PDF’s but one is duplicated??

  1. The first one talks about starting your own store on Shopify.
  2. This one talks about being an Amazon affiliate.
  3. Here, you can read about selling on eBay.
  4. And for some reason, unknown to me, this PDF is the same Amazon affiliate PDF you saw in #2.

I’m guessing he threw this together pretty fast and didn’t double-check before launching.

Why Am I Paying Monthly?

Great question! I wish I could answer that for you, lol. The only thing I could see was under ecommerce, saying that they’d be adding Shopify Dropshipping Secrets, and FBA Secrets (Fulfilled By Amazon).

But as yet, nothing. And it’s almost July!!

Sorry, but there’s no way this is worth a monthly membership of $37.

Better Alternatives

If you’re interested in any of these styles of businesses, there are better ways to learn how to proceed. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Udemy – you can find oodles of courses here for messenger marketing. And they often go on sale for as low as $9.99.
  • Shopify Academy – they provide their own free training.
  • Amazon (FBA) – they also have their support training.
  • Amazon Affiliate – maybe you just want to be an Amazon affiliate?
  • eBay – and there’s always eBay!


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  • 60-day money-back guarantee



  • Insufficient training
  • No video training
  • No value-added for a monthly membership
  • No support



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I recommend wealthy affiliate and not the great heist

Needless to say, I don’t recommend this product to anyone. Unless you want to pay $9 for an overview and cancel your membership before 14 days is up, lol.

I know the temptation is there to believe what he says in the video. Especially if there’s a need in your life for an additional income.

The good news is that it’s a real possibility. It’s a wonderful industry with many opportunities. But not this way. These serial product creators are only thinking about themselves and how much money they can make.

It frustrates me because they make a bad name for online marketing. And many people get so frustrated that they think everyone is a scam artist.

Is The Great Heist a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   No

But you know what? Some of us honestly want to just help guide you to the proper training and tools, so you can succeed. That’s what I do with my business, as well as write a lot of reviews about different products.

My hope is to steer people clear of the bad ones and suggest a better, legitimate way of learning. I remember well how frustrating it was in the beginning, trying to find some honest help.

And now that I have, I want to pass that advice on to others.

Can I make you my sincere recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I learned all about affiliate marketing. Of all the different ways to earn money online, this one is the easiest.

It takes little to no start-up costs compared to email marketing, let’s say, and anyone can do it. I knew nothing at all when I started, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it.

With patience, persistence, and rolling up your sleeves, you can create a wonderful passive income. Yes, it takes work in the beginning. Anything worthwhile does. But when you start getting traffic to your site, and start making sales, it snowballs. Really!

This platform has everything you need under one roof. This is some of what they offer:

  • Training – Step by step courses, classrooms, tutorials, and live weekly webinars.
  • A domain registry – An easy way to find the perfect name for your business.
  • A website builder – With over 4,000 WordPress themes to choose from.
  • Website hosting – With powerful servers, security, backups, and emails, and more.
  • A keyword research tool – Find low-competition keywords for the best ranking.
  • A large and active LIVE community – They always have your back!
  • And much more…

And the owners, who you meet and interact with whenever you wish, are so confident in their platform, that they allow you to start with a FREE starter membership. No credit cards necessary.

There’s really no other place like this online today!

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll be there to greet you and help you as long as you need me. See you soon!

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So where did you hear about The Great Heist? Did it come to your inbox? That’s where most of these products end up, or on social media. Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Your friend,