What Is The Domainer Elite Pro? The Most Current Insider Review

What Is The Domainer Elite Pro?

Are you interested in domain name flipping? If you are, you’ve probably seen the Domainer Elite Pro system by Jamie Lewis. But what is the Domain Elite Pro? Could it really help?

This product has been relaunched several times with additional upgrades or changes each time. I’ve noticed that most of the reviews online right now are old and outdated. So this one will be the most current and accurate for you.

I’m so happy to see you here, today, doing some research on this product before purchasing. This tells me you are wise with your time and your money.

And I certainly don’t blame you. There are so many scammy products out there. And once burned, you become wary of everything!

This is why I write my reviews for you. I do all the research and purchases so that I can see what’s inside these products, and find out if they really offer what they promise.

I’ve been scammed myself in the past, and it’s not something I want anyone to go through. So by the end of my review, you will have enough information to make an informed decision.

And if you simply want to earn an online income, and not worry about being scammed, please read where I’ve learned to make money online with my own successful business. CLICK HERE.

what is the domainer elite rating



What Is The Domainer Elite Pro?

the domainer elite pro review

Domainer Elite is founded by Jamie Lewis, a well known online marketer. His first version was DomainerElite 1.0. About a year later, he developed the Pro version, in 2017. This newest version was launched in July 2018.

This software and training are for domain flipping. It will help you generate domain names that you might wish to buy, and then flip them for a profit.

Domainer Elite Pro – $67 (if bought through sales page)

Domainer Elite Free Trial – $0 (no software. Can purchase inside for $97. No discount)

What’s Inside

List Saving Feature – you can save lists of your saved domains for future listing, as well as a list of saved keywords.

Domain Offers – you are given your own website on Domainers.co, which is owned by Jamie and linked to your account. Inside the platform, it will show you any new offers on your listings.

Lite Software – the $67 product only comes with the lite version of the software. You have access to the marketplace but are limited to just 3 active listings at any given time.

Marketplace – this is where listed domains reside. It shows you where to give all the important information regarding your listing, including the links. You only get to list three for the $67 price.  The marketplace is a buy/sell platform for members only.

Expired Domains – you have limited access to 50 listings with the free trial or 500 listings with the lite version.

Training Videos and Lessons

Must Watch Series:

  1. Expired Domain Tutorial – 5:57 minutes
  2. Domainer Elite Basics – 35:51 minutes
  3. Complete Domaining and Domain Flipping Tutorial – 7:23 minutes (old version video)
  4. Domain Name Sale for $5000 – 3:34 minutes (case study)
  5. Domaining Research Trick – 13:23 minutes
  6. Sell domain Name with Flippa – 11:26 minutes
  7. Multiple Sales with Packaged Domains – 12:04 minutes

Mastermind Classes (more advanced)

  1. Selling Domains & Selling Website pt. 1 – 30:33 minutes
  2. Selling Domains & Selling Website pt. 2 – 22:41 minutes
  3. Selling Domains & Selling Website pt. 3 – 21:11 minutes
  4. Selling Domains & Selling Website pt. 4 – 19:07 minutes

Others (2017 version videos)

  1. Domainer ElitePro Basic Instructions – 7:23 minutes
  2. Quick Sale Case Study $36 Sale – 3:51 minutes
  3. Domainer Elite Pro + New Features – 5:26 minutes (sales video)
  4. Finding Expired Domains with Domainer Elite Has Never Been Easier – 1:17 minutes
  5. Domainer Elite Pro Update 2017 – 5:24 minutes

Domain Marketing

  • 7 links to various other products (for a cost)
  • Only 3 are relevant to flipping domains.

Resources & Tools

  • 6 downloads: 3 templates for Flippa, 2 word lists, and a scale to show you how to price your domain name
  • 9 links to various online services such as GoDaddy, Aweber, RankPay, Wix, Pixlr, Escrow, PayPay, Flippa, & WayBackMachine. (not all relevant to flipping domains)

Support – the only support provided is an email address.

Bonus – One free coaching webinar


Unlimited Marketplace – $97

  • provides you with unlimited active listings in the marketplace.

Expired Domains – $47/month

  • provides access to all expired domains (no longer limited to 500)

Weekly Webinars – $147

  • provides access to live and past, recorded webinars

Ultimate E-Books – $67

  • provides you with 78 e-books to view.
  • only 2 are about flipping websites (not domain names)
  • the rest are random topics not relevant to this product

Estimated Costs

You are very limited with the initial purchase of $67. To have unlimited listings and webinar help you will need to purchase the first three upgrades if you’re serious about domain flipping.

The E-book upgrade won’t help you here.

Total cost $311 plus $47/month


Who Is This Software For?

domain flipping software

The product would be for those who desire to earn money flipping domain names. This is done by many marketers online, and the software would help reduce the research time involved.

You must be aware that this is not a get rich quick method of making money. Some listing can sit for months and months before anyone contacts you with an offer.

The upgrades and membership will at least give you the opportunity to list many names, for a greater chance of making money.

The lite version for $67 will only allow you to have three active listings at a time. It’s intended for those who just want to try out the process.


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How Does It Work?

You would have initially seen this promotion in your inbox, or on social media. It’s also available on JVZoo, an affiliate network platform.

I am actually impressed with Jamie’s promo video. Many of his other products have sleazy videos, in my own opinion, but this one was actually him just talking, sincerely, about flipping domains.

The video is a little outdated. It shows his older version of Domainer Elite. The new platform is much cleaner looking.

Most of the reviews I saw online were either affiliate reviews pushing the product, or older reviews from his older product releases. So much of the information on those have changed.

My review, here, will contain the most updated improvements to his platform, as of March 2019.

Once you’ve purchased your product, you have access to the member area. It shows everything, but you will only be able to access what you’ve paid for.

The Training

Jamie’s training focuses on his software as well as:

  • Godaddy – where Jamie buys all his domain names
  • Flippa – shows you how to sell on Flippa. (There’s a $25 listing fee with Flippa).

He shows you Flippa, because his “Marketplace” is only for members.  You may wish to list it publically, for a fee, if it doesn’t sell in the marketplace.

The videos are easy to follow but not the best quality. So just be prepared for that.

The information he provides is good though. The first four videos are great for beginners, then gradually get more advanced as they move forward.

The Masterclass series of four gives you his blueprint to finding profitable domains, but these are much more advanced and could be overwhelming to a beginner.

He uses a lot of marketing terms that you may not understand if you have no experience with online marketing.

The remaining five videos are easy to follow and should be a must-watch for beginners using his software.

If you find that you need to stop, rewind, etc., all these videos are available on Youtube. When watching them on his platform, you can’t rewind or move forward.

Here’s the first video in his series…

The Webinars

I didn’t purchase any upgrades, so I’m not able to review the webinars for you. You only get one free bonus webinar with the lite product. I’m not sure how often the live webinars will be available.

My concern here is that Jamie launches so many products, all promising his personal support, that I would think he’s stretched too thin to provide anything of value to any of his products. So be prepared to not see too many, lol.

The Resources

The remainder of the products is not necessarily relevant to Domainer Elite. Knowing how Jamie markets his products, these are additional ways he uses to make more affiliate commissions.

I‘m not saying that’s bad, just that it offers little to no value to this product.

In fact, I’m pretty sure a couple of them are HIS products, lol. He also gives you links to his recommended tools, and again, only a couple of them are useful for this program.

He offers some downloads to help you out, but personally, I didn’t find them useful. But you might!

I’m not sure why he’s providing you with all his past ebook creations. It’s not like you’re offering someone a free ebook to purchase your domains, lol.

If you do any other form of marketing, such as email marketing, these could benefit you there. These ebooks would be used as lead magnets.


Overall I think this product has great potential. I’ve reviewed many of Jamie Lewis’ other products, and I must admit, some are pretty scammy. There are quite a few I don’t recommend.

But Jamie seems to be more invested in this than any other. He’s much more serious in his training and doesn’t give us all the rediculous tactics you see in his other promo videos, lol.

I hope this is a sign that he’ll continue to upgrade his system, offer more training. It’s been upgraded four times now!

The training is good, but limited so far. He doesn’t show you what to do when you do get a sale. There’s a lot involved with payment transfers and the transfer of the actual domain.


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  • 30-Day refund guarantee from JVZoo
  • User-friendly
  • Decent training
  • Opportunity to make big money (maybe…)



  • Need to buy upsells to complete the product
  • Poor support system
  • Limited training
  • No residual income possibility. Must keep working to make money


Final Thoughts And Recommendations

domainer software recommendation

Overall, I thought Domainer Elite Pro was a decent product. I would recommend you try it out first, with only the $67 purchase price. The upsells can get pricey for a beginner, and you may decide this industry isn’t for you.

You have 30 days to try it out and then ask for a refund if you don’t like it. After that, there are no refunds.

This would be a great way to learn about domain name flipping and have the use of a tool that reduces your research time.

Some marketers make big money doing this, but don’t forget, they’ve been doing it for years. It will take you a while to learn the ropes and recognize what will be profitable.

Is Domainer Elite Pro a scam?   No  

Would I recommend it?   Yes

Having access to a keyword tool would also be an important asset. There are free ones online, but they are quite limited.

Personally, I use Jaaxy for my business. If you’d like to read about it, CLICK HERE.

As I said earlier, there is an opportunity to make money flipping domain names, but unfortunately, this isn’t going to make you any passive income.

Many of us who have online marketing businesses want to make passive income. This means that you work towards money being made, even when you sleep.

When you have a website with a lot of content on it, and it starts to rank on page one of Google, then the content you worked on 6 months ago, could still convert into a sale tomorrow.

That’s the beauty of affiliate links. It’s a very lucrative industry and a wonderful way to create an income. Yes, there are those marketers who are just out to make money by scamming people.

That’s what frustrates me because it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you learn how to build a solid foundation for your business, and offer valuable information to visitors in your niche, you can create a loyal following who will trust your recommendations. And once they trust you, they’ll keep coming back.

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I run my business online. It’s on a wonderful platform that offers you everything you need, all under one roof!

They provide excellent and continually updated training for starting your online business. Then a TON of additional training for many ways of online marketing. I’ve been there since 2011, and still haven’t seen it all, lol.

They provide all the tools as well:

There’s no other platform like it online. It’s been successfully operating for 15 years, and grows larger each year. We’re up to 1.4 million members now. They must be doing something right….right?

The best part…you can start for FREE. Yupp, that’s right. They provide a free starter membership, no credit card necessary.

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll meet you on the inside. I’ll help you along as much as you need me too. See you soon!

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So what do you think about Domainer Elite Pro? Have you ever thought about domain flipping? I’d love to hear from you and your experiences. Please leave your comment below.

Your friend,