What Is The Daily Profits? (Review) What Loophole?

What Is The Daily Profits? (Review)

Are you looking for ways to make money online? I’m sure you’ve been researching different opportunities and come across this product. But what is the Daily Profits?

I don’t blame you for asking, because the video doesn’t tell you anything does it. Sure, it hypes you up to think you’ll make thousands of dollars, but could it be true? Is this just another scam, or is it legit?

You’re making a good decision to research before buying. Why waste your time and money if it isn’t any good, right?

By the end of my review, you’ll know what to expect, what’s inside, how it works, and then my honest recommendation. That way you can make an informed decision.

And if you’re tired of trying to find something that works, let me show you instead. Read about where I learned to be successful online.

 The Daily Profits review (rating)


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What Is The Daily Profits?

This product should not be confused with “7 Minutes Daily Profits”, “1K Daily Profit”, “Daily Profit Machine”, or any binary options system.

This Clickbank product claims to show you a simple loophole that will put $2,400 in your pocket today. The owner calls himself Gary Jenkins, who we know is fake.

This system is about dropshipping with Shopify, Amazon and eBay.

Daily Profits – $7

What’s Inside

Access to the Shopify website to get your free store.

Downloadable Ebooks:

  1. eBay Daily Profits – 51 pages
  2. Shopify Daily Profits – 56 pages
  3. Amazon Daily Profits – 59 pages
  4. Starting Your ECommerce Business – 51 pages


#1: Daily Profits Elite – $297, downsell $97

  • Amazon Profits Videos
  • Elite Bitcoin Training Guides
  • Elite Facebook Ad Tracking Videos
  • Elite Freedom Online Business
  • Elite Mobile eCommerce Training
  • Elite Profit With Bitcoin Videos
  • Elite Shopify Training Videos

#2: Nitro Profits Method – $197

  • Done for you affiliate system

Expected Costs

  • A Shopify store – $29 to $299 per month
  • Shipping costs – $$
  • Credit Card payment rates – 2.4% to 3.5%
  • Working Capital to invest in inventory – $$$$


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Who Is This System For?

dailyprofit is for no one

No one. This information is old and outdated. This is a combination of PLR products put together to create one product.

It might be OK for a general overview of dropshipping and building an e-commerce business, but that’ about it. There isn’t enough detailed training to help you be successful.

Despite this Gary saying he made millions with only a couple of hours of work each day, it’s all a lie. There’s no way anyone can make that kind of money with little work.

To be a success with dropshipping, you:

  • Need to be constantly monitoring your business.
  • Must deal with customer service, both good and bad.
  • Are consistently adjusting your inventory levels according to your wholesaler quantities.
  • Must be prepared for a lot of work.


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How Does It Work?

daily profits is all about dropshipping

That’s a very good question, LOL. And my answer is that it doesn’t work. This is all quite old and outdated material and isn’t going to provide much help.

I mean really? Would you trust an owner who doesn’t introduce himself, let along promise outrageous income claims as he does in the video?

The Video Is Like Any Other Scammy Product

The video starts by telling you that you could pocket an extra $2,400 profit by using a loophole that he’s found. What loophole? What product? He tells you nothing. Only that it’s all from one income stream.

He says this loophole allows him to crush this website… what website? And forces them to send him a cheque each and every day, LOL. Oh, brother…

Gary’s Outrageous Claims

  • He was sending so many hungry buyers to his profit centers that he almost crashed his servers.
  • He was able to make $3 million dollars with only two hours of work each day.
  • He comfortable makes between $35K and $45K each week.
  • He shows you his (fake) Bank of America statement…

gary jenkins made millions with dailyprofits

Do you know how easy it is to fake a statement like this? How does he expect you to just blindly believe what he says?

Has To Use Fake Testimonials

It’s pretty sad when you have to hire a video spokesperson to testify that the product works, lol. And that’s exactly what the owner did.

the daily profits uses fake testimonials

the daily profits uses fake testimonials

This product didn’t help anyone make any money. Don’t you think if it did, the owner would interview that user and record his or her testimony? Wouldn’t you want to show everyone how well it works?

Unknown Owner

It’s not surprising that the owner wants to remain anonymous. Wouldn’t you if you were selling a lousy product? Can you imagine what would happen to his online reputation if people found out who he was?

He has the audacity to tell you that buying this product is a no-brainer for you. He’s kept the price so low because he’s made his millions and wants to share the “secret” with you. First, he wants to help you and asks you to pay it forward to others. Please don’t! LOL

Tries To Use  Scarcity Tactics

Yup, here it is again. He tries to tell you that there are only a few copies left. Eight to be exact.

This is so ridiculous! This is a Clickbank product available to everyone and anyone who wants to buy it. He’s hoping to push your buttons so that you’ll be persuaded to buy quickly before thinking about it. Did it work?

Did You Ever Hear What The Product Was?

Notice how the entire video is all hype. He talks about how much money you’ll make by using this “loophole”. He talks about his income, and how he’s been able to make millions because he found something that no one else is using.

But he never says what this loophole is. He never tells you what this website is. You have to pay to find out.

I know the product is only $7. But you know what? It’s not even worth the $7. And you can be sure he’ll say you won’t be truly successful unless you pay the hundreds for the upsells.

The Product Is A Disappointment

Once you’re in the member area, you finally see that the product is about dropshipping. This is a real way to make money online, but you won’t succeed using this training.

Access To Shopify

He has you believing that your Shopify store is free. It isn’t! You get a 14-day free trial, but that’s it. After that you have to pay between $29 to $299 per month, depending on how many features you want.

After that, you’ll need to pay for shipping fees and online credit card fees.

Download four PDF’s

The PDF’s will give you a broad overview to selling using a Shopify store, on eBay, and on Amazon. The last PDF is about starting your e-commerce business.

The one big issue is that these are old and outdated PLR products. PLR’s are Private Label Right products written by other people. They sell the rights to their buyers to use with certain limitations. Many of these are several years old.

The owner gathered up some up for cheap, put them together, and sells it saying he found a loophole. WHAT LOOPHOLE?? There’s nothing special here. Dropshipping is being used by many entrepreneurs to make money online.

Useless eBay Training

More proof that this training is outdated is the fact that it talks about dropshipping on eBay. This is no longer allowed on eBay.

eBay doesn't allow amazon dropshipping on it's platform

You were once able to leverage Amazon to dropship from your eBay store. But you are no longer able to do this from Amazon or any other retailer. If you attempt this, your site may be permanently removed.

Upsells? No Way!

Would you trust paying hundreds for upsells when the primary product isn’t very good? I wouldn’t. The upsells are often more of the original PLR product. So if the main product is outdated, so will the upsells be.

If you’re curious about the upsells, beware! These are called 1-click upsells, which means your credit card will be immediately charged when you click the button.

Are There Better Alternatives?

Definitely. If this is your life’s dream, to open your own online store, then I would recommend better training courses.

  • Udemy – They offer close to 1,000 courses on dropshipping. I think you’ll find something you like here, lol. And you can usually find them for as low as $14.99.
  • Drop Ship Lifestyle– This is a high ticket course, but a legitimate one. If you’re serious about building a dropshipping business, then you may want to consider their help. Personally, if I ever decide to open my own dropshipping store, this is probably the platform I’d use…
  • Store Coach– Is another legitimate program. Their training program is called Niche Blueprint and It’s less costly that DropShip Lifestyle.
  • Shopify – Of course going to the source is always recommended, lol.


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  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Low cost


  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Unrealistic time frame to start making money
  • Insufficient training
  • Fake testimonials
  • Much more work than is told in video


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

this clickbank product is not recommended

It’s disappointing to know that so many of these low-quality products are being pushed online. And it’s usually at the cost of newbies who have no online experience.

I guess for $7 you won’t lose a lot to buy this product, but I wouldn’t bother if I were you. There are much better ways to learn about dropshipping if this is what you want to do. Just be prepared for a lot of work, OK?

Is Daily Profits a scam?   No   Would I recommend them?   No

Did you know that dropshipping is one of the hardest ways to earn money online? Would you like to learn an easier method? It’s called online affiliate marketing. This is what I do, and you’re on my website right now!

My mission is to help people like you learn how to create their own online business and create a passive income. That isn’t something you can do with dropshipping.

Creating your own website, building an email list, blogging about solutions to your reader’s problems, are all excellent ways to earn an online income.

Can I make you my sincere recommendation?

I would love for you to came and see where I learned all about online marketing. And it’s where I still run my business today.

This platform has everything you need under one roof. They offer all the training you could ever need, and it’s being continually updated. So no worries about useless information…

And yes, they teach you all about dropshipping too!

They have all the tools needed to create your new business, as well as a large, live community for support and encouragement.

It’s very important to surround yourself with a community of like-minded people. This one is integrated right into the platform… not just a simple Facebook group.

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll greet you on the inside and help you as long as you need me to. See you soon!

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Did you see this promotion in your inbox, or on social media? What did you think when you first saw it? I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.