What Is Profit365? Could Jamie Be Legit This Time?

What Is Profit365

Are you wanting to learn how to make money online, and have come across a product called Profit 365? Are you wondering if it’s legit, or just another online scam?

What is Profit365? This is what I want to share with you today. With my Profit 365 review, I’ll show you everything you get inside, how it works, IF it works, and then share with you my honest recommendation.

I am so glad to see you doing your due diligence and researching any product before purchasing it. This tells me you’re wise with your time and money. That’s great!!

There are so many products and services out there that are only created to make the owner money. And with all these convincing promo videos and sales pages, it’s getting harder and harder to discern what’s effective, and what’s junk.

My focus is to review all these types of products, in order to help you make an informed decision about buying.

And if you’re tired of avoiding online scams, and want to build your own online business from an honest and ethical platform, please CLICK HERE.

Profit365 review rating

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What Is Profit365?

what is profit 365

This is yet another new launch by Jaimie Lewis, on February 7th, 2019. He claims Profit 365 is a “power-packed combo” of his 20 years of video marketing, production education and software.

Profit365 – $37

What’s Inside


Jamie claims that you can use his method of buying Solo Ads and using email marketing to drive traffic to your offer’s squeeze pages. This will then convert to leads and commissions.

VIP Center

This section contains email swipe files, affiliate links to websites, a video download database.


First, you’ll find 8 training videos totalling 2.5 hours. It discusses solo ads and squeeze pages.

Second, you’ll find a webinar that’s been broken down into 7 videos, discussing a YouTube campaign.


A list of random website links.


  1. Unlimited Class Training – $174, downsell to 6-month $124
  2. High Converting Campaigns – $194, downsell $94
  3. Business in a Box – $297

Expected Costs (averages)

  • Domain name – $15 per year
  • Website hosting – $30/month and up
  • Autoresponder – $20/month and up
  • Landing page builder – $37/month and up
  • Tracking service – $12/month and up
  • Solo Ads – $$$/month

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Who Is It For?

who is this product for?

I can honestly say NO ONE! Jamie talks a big talk, and yes, he himself makes a lot of money online. But he makes his money by selling low-quality products like this to newbies who don’t know any better.

Jamie is what’s known as a serial launcher, and simply bundles different past products, tweaks his campaigns a little, and relaunches it with a new name. He offers big contests for his affiliates at launch time, offering money, prizes, etc. He gets other affiliate marketers like himself, pushing the product in order to win.

And from the leader boards in the back office, you can see that it’s always the same people making the big pushes. So they all help each other make big money, at the cost of innocent people who believe all the lies.

This product is very similar to one of his past products I’ve reviewed, called the Income League. And of course, it failed and is no longer operating. I imagine it might happen with this one also.

This product provides a lot of old, outdated material, with no training on how to use it.

I’ll go into more detail below. Just please trust me when I say, DON’T BUY THIS.


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How Does It Work?

how does profit 365 work?

Jamie has been marketing online for many years now and has amassed a good amount of email swipes, videos, websites, etc. And granted, it seems that most of them are included in this product.

But for someone who’s been in the trenches and has learned from his mistakes over the years, you’d think he realizes that someone new to the industry needs proper training to learn the foundations of building a business.

Yet there is no practical training here.

Those of us with experience would know the terminology and know how to use the material he provides, but a newbie would have no idea. What would you do with an email swipe? How do you promote a video promotion? Do you know how to proceed with email marketing?

Even with my knowing the process, I would never use these because they are old and outdated. The only reason Jamie keeps using this material is to repackage it and sell it under a different name. Shame on him!!

The Sales Video

This promo video is Jamie’s usual hype. He goes on and on about how you’ll just flip a switch and turn the money faucet on. How you’ll become rich by using this product.

He shows you his supposed accounts, which we have absolutely no idea if it’s true. Plus, I suspect it’s not an affiliate account, but his Clickbank vendor account which is totally different. This would show how much money he’s making selling his own products. Not at all what you’d be doing!

In the video, he’s walking along and stopping random people and telling them foolishness. For instance, he tells one young man that all he needs to do is “get their Clickbank hoplink, plug it in, and activate it”. Or “get your Clickbank hoplink, blast it to the masses, and make commissions”.

All I saw was a confused young man who didn’t have a clue what Jamie was talking about, LOL.

If you are totally new to affiliate marketing, would you know what he’s talking about? I know I wouldn’t have, in the beginning.

He then goes on to talk about the guru’s and how they all expect you to have a lot of money to make money, and charge phenomenal fees. He wants you to start the same way he did, with no money in his pocket.

This is all very ironic, considering the “training” inside keeps pushing you to buy Solo Ads to send your promotions to. Solo Ads are when you pay a vendor to send your campaign to his email list.

It will cost about $1 per click from a more reputable vendor. So if you want to “blast” your campaign to 200 people, it’ll cost $200. And the average conversion is about 1 in 20 people, so maybe 10 sales if you’re lucky.

I hope your commission on these sales is high, or you’re losing money.

I had to laugh out loud when he says he sympathizes with you for getting sucked into buying products that don’t work. From sellers who don’t deliver what they promise. REALLY!! OH MY….

The icing on the “ridiculous” cake is when he slams the guru’s for using those “fake actors from Fiverr.com”. I guess he doesn’t remember creating a user review video for YouTube. With an actress from Fiverr, LOL.

This exact same video is being used by a variety of products on Clickbank, by unknown owners. Could Jamie be that unknown owner? The actress talks about how great everything is, yet never says a product name. This way the owner just swaps out the product logo for another.

This same video shows up in other products I’ve reviewed…

Jamie never tells you what this product is. He keeps saying to watch the video to the end, and he’ll tell you how it works, but never does!!

Near the end of the video, he does tell you that he’s a real person though, using his God-given name. Jamie also says if he wasn’t accurate about his claims, he wouldn’t last a week in this industry. HA!

I wish that were true, but unfortunately, there are still many people who don’t understand what they’re getting into and still fall for all his hype. It’s just not fair, in my opinion!

The Product


When you get inside the member’s area and click on the Video Training Database, all you get is 8 videos, by Andrea Fulton, that run about 2.5 hours in total. This is a course that was sold back in 2016. So about three years old.

She talks a lot about Solo ads and squeeze pages, but that’s it. There is no “over the shoulder” training explaining to newbies how to do this, or why they need it.

In fact, the training is so outdated that she discusses promoting company names such as “Mobe”, and “Empower Network”. These companies were shut down by the FTC after discovering they were illegal pyramid schemes.

Any training needs to be continually updated to reflect the current online requirements. For instance, in May 2018 Europe introduced the GDPR, which states that you must now ask for people’s consent to be added to your email list. If you run an online business which is global, this is an important addition to add to your website.

Needless to say, Jamie’s old training videos say nothing about this.

There is also a Profit365 Training Video section which is simply one of his past webinars, chopped up into seven videos. Here he talks about a YouTube campaign which has nothing to do with solo ads or email marketing. It’s totally irrelevant to this product.

YouTube is an excellent way to promote your products, but again, there’s no practical training to teach a beginner how to go about creating an actual campaign. Lots of talk but no valuable training.

Email Swipes

The email swipes aren’t useful in my opinion. There are many, but they’re all old and very spammy. Most email services will recognize these as spam and won’t let them through.

The links to various websites are again, useless to a beginner. You get a page of information for the campaign, discussing how to promote, the benefits, PPC campaigns etc. There’s no way a beginner would know what to do with this.

And to top it off, the affiliate link provided for the campaign are often useless. The landing page isn’t even online anymore.

So now what? Would a newbie know what to do? NOPE!


Jamie says you can download any of his old videos to use. Why? They’re low quality, old and outdated. And most of them are done in his usual style, which in my opinion is quite cheesy (OK, I meant sleazy).

Why would anyone want to use his old videos anyway? He isn’t using them anymore. Why on earth would you? And even if you did, do you know how to promote them? Because he certainly doesn’t show you how.


His list of resources is simply links to random websites. Here’s an example for you, in his words:

  • www.facebook.com – where he announces his launches
  • www.aweber.com – where he broadcasts to his list
  • www.freelancer.com – where he hires people to build stuff
  • www.clickbank.com – all in one solution to payment and affiliates
  • www.hostgator.com – what he uses for hosting
  • www.flippa.com – flip the business for 12X earnings after the launch
  • www.YouTube.com – easy and free for video hosting
  • www.coinbase.com – buy bitcoin ??

And so on. These are all well-used services amongst marketers, but again, there’s no training on how to use them or why you would need to. And bitcoin? What does bitcoin have to do with affiliate marketing? LOL.

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Why It Won’t Work

Why profit365 won't work for you.Regardless of his claims that anyone can do this, not everyone could. If you’re a total beginner with no affiliate marketing experience, you wouldn’t know where to begin. It’s not enough to say “buy solo ads and blast your campaign”.

Do you know how to buy Solo Ads? Do you know how to set up a marketing campaign? Do you even know what an autoresponder is? Of course you wouldn’t. These are things that have to be explained to you.

And you need to know why you’re doing something before you can learn how to do it.

There’s just no training like that in Profit365. To set up a successful email campaign you would need the following training in order to succeed:

  1. Look for and understand what your niche will be.
  2. Come up with your business name and buy your domain name.
  3. Create your own website.
  4. Learn how to run an email marketing campaign.
  5. Set up your email capture and autoresponder service.
  6. Learn how to create your landing page.
  7. Learn how to write emails (optin form, confirmation form, thank you form) that are engaging.
  8. Create a lead magnet (bribe when asking for email addresses.
  9. How to find products or services to promote.
  10. How to buy Solo Ads (this I don’t recommend because it’s very expensive).

And these are just the basic, foundational needs of a successful business. There is much more to learn if you want to create a generous passive income.

Other than a lot of “talk” inside these training videos, there’s no way a beginner could learn how to do these things themselves.

An experienced person could make it work, but then what experienced person would even want this product, lol.

I suspect if you buy all the upsells, they may offer you more help, but there’s no guarantee. Usually the upsells are the “missing links” in systems like these so that the owner can tell you it’s what you need to succeed. They hold back enough so you feel pressured to buy, and they, in turn, make more money off of you.

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  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • No practical training
  • Not for beginners
  • Old and outdated material
  • Some website links are no longer available


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

My honest recommendation is to stay away from Profit 365. It’s a very low-quality, outdated product that can never help you make thousands of dollars per day. It’s all a sham to make Jamie Lewis more money.

Building an email list and creating an email marketing campaign are great ways to make money online, but you need to start from scratch, building a solid foundation for your business. And unfortunately, this product won’t help you to do that.

Is Profit365 a scam?   No   Would I recommend it?   NO

Technically this product isn’t a scam, because it provides material. But realistically it should be because it won’t deliver what it promises.

If you are serious about earning an online income, there are many legitimate training platforms to teach you how. Learning from the ground up is the best way to build a successful online business. This way, you have something that will last. Something you own and control, with your own content.

Can I make you my sincere recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I run my successful business. It’s on a platform that offers all the step by step training, tools, and support anyone would need to succeed. I’m proof of that!

The best part, for beginners, is that you can create a FREE starter account, no credit card needed. It’s a great way to check it all out, and when you see the value you receive, you can join the premium membership. It’s very affordable, and no upsells.

If you click on the image below, you can read all about this amazing platform. And when you join, I’ll greet you on the inside. I will help you along as long as you need me to, OK?

my wa landing pic

So where did you hear about Profit 365? Probably in your inbox as this is Jamie’s favourite way to market. Did you buy it? We’d love to hear about your experience.