What Is A Mommy Blog? Start Making Money In 2020

Start Making Money in 2020

You’ve been hearing about mommy blogs for years now. In fact, you’ve heard about some pretty impressive sites out there, that claim they’re making a ton of money too! You see them online, on Facebook, Pinterest… everywhere. And now that you have your own child, you’re starting to take more notice, aren’t you? You’re looking for advice on how…

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How Do You Build a Website? A Definitive Beginner’s Guide

How do you build a website

Are you trying to find a way to sell something online?  Or maybe a friend or local business wants you to create a professional website for them to showcase their services. Do you already have a business that needs an online presence?  Not having a website could mean losing potential customers! So, how do you build a website?  Well,…

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WordPress Categories vs Tags – The Best Strategy

Wordpress Categories vs Tags

You’ve been busy blogging and writing articles for your WordPress website. Now you’re wondering how to organize them all. Did you know that organizing your website can help your SEO (search engine optimization)? Not drastically, but every little bit helps. Most importantly, categories and tags improve your reader’s experience by helping them to navigate your website. If they can…

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