Free Online Job Opportunities

Free online job opportunities

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Are you tired of working at your job? Do you wish you could do something you enjoy, work the hours you would like, and create your own income the same time? What if I told you that dream is within your reach. That there are indeed free online job opportunities.

Hi. My name is Suzanne and I would like to share with you a very legitimate way to create your own business online, set your own hours and make enough income to eventually replace your job. My focus is to help new online entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.  This is where I achieved my dream..

How Do I Know This Is Legit?

That’s a good question and something you should be concerned about when searching opportunities online. There are an abundance of schemes and scams out there that sound very convincing and legitimate. Falling for these can be very discouraging and have you distrusting everything you read.  I have been in your shoes, looking at various online job opportunities.

I’ve researched doing surveys and questionairs which are legit, but make very little money for many hours of your time.

online job opportunities like surveys

Ipsos I-say

Web Perspectives

Global Test Market


I looked at doing online jobs for people looking to outsource, but again, very low pay and often needing certain expertise.

online job opportunities like outsourcing yourself for tasks


Short Task




And of course the many schemes and scams offering you riches overnight if you just pay $$$$ to get your starter package. They claim you don’t need to have any marketing experience and state you can make hundreds of thousands in an unrealistic time frame.

online work opportunities should not include ponzi schemes


Another scam is any high ROI (Return On Investment) programs. Currently, scammers are using Bitcoin and it’s rapid increase in value to draw people into Ponzi schemes.



These types of sales tactics sound so convincing, especially when you’ve had a hard day (or week) at work and you’re desperate for a change.  This is what they rely on. They prey on the tired and desperate and hope to draw you in promising you instant money. The only ones getting rich here are themselves.

So Who Do I Trust Then?

I’m asking you to trust me! I want to share with you what I’ve found to create my own business and income. It takes some work and commitment, but anything worthwhile does.

online work opportunities can be frustrating to learn

I had started by researching online marketing and what it all entailed. At first, it was intimidating because it involves a learning curve, certain online tools, and the proper education to get me through it all.

There are various platforms that offer the education, but not all the tools. And other platforms that offer the tools, but the education wasn’t designed for a beginner.

These sites often proved to be confusing for beginners with little to no experience. And the course costs were very expensive. I would have to join various companies to have access to everything I needed but the monthly cost of doing so would be enormous.

I really wanted to start this venture with little to no cost to see if it was a feasible decision for me.

I started reading blogs and reviews to see what other people were doing. This was an adventure in itself!  So many comments both good and bad. So many views about what you did and didn’t need. And the “technical language” was often over my head. But I kept going, determined to reach my dream of working from home.

And then I found it! The platform that had it all in one place. And a free membership too!

Is It Too Good To Be True?

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Nope. It’s definitely true. I joined and haven’t looked back once. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate University.

kyle and carson can give you great online work opportunities


It was started by two successful guys in Vancouver, Canada. They started their online success stories long before there was access to tools to make start-ups easy. They did everything the hard way, by trial and error, but achieved success never the less.

Kyle would say that the technology was 15 years less advanced than it is today, and there was no quality educational resources available. That’s when they decided to step in and fill that gap.


To quote Kyle:

“And this is the EXACT reason why we created Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005. We understood the need for speeding up the education process and helping people understand what are the PROPER practices for building a business, and what are things that you should avoid doing.”

They decided to start an online school to help others get started. They genuinely wanted to help people achieve their dreams as well.

For the 12 years they’ve been offering us their expertise, they’ve continued to evolve and update their material to remain ahead of the curve. They continually update their classes to remain current with affiliate marketing requirements. Companies like Google are always changing their algorithms and Wealthy Affiliate makes sure to change with them. If an approach worked one year and not the next, they are sure to inform you to keep you successful.

If you would like to read Kyle’s story, which was written for the Black Friday sale, please click his picture below.

kyle tells you how he started with his online job opportunity

Why Wait?

Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools you need to run a successful business. They offer quality education in the form of classes, live videos classes, certification and boot camp courses, keyword research tools which are indispensable, website building and hosting, writing platforms, site support and so on. The large, live, worldwide community gives you immediate answers to questions any time of day or night, 24/7/365 days a year.

The best thing I liked about Wealthy Affiliate was their free membership offer.Unlike other platforms that offer “free” memberships but require your credit card number (for required upsells), you can join wealthy affiliate for free with no credit card needed. And you can remain a free member as long as you like.

At the time, this was important for me as I like to try things out before I make any decisions. It didn’t take me long though, to decide to become a premium member haha. It’s that good! And even the premium membership is affordable at $49 per month or and annual fee of $359 (a 40% savings).

Your membership includes every thing you’ll need to get your business up and running. No required up sells to get you going. No hidden costs. And owners you can personally reach to ask advice if needed.

So please come and join our Wealthy Affiliate family. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please see my review here for more detailed information.

How have you tried to make money online?  I would love to hear from you.  Please leave me a comment or any questions you may have.

Your friend,