Earn Extra Money Working At Home – An Ultimate List That Keeps Growing…

Earn Extra Money Working At Home

Who wouldn’t want to earn extra money working at home?  I think that idea is enticing for most of us.  Extra money to travel, do renovations on our homes, spoil our kids…..you name it.  Personally, I want to enjoy our retirement years without worry.

In this digital age, there are more and more ways of doing this than ever before.  But we need to be diligent.

Christine Durst, co-founder of Rat Race Rebellion and consultant to the FBI on internet scam issues tells us,

“There is currently a 61-to-1 scam ratio among work-at-home job leads on the internet—that is, for every legitimate job, there are 61 scams.”

Wow, that’s depressing.  But despite this ratio, there are still oodles of “legitimate” opportunities out there.  You just need to know how to separate the good from the bad.

Let’s look at the many ways you can earn extra money.  I’ll provide you with one actionable example for each one, OK?  And I promise to keep adding to this list, so please return and check it often!

I learned how to make money online with my own affiliate business.  This is where I learned how to do it right!


Let’s Count The Ways…

Make Money Working From Home

how to earn extra money working from home

#1:  Be A Tutor

Are you especially knowledgeable about a certain topic?  It can be anything!  Offer up some private tutoring classes in your home, suited to your own schedule.  Online tutoring is also popular for people who don’t have access to a local one.  In this digital age, anything is possible.  Check out this article:

#2:  Download Apps

Did you know you can get paid each month that a specific app is installed on your phone?  Give this a try:

  • MobileXpression – They give you a $5 Amazon gift card when active for a week.  Then claim additional credits each week for more gift cards.

#3:  Get Healthy

What better way to inspire your daily health routine than to earn rewards for doing so.  This is a great app to pay you for your healthy actions:

  • Achievement – Get paid for tracking your steps, sleep, meals, etc., for free

#4:  Rate Local Pizza

OK, this might not go hand in hand with the previous app, LOL.

  • The Source – You can make money doing different projects like staying undercover as a mystery shopper, or choosing a professional inspection.  You’re the independent contractor here!

#5:  Use Bing Instead of Google

There are other obscure search engines doing this as well, but we’ve all heard about Bing.  So why not use them to earn rewards?

  • Microsoft – When you search or shop with Microsoft, you can earn points for having fun.

#6:  Make Your Opinion Count

Are you opinionated? LOL  Then why not make it count with online focus groups?

  • ProOpinion – Now called Survey Junkie, this is where you can give your opinion and redeem virtual points for PayPal or gift cards.


#7:  Improve Search Engine Results

Are you self motivated and internet savvy?  You can have the opportunity to be paid as an independent agent.

  • Appen – They are always seeking educated individuals to improve search engine results for some of the world’s largest search engine companies.  A great work from home business.

#8:  Get Paid For Online Shopping

I don’t know about you, but I do more shopping online than off.  So why not get paid for doing it too?  Different companies offer different incentives to do so.  Here’s one for you:

  • MyPoints – Earn a $10 Amazon Card with your first purchase, then keep on earning for Amazon or 75+ retail and restaurant partners.

#9:  Watch Videos

Do you enjoy watching videos any chance you get?  Are you a YouTube junkie?  Why not get paid to do it?

  • Swagbucks – Earn free gift cards by watching playlists already compiled for you.

#10:  Free Gifts

OK, this isn’t really cash, but who doesn’t like a free gift with our online purchase?

  • Ebates – Click on any select merchant to see what free gift they’ll offer you when you make a purchase with them.  These can differ daily, so check often.

#11:  Take A Survey

There are many of these opportunities online, and it’s easy to earn money.  You can even take them while watching TV.  Just remember this is a free action for you to take.  If any company wants you to pay to take their surveys, it’s most likely a scam.

#12:  Price Difference Refunds

Wouldn’t you love to get refunded for any price difference on purchases you made?  Why not let an app scour the internet for you and pay you the difference if it finds one?

  • Paribus – This app will track your confirmation emails and watch for price differences.  If it finds any savings, it’ll notify you and help you get some money back.


#13:  Data Entry

Those of you who took typing courses in school can now be thankful you did.  It’s easy to find data entry work on local or global websites like:

  • Craigslist – Enter your desired area and look for typing work.  You can also advertise your skills and have them come to you!  Many of these jobs can be done online.

#14:  Work For Amazon

Amazon has a crowdsourcing marketplace that allows businesses and individuals to outsource their tasks, virtually.  They feel that some tasks are more effectively done by humans rather than computers.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – Create a “Worker Account”, then check out the number of HITs you could qualify for.  There’s always a variety of jobs offered.  Just pick and choose what you wish.

#15:  Play Online Games

If you love playing games online and have a competitive nature, why not get paid for it?  The website below even offers you $5 to sign up!

  • InboxDollars (DailyRewards in Canada) – Once you’ve signed up, you already have $5 in your account.  Once you’ve reached $30, you can be paid out to PayPal.

#16:  Test A Website

How often have you visited websites and wished you could tell the owner how to improve it?  Well, you can, and get paid for it too.  Here’s one such site through which you can do this…

  • User Testing – They will pay you to visit websites or apps, and pay you $10 for every 20-minute video you complete and speak your thoughts aloud.

#17:  Become a Virtual Assistant

Please read “What’s An Online Virtual Assistant?

Did you know you could be an assistant, but online from halfway around the world?  VA’s do everything from opening emails to making travel plans.  Choose to work with as few or many as your schedule permits.

  • Zirtual (US only) – this link will show you open positions that are currently available.  Check often for new opportunities.

#18:  Sell Lesson Plans

If you’re passionate about teaching children and have developed incredible lesson plans, why not get paid to share your work with other teachers?  This site is shared by teachers of PreK to 12th grade.

  • Teachers Pay Teachers – This is an amazing site for educators to share resources that they know works in the classroom.  Sellers are paid out monthly via PayPal.


#19:  Social Media Manager

If you already spend many hours on social media, why not get paid to do so?  Many individuals or businesses are looking to outsource the managing of their social media accounts to save time.

  • Fiverr – Sign up with Fiverr as a freelancer, list your skills and rates, then get paid for doing something you love to do.

#20:  Start A Blog

Please read my review on Wealthy Affiliate to show you where you can learn to blog.

Starting an online business can earn you much more than you think.  With very little start-up costs, you can build your business to a full-time income and retire from your day job.

  • Wealthy Affiliate – Sign up with the free starter membership and start building your blog for $0.00.


Make Money Being A Caregiver

make money from home online

#1:  DayCare For Children

Are you a stay at home parent?  Why not start a day-home for other children the same age as yours?  This way your kids can make friends and you can be helping parents in need.

  • Wikihow – this site has a breakdown of what you should consider when opening your own daycare.  And researching your local area for insight into licences would also be necessary.

#2:  Pet Sitting

Do you love pets?  Can your home accommodate a few more?  This can provide you with a steady income for people needing pet care.  Whether daily or while on vacation, pet owners want to leave their furbabies with trusted pet lovers.

  • Care.com – You can register as a caregiver and post your profile online so that people in your neck of the woods can find you.


Make Money Creatively

real ways to make money from home

#1:  Freelance Writer

Please read “Rules For Article Writing

If you enjoy writing, or proofreading, you can make extra money doing what you love.

  • Upwork – Get hired for jobs that could turn into full-time contract work.  Set your own rates and let the hiring begin!

#2:  Website Design or Development

If you have both an artistic flair alongside technical expertise, you can create a full-time income helping those entrepreneurs who have neither.  All new businesses need websites, and this is where you come in…

  • Freelancer – Browse the jobs suited to your skills, expertise, price and schedule.  Then write your best pitch for your client, and get hired.

#3:  Calligraphy

If you enjoy hand lettering and calligraphy, there’s always someone looking for your skills.  Whether for wedding invitations or invitation cards etc., this skill is often desired for a more personal touch.

  • Guru – This site allows you to sign up as a freelancer so you can connect, plan, and work with any client in a secure way.

#4:  Baking Delights

If you’re an avid baker and love making special things for your family and friends, why not start your own home business.  People are known to pay good money for such delectable goodies.  Either sell from home or arrange some shelf space at your local bakery.

  • Wikihow – Here is a breakdown of what to consider for your home bakery.

#5:  Hair Stylist

If your family and friends come to you for haircuts, this tells you they trust your abilities.  Why not take a step further and open your own salon.  Or maybe you’re tired of “renting” a chair somewhere.  Why not start your own business in your own home?

  • Wikihow – Though many people have been known to do this in their kitchens, here’s a breakdown for a more professional studio.



My desire is to provide you with some great ideas to make extra money online.  And depending on what you choose, you can make some pocket change all the way up to a full-time income.

With a little research, you’ll be able to find plenty more work at home jobs.  In fact, many well-known companies now offer work at home positions.

For the entrepreneur at heart, starting your own online business has gotten very popular.  Last year, in Canada alone, 39.93 billion dollars was spent through e-commerce (physical goods) alone.  This doesn’t even include services and the like.

earning extra money working at home has become very profitable

It’s forecasted to jump to 53.74 billion by 2022.  Can you imagine what the worldwide stats are?  Wow!   Wouldn’t you love to have a piece of that revenue yourself?

Many starter online businesses that started as a part-time business, have become so successful that they quit their day jobs to work at it with a full-time income.

With little to no start-up costs, no fuel costs, and the flexibility of working at home, affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular online businesses to have.

If you desire to start your own money-making business online, please let me help you.  I started out just like you, in the beginning.  Wondering how I could make extra money to help my family.  I had absolutely no experience but was willing to learn the ropes.

After getting drawn into a scam or two of people promising quick money, I very quickly learned that there’s no such thing.  What I needed was the proper training and a solid foundation for my business to be successful.

And this is what I want to share with you, to save you the heartache of losing money on promises that aren’t possible.  I found a wonderful platform that showed me everything I needed to learn.  And after many years, I’m still there.  Now I want to help others start their journey.

If you would like to read my review, please click the picture below.  The starter membership is totally free, no credit card necessary.

I promise to meet you inside.  I’ll help you as long as you need me to.

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