7 Acceptable Reasons To Start Your Own Business

start your own business

Do you want to know my 7 acceptable reasons to start your own business? There may be more but I believe these are the 7 most common reasons.

Hi. My name is Suzanne and I want to show you how you can start your own marketing business online. It’s easier than you think. I’ll help you get started, for free I might add. Whether you want to supplement your income, or eventually replace your income, this is how you can do it.

I have my business started and I love the freedom. I work from anywhere there’s an internet or WiFi connection, set my own hours, and most importantly, be my own boss.  Please read on so I can show you how, or just follow me here.

But First Lets Talk About Why You’d Want To Do This
  1. good reasons to start your own business when you're feeling unappreciatedDo you feel unappreciated at work? Many people are hard workers, putting in more effort than their co-workers. These people pick up the slack so that projects get completed on time.Somewhat like those group projects we all had to do in school, but there was always that one person that did most of the work. Did they get extra marks for doing more work? No. Possibly like your job today.
  2. Do you get appreciated for the extra work you put in? Probably not. Wouldn’t you love to have your own business where you are rewarded for all your hard work? Usually in the form of money earned, but also recognition by your fellow peers.Do you feel you’re getting paid what you’re worth? Maybe you are but it just isn’t enough to make ends meet. You live paycheque to paycheque with nothing left at the end of the month. You’re wondering if you should go get a second job so that you can afford those extra little things for your kids.I bet you’ve always dreamed of being financially independent. Well, starting your own business is the first step to achieving that dream.
  3. The average work day is 8 to 5. That means you’re driving in “rush hour” before and after work. Do you live in a big city? How’s good reasons to start your own business and avoid rush hour traffic  he traffic? We were recently in Houston, Texas, visiting our son. Wow! That was nuts! I have never experienced traffic like that before. And they drive in it every day, adding at least 2 hours to their work day. It was bumper to bumper from 7am to about 9am, and then again from 3:30pm to 7 or 8pm. Most days the traffic would actually come to a stop several times on the freeways. We had to carefully plan our days to avoid traffic jams. Personally I couldn’t imagine doing this each day of the week. Being able to get up in the morning, make myself a cup of coffee, and not worry about leaving the house to run my business is wonderful.
  4. Some jobs may require you to be on the road, or away from home for weeks at a time. If you have a family, this can create hardships for those remaining at home. Especially if you have young children. Wouldn’t you love to have your own business that doesn’t require you to leave your family for long lengths of time? And better yet, this business can be worked on from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Home, coffee shop, vacation, anywhere!
  5. Does your employer offer you job security? In these days of uncertain economic times, you could have your job one day, and lose it the next. Think about all those employees of Sears, a department store located all over North America. They just recently closed down all their stores in Canada. That left thousands and thousands of employees without work. Some were long time employees contributing to their pension funds, which Sears can no longer afford to pay out.
  6. One reason that always frustrated me was the lack of time off. Out of 52 weeks in a year, you’re usually just granted 2 weeks of good reasons to start your own business so you can book more family camping holidays aid time off after your first year of employment. That isn’t very much to wind down and relax. When my family was young, we loved going on camping trips together. We would try to take one week here and one week there to stretch out the holidays. Unfortunately, a week doesn’t allow you to go very far. Now imagine if you were your own boss, running your own business. You would set your own schedule for both working and vacation. If you want a month off, you can do it. You can take your laptop with you and put a few hours in here and there. The flexibility is a great benefit.
  7. And last but not least, are you bored?. Are you doing the same set of tasks over and over again? This is especially depressing if there is no room for advancement. When I worked as an accountant, it was exciting when the position was new and you’re setting up a system to benefit the company. But after a while, the job becomes repetitious. You get restless and desire change. You want to reinvent yourself. Owning your own business is the way you can do this. How much your business changes and grows is entirely up to you.
So Let’s Look At The Steps To Starting Your Own Business

There are a few basic things you need to start a successful online business.

  • Education – proper training to learn the correct technique
  • Website – to display your product or service
  • Hosting – the hosting company where you “park” your website
  • Keyword research tools – finding those words that will attract your audience and put you on page one of Google
  • Community support – a place to get immediate answers to all your questions, and encouragement

There is a lot of information online to access all these tools, but that requires a lot of research and a lot of money. Some may be free, but inferior. Many have you pay money upfront before you even know if you’d like it. It can be very overwhelming. I know. I’ve already done that!

I want to show you what I use. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it has everything you need under one roof. You can start with a free membership, no credit card needed. This was important to me because I wanted to try it to see if I’d like it, without having to pay first.

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So What Are You Waiting For?

I want you to take advantage of all the research I’ve done to find the best platform in the world. Yes, I said “world”. This is a global platform with over 1 million members worldwide. That alone should tell you something. The tools I mentioned above are just the basics Wealthy Affiliate offers. There is so much more. The teaching style is step by step, with easy to follow lessons. You’ll have your website up and running in phase 1 and you earn while you learn.

Come join me inside. You won’t be sorry you did. Today is the day you take charge of your work life, your finances, and your freedom.

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