What Is Mailvio?

what is Mailvio 25K

Are your autoresponder costs getting too expensive each month? Are you struggling with your deliverability? Or maybe your current service shut you down because you’re doing affiliate marketing.

If you’ve been looking for a fresh start, you’ve probably come across this service. But what is Mailvio 25K? Is this legit or just a scam?

These are great questions and I’m happy to see you doing some research before purchasing.

This review will bring you inside to see what it all offers, how it works, and if it’s what you expect. By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision if it’s what you’re looking for in an autoresponder service.

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mailvio 25K review - rating




What Is Mailvio?

for email marketing affiliate products and services

This autoresponder service is an upgraded version of their previous launch in November 2019. It now allows you up to 25K contacts and the ability to send unlimited emails.

It was created by Neil Napier, Dragan Plushkovski and Simone Warner. They launched it on PayKickStart on April 23rd, 2020.

Mailvio – $67 per month or $497 annual

What’s Inside


  • Dashboard
  • Email
  • Templates
  • SMS
  • Trigger
  • Statistics
  • Settings


  • Workflows
  • Logs
  • Email Templates
  • Settings


  • Lists
  • Forms
  • Settings


#1: Training Workshop Series

#2: Email List Building Strategy

#3: 12 Months of Autoresponder Sequence Fill-In-The-Blanks


OTO #1: Mailvio Extra – $197

OTO #2: Mailvio Smart Academy – $197



Who Is This Service For?

for influencer marketing and sending out emails

This email capture service is for anyone who has an email list and wants to keep their costs down. Especially if you have over 10K subscribers.

And not only that, it’s a service that fully accepts affiliate marketing.

There are very few services out there that accept that, even though they may not say so up front.

No matter what niche you’re in, if you promote products or services for affiliate commission, this service is one of the safest options out there.


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How Does It Work?

my honest thoughts is it's easy to use
How would you like to save 95% of your costs by using a proven autoresponder? It’s relied upon by thousands of customers, and providing them with better results and bigger paydays!

That would sure be nice, wouldn’t it? Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

This autoresponder will let you send and inbox unlimited emails for up to 25K contacts. Plus it has built-in messaging.

It boasts features such as:

  • Prioritizing customer service
  • Built-in SMTP
  • Superior deliverability
  • Ability to manage up to 25K contacts
  • Ability to send unlimited emails
  • Having an unbeatable price
  • Easy to use automation
  • Including 12 months of email swipes

This autoresponder was BUILT by marketers, FOR marketers!

Neil Napier created this service because he felt that the deliverability of other services was unreliable and much too expensive.

This one is different! They focus on “Customer Success”, and it’s the core motivation behind doing what they do.

Autoresponders are an important part of a marketer’s day to day business, and they shouldn’t be penalized with growing fees as their businesses and contacts grow.

They wanted to provide you with something that easier, cheaper, and make you more profitable by focusing on:

  1. Easy and advanced automation.
  2. Excellent deliverability that’s transparent.
  3. Loads of value for your money.

Some features that Mailvio offers are:

#1: Creating Emails

You can either use the DFY (done for you) email templates as a time-saving feature or create your own from scratch with the drag and drop editor.

#2: A/B Testing

With the automatic A/B split testing, you can work out the best performing campaign for more profitable results. You can choose if a campaign wins by opens or by clicks.

#3: Dynamic Email Personalization

This feature allows you to speak to your customers as if they were your friend. This increases engagement for a more responsive email list.

#4: Advanced Segmentation

Now, you can be as creative as you want with your groups yet remain super organized. You can even choose smaller segments or sub-groups with your main group.

#5: Smart Scheduling

This hands-free feature makes sure your emails get sent at the proper time. You can “send now”, or set a schedule for down the road, or send it at the “best time”.

#6: Reporting and Statistics

With just one glance, you can check out all your important stats. This way you can find out where your subscribers and sales are coming from.

#7: SMS Campaigns

Now you can use SMS messages to communicate important updates, alerts, or time-sensitive offers. Or you can simply send a message as a broadcast or part of an automation.

And so much more…

We all know how important automation is, and with Mailvio’s workflows, it has you covered. This works wonderfully for when you’re away for a week, or a month…

You can automate a variety of thing, such as a:

  • Custom workflow
  • Welcome message
  • Anniversary date
  • Page visit
  • Website event
  • Product purchase
  • Marketing activity
  • Transactional activity
  • Abandoned cart

The 14-day list building challenge they offered during launch week is now available for $47 if you pay for the monthly license. It’s free for annual memberships.

This detailed course will get you well on your way to creating and delivering quality emails.

This all sounds like a great offer, especially if you have a large email list that’s costing you a lot of money with your current autoresponder. Now let’s see if the product does what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you log on to your member dashboard, this is what you’ll see…

the app dashboard

There will be tutorials for you to help guide you through each step of the process.


To create a new campaign, you’ll first start by naming it and adding some relevant details. The next step is choosing your design tool:

  1. Drag & Drop Editor – to create a mobile-friendly email
  2. Rich Text Editor – to create simple emails
  3. Paste Your Code – to paste your HTML code

You’ll also have the ability to preview your recent messages, your templates, the template gallery, or import a template.

If you choose the drag and drop editor to create something from scratch, this is what you’ll see…

templates for your emails

A generic template is shown for you to follow, or you can simply drag over any element you wish to add or change.

If you would rather use one of the 140 templates built into the software, you can choose for 21 different categories…

templates for your landing pages

Your choice will open in the drag and drop editor so you can make as many edits as required.

Once completed, you can choose what email list to attach this page to, with additional options to create new segments or apply specific filters.

Now all you need to do is set up your A/B testing function, and the winning page will run automatically after your chosen time period.


This section is where you will create your workflows. They have made it very easy to perform, but if you need additional help, there are tutorials on the left-hand side of the screen.

When you click on “Create new workflow”, a popup appears giving your 9 different options to start off with…

choose a workflow template

You can choose one of the scenarios, or choose to create your own custom workflow.

If you choose “Welcome Message”, it brings up the template that’s built-in…

dfy options are easy to use

It walks you through all the steps you need to edit and then allows you to test it by sending it to your own email.

The custom workflow is also easy to create with its intuitive design. You just go through the steps to create whatever you want to be included, with the appropriate triggers.

The log section shows all your workflows in one spot. You can pull them up by type of workflow and even by a particular step in that workflow.

There is also a list of your created templates where you can:

  • Edit
  • Preview
  • Duplicate
  • Deactivate
  • Share the template


If you have a list somewhere else, you’ll want to start here to import your email list. If this is your first, or a new list, you’ll be able to give it a name, and then click on “import contacts”.

You’ll have the option to upload your .csv or .txt file, or simply copy and page from your .xls file…

upload your list for big pricing difference

They also give you the option to create landing pages or optin forms to embed on your WordPress website or other pages such as Clickfunnels. They can collect emails or SMS only.

The editor brings up the template, which allows you to create something to match your brand. You can also edit your unsubscription form.

Under settings, you can configure many attributes for a more detailed database:

  1. Contact Attributes & CRM – for better management of your contact details.
  2. Webhooks – these trigger an action after an event (email delivered, opened or clicked on)
  3. Unengaged Contacts – identify unopened emails to improve your deliverability and engagement by excluding them from your campaigns.

This review has shown you only the main features. If you’d like to see it in more detail, please watch the demo video below.


#1: Training Workshop Series

When you become a member of Mailvio, you are automatically enrolled in their workshop series. This is where they’ll show you the ins and outs of Mailvio.

This training will also help you build an automated business. The 3 training sessions will be on April 27th, 28th and 29th. If you missed the training, replays will be available for you.

#2: Email List Building Strategy

Your email list is vital to your business’s success. And to help you, even more, this additional training will show you the best strategies to create a long term income source.

Now, you’ll never have to worry about sales conversions and earnings ever again!

#3: 12 Months of Autoresponder Sequence Fill-In-The-Blanks

Autoresponder sequences are something Mailvio does best! And they want to share their best series with you.

These are fill-in-the-blanks templates, and you can edit them as much as you wish. You will automatically get 3 campaigns, and more are drip-fed each month.


OTO #1: Mailvio 25K Extra

This upgrade will instantly get you into a better, superior IP pool. This means you’ll get better deliverability for your emails.

You’ll also be allowed to send unlimited mail to an additional 25K contacts, without doubling the price. And to make like easier for you, they’ll give you an extra 100 DFY templates in even more niches.

OTO #2: Mailvio Smart Academy

Smart Academy is an ultimate resource for course creation, marketing training, and business training.

It’s all delivered in 5 steps:

  1. Research & Foundation
  2. Traffic & Funnels
  3. Offers & Creating Courses
  4. Email Copywriting & Marketing
  5. Additional Revenue Sources

You’ll receive worksheets, checklists, and templates with all the training. And instead of their usual monthly recurring price, they’re offering it to you for a one-time price only.


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Demo Video



My Concerns?

I have no concerns

I have no concerns with this autoresponder. It does everything it promises and more. And not only that, it appears to be used by many super affiliates out there who are very satisfied with the service.

That’s one of the things I look for in a newer product. As well, I believe the owners are invested in this service. It’s already been updated after only 5 months online.

This tells me that they have a long-term vision for Mailvio, which is what you want to see.

I would recommend this service for those of you who already have a sizable email list that you can upload.

I say this because it’s a little pricey for a beginner just starting out. But if you’re up to about 5000 subscribers or so, Mailvio might be the cheaper alternative to who you’re already using. Especially if you buy the annual membership.

For instance, I use Aweber. They are a fantastic service with excellent customer service, but when I get up to around 10K subscribers, my cost will be more than if I used Mailvio…

autoresponder rate comparison

Some services will be more at 5000 subs. You will have to check with the rates of your service to see what might be the best option for you.

And are you doing affiliate marketing? Make sure your service allows this.

I had originally tried MailerLite because it’s so cheap, but when they found out I was doing affiliate marketing, they wouldn’t allow me to use them.

And many of the big companies won’t either. They may not say it upfront, but check the fine print to be sure. They could close down your account and you’d lose all your subscribers.

The nice thing about Mailvio is that they LOVE affiliate marketer’s, lol. That’s who built it in the first place!




  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost for 25K subs
  • DFY Templates for campaigns
  • Easy to use editor
  • Perfect for affiliate marketer’s



  • None that I can find…



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I recommend wealthy affiliate for business training

I believe this autoresponder service is a great way to save a lot of money when you get over 10K subscribers or so. And the added incentive is the fact that they love affiliate marketers.

Many services, even the more reputable ones, don’t accept affiliate marketing. The only ones that I currently know that do is Aweber and GetResponse.

And even though I use Aweber, it would be much cheaper for me to use Mailvio once I got to about 10K subscribers.

This service appears to be updated and improved regularly, which tells me it should be around for a long time.

Is Mailvio a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

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Here’s a bit of what they offer:

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So where did you hear about Mailvio? Did my review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



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