The Viral Traffic Boost Review

The Viral Traffic Boost Review

Are you looking for a way to generate leads and increase your sales? Wouldn’t it be great to send viral traffic to your offers?

If you’ve been searching for a way to get some viral traffic, then you’ve probably come across this plugin. But is it legit or something scammy?

Welcome to the Viral Traffic Boost review. I’m glad to see you researching before purchasing this tool.

Let’s go inside to see what you get, how it works, and if it’s what you expect. By the end of my review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision if it’s right for you or not.

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Viral Traffic Boost Review - rating




What Is Viral Traffic Boost?

what is the viral traffic boost

This plugin creates a “magic button” on your website, which allows you to collect your visitor’s email address when they share your promotion on their Facebook wall. The promo then directs them to your offer.

It was created by Omar and Melinda Martin. They launched it on JVZoo on April 28th, 2020.

Viral Traffic Boost – $17 (Basic), or $37 (Pro)

What’s Inside


  • Install & License
  • Connect Facebook
  • 8 Autoresponder Integrations
  • Share Modal

Basic Member

  • Single site license
  • 12-month updates
  • Basic support

Pro Member

  • 3 site license
  • 12-month updates
  • Pro support
  • 10 DFY campaigns


OTO #1: Commercial License – $99



Who Is This Plugin For?

great for digital marketing

This plugin is awesome for online marketers who already have traffic coming to their website.

For this plugin to be effective, you need visitors who would be willing to click on the magic button and share your promotion on their Facebook wall.

Usually, it’s only a loyal following who would be willing to do that, but if you offer them a bribe in the form of a free gift, that will definitely help.

If you’re a beginner with a new website and little traffic, you’ll struggle to generate leads and sales, You will have to be patient as your site continues to gain authority and traffic.


my VTB link button



How Does It Work?

it drives traffic to Facebook promos

This is a revolutionary and new technology that will help drive your traffic, grow your email list, and make you more sales with one click of a button.

That sounds very interesting. Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

This can all be done without funnel building or product creation. And it delivers the three most important things your online business needs:

  1. Drive traffic – Your visitor shares your content on Facebook with friends who continue to do the same.
  2. Build your list – Your visitor’s emails are added to your list with no need to fill out any forms.
  3. Make you sales – Your visitors are taken to any offer you want.

This product creates a magic button. Your visitor just has to push one button, and Viral Traffic Boost takes care of the rest.

You can do all this in literally four easy steps:

Step #1: Style Your Magic Button

You can design your button in any way you like so it matches any website. Then all you have to do is choose the subscriber list you want your leads added to.

Step #2: Insert your Facebook Message

Enter any message and image that you want to share on your subscriber’s Facebook wall.

Step #3: Create your Banner

You can even design the style of banner that will be placed on any product page you want to promote.

Step #4: Paste your Shortcode

Now you need to copy and paste your campaign shortcode to any page you want. This is how the magic button appears.

I hope there are great instructions for all this, lol…

After you are visitor’s email is pulled from Facebook, the system automatically shares your post on their Facebook wall.

This will navigate them to any page you are promoting and your download banner and button will display at the top of that site.

This is the best way to attract targeted traffic and convert more subscribers, all while growing your list.

This system can work for any online business. Are you an affiliate marketer? You can make consistent commissions by delivering a lead magnet on the sales page you’re promoting.

Are you a local marketing agency? This system will get you more exposure, and more exposure for your clients.

Or maybe you’re a product vendor? This will attract more prospects and you could add your leads to a follow-up sequence.

  • There is so much this system can do for you:
  • Save thousands of dollars on software or outsourcing.
  • Attract more leads without having to use paid advertising.
  • Customize your campaigns without meeting experience in web design.
  • Sell list as a service to your clients.

With the point and click design, and 10 customizable templates, you can bypass week’s worth of work.

The templates are included with the PRO Version.

Viral traffic boost is a WordPress plug-in that works on any device, and on any browser. So once it’s installed you can create as many campaigns as you want.

You only have to set it up once to connect with your Facebook account.

The same goes for your autoresponder integration. It will pull up all your lists so you can choose which one you want to use for each campaign.

You have to options here:

  1. The Basic Member gets one site license and can create an unlimited number of magic button campaigns for that site.
  2. The Pro member gets three site licenses,10 done for you campaigns and an unlimited number of magic button campaigns for those three sites.

OK. , now let’s see if the product does what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you purchase your VTB plugin, you’ll be emailed with a link to your member area…

VTB dashboard

The instructions are the first thing you need to look at to get everything set up properly.


When you click on the “instructions” tab at the top of the page, a page will appear with links to detailed documents…

Instructions for every step

Each icon is a link to a document, showing you step by step how to perform that action.

Install & License 

The first document is the download link for the plugin, and how to upload it to your WordPress website. When activated, you must install the license key.

Please note that this is a WordPress plugin and that you’re required to have an SSL certificate on your hosting and domains.

Facebook requires you to have “https” to set up the Facebook application.

Connect Facebook

Now you need to create a Facebook App so that your visitors can share your site through VTB…

google docs for instructions

This would be a huge hurdle if you try to do it yourself, but the 6-page document they provide you with is very detailed.

It’s fairly techy, but if you struggle, their support departments is very good to help you out.

Autoresponder Integration

By simply picking the icon for your email capture service, you’ll get the instructions on how to connect the API to the VTB plugin.

The options are:

  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • Mailvio
  • Aweber
  • Sendiio
  • Sendlane
  • SendShark
  • Sendy

I personally use Aweber, and I just did a review on Mailvio… If yours isn’t here, don’t worry. You can still collect your leads by creating an account with one that’s here.

I recommend you get a free MailChimp account. You can then export those leads and upload them to your own service.

Share Modal

This 3-page document helps you to understand how the share modal works.

The popup window (Share Modal) that appears when someone clicks on a VTB button is actually created by Facebook, and not VTB.

The popup displays what your visitor will be sharing on their FB wall, as a post.

The document shows you how to configure your post and various troubleshooting scenarios. It also talks about SEO and how to use Facebook developer tools.

The VTB Plugin Setup

The whole idea behind this product is to create a button on your website that your visitors will want to click on. Enticing them with a lead magnet (a free product, let’s say) is always effective.

When they click on the button, a popup appears, telling them that you’ll be collecting their name, profile pic, and email address.

When they click on “continue”, they’ll see your campaign post and hopefully share it on their wall.

This is how it can drive more traffic to your offer. All their “friends” will see it on their wall.

Once your plugin is uploaded and activated, this is what you’ll see when you click on VTB…

3 steps to create a campaign

As you can see, each of the steps is shown. When clicked on, use the training documents that we talked about above, to show you what to do.

Create a New Campaign

When you click on the “campaign” tab on your dashboard, the list of campaigns you already created is shown. You can choose to edit them, duplicate, or delete them here.

To create a new one, you have to go through 3 steps:

  1. Share Button Maker
  2. Share Message
  3. Banner Maker

Creating your share button is easy to do. Simply name your campaign and select your autoresponder and list…

these can't be shared to youtube

As you can see in the image, you have many options to design the button however you wish.

Make it a bold red to attract attention, or create something that matches your brand.

Step 2 is writing the message you wish to share on your promotion…

write out your facebook message

You need to also give it a title as well as the image URL for the image you want to display. (This image needs to be uploaded to your website media file).

Your last step is to configure your banner…

design your banner

As you can see, there are many things you can add and change to design the banner you like.

Then all you need to do is add the URL of your lead magnet so that your visitor can get his or her free gift.

Pro Version

If you chose the $37 pro member plan, you also get 10 DFY (done for you) campaigns…

10 done for you campaigns

There are 5 campaigns focusing on list building, and 5 on email marketing. Each campaign comes with:

  • A giveaway product – this is your lead magnet.
  • Landing page elements – to design your own landing page.
  • Settings screenshots – to show you how to configure your settings.
  • Share modal content – for creating your Facebook post.
  • Sample page – to copy as your own.

To watch a complete walkthrough, and view examples of the viral posts, please watch the demo video below.


OTO #1: Commercial License

This upgrade will provide you with a commercial license. You’ll be able to install this plug-in on as many as 100 websites, so you can create multiple income streams.

You also have permission to create traffic for your students and customers for your very own agency business.

And to top of all that, you’ll receive 25 unique products, all with PLR rights, to use as lead magnets on your squeeze pages.


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Demo Video



My Concerns

no concerns

This plugin does everything it promises on the sales page. Once you’ve got it set up, it creates a button for your website for your visitors to click on.

Providing a lead magnet is a great way to entice your visitor to click on the button, and if they want their free gift, they must share your promotional post on their Facebook page.

Your list will grow with each click of the button, and your sales could increase with every person who sees that post.

There are a few misleading statements I have concerns with and would like to share with you…

Concern #1 – Income Claims

The “bearded British dude and his sidekick” that they refer to on the sales page are in fact 2 of the top super affiliates working online today. They share how much money they made in 72 hours.

This may give you the impression that you can do the same, but… you probably won’t. Why? Because these 2 affiliate marketers are well-established and have huge sources of traffic.

Of course, they will make loads of money!! It will work for you, but probably not to that degree…

Concern #2 – 4 Easy Steps?

I’m not too sure about that! The steps are pretty technical to get set up.

Thankfully they provide detailed instructions, and their support is great if you need help.

But you need to understand how the share modal works so that if anything goes wrong, you can address the issue.

They claim it’s only 4 steps, but realistically, it’s many more than that, lol.

Concern #3 – Drive Traffic?

This statement is very misleading. Yes, it could drive you some traffic once the post is shared on Facebook, but consider how it gets there…

The magic button is on your website.

This means that you have to have traffic coming to your website in order for anyone to click the button and share it to their FB wall.

Only then can you collect email addresses, and drive potential traffic to your offers. You need a base of traffic that wants to share your content for this to work.

If you have a new website or one that’s struggling to get traffic, this plugin won’t work well for you.




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Great to collect leads and grow your list
  • Posts could go viral on Facebook



  • Won’t work well without website traffic
  • Technical for newbies



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

i recommend wealthy affiliate for a website

This plugin works just as promised, and can work well for those of you who have traffic coming to your sits. It can be organic or paid traffic, but you need traffic for it to work.

The pro version is worth the extra cost because of the 10 DFY campaigns you receive. This will give you a much quicker start for generating leads and making commissions.

Everything you need is included for your promotions, including the lead magnets.

Is Viral Traffic Boost a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

Please remember that you need a WordPress website for this plugin to work, with an SSL certificate.

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So where did you hear about Viral Traffic Boost? Did my review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



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