What Is Five Minute Profit Sites? My Honest Inside Review

What Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online. Unfortunately, this wonderful industry has been hijacked by unscrupulous people. They purposely take advantage of innocent souls looking to make extra income. Some of these offers can be considered complete scams, and others, just re-purposed and renamed junk!

So what is Five Minute Profit Sites? Is this a scam or can you really make money with this software? A lot of reviews are screaming “scam”, but I don’t like to use that term lightly.

I’m pleased to see you checking out this program before purchasing it. There are so many enticing promotions online today. If you happen to be a newbie when it comes to online marketing, these promotions sound too good to be true. And unfortunately, they usually are. They have you believing you can make money, with very little work, almost overnight.

This product is no different. They make fantastic claims. But are they true? Let’s take a deeper look inside to find out the truth, OK?

And if you’re serious about making money online, I’d like to show you where I learned everything there is to know about creating a successful online business. Just click here.

what is 5 minute profit sites information

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What Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

This is a new Clickbank product which came out in June 2018. You may have received this offer in your email, as a sales funnel or squeeze page. It claims to exploit a loophole in a secret industry, making you consistent money every day. No experience necessary.  Working only 23 minutes per day, you can create a consistent daily income of over $500.

This is a point and click software app, designed specifically for affiliate sales.

five minute profit sites softwareFive Minute Profit Sites (FMPS) Software – $37

This product contains both software and training. The software will create a “done-for-you” website, as well as show you how to monetize it. The purpose is for you to “partner” with them so that you both make commissions from each sale.

five minutes profit site upgrade #1


1st upsell is FMPS Faster Profits – $197

This product is a pre-built e-commerce website with content such as videos, articles, and reviews. You will be able to generate affiliate links for the website at the click of a button.

five minutes profit site upgrade #2


2nd upsell is FMPS Double Your Profit Sites – $187

This product is another pre-built website with content relating to a variety of niches like self-help, weight loss, etc. You can generate affiliate links with a click of a button.


FMPS traffic tsunami upgrade #3

3rd upsell is FMPS Traffic Training – $97

This product contains training to help you bring high-quality traffic to your website.

For access to the training videos, you must become a member for $7/month.  This covers their server costs.



You can also become an affiliate of this program, receiving a 75% commission, on all four products. They provide already done-for-you landing pages, banners and images, and swipe files (prewritten emails).

Of course, we don’t know who the owner of this product is, but its design is suspiciously similar to the Auto Chat Profits Review, and Daily Cash Siphon.

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Who Is This Product For?

Personally, I don’t believe this is for anyone. When you see claims of exploitation, or controversial, you should walk away. These are just hot buttons to entice you to buy their products.

They want you to think it’s for the inexperienced. That all you have to do is create your website in less than five minutes, clicking only 17 times.

OK, that in itself isn’t so hard to believe. The platform I use can build your website in 30 seconds. Website builders on any hosting platform can do that!

The issue here is that you’re not building a website. All you’re creating is a one-page landing page, with a generic sales video and opt-in button. When people click on the button, you’ll capture their emails and they’ll be directed to one of Clickbank’s affiliate products.

Their promotional video will then show you how this “website” made a phenomenal amount of money in only six days. And that’s with only working 23 minutes per day. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

I’m sorry, but there’s no way this can work. I’ve been doing online marketing for a while now, and there’s no possible way you can make this much money in six days. I can understand you want this to work for you, but please trust me when I say it’s impossible. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!

Unfortunately, the only people making money here is the creator of this product, and possibly any affiliate of the product.


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How Does This Software Work?

The Landing Page

Firstly, you would have seen an email in your inbox, with a subject line saying “Exploit a Loophole in a $12.3 million Industry”. This is just one of their many pre-written emails provided to their affiliates.

what is five minutes profit sites about

You are then brought to a landing page like the picture above. It starts telling you about your qualification to read this “private” letter because of your location. Your location has absolutely nothing to do with it.

It tries to entice you by saying they are exploiting a loophole in a secret industry and it’s controversial and hidden from the public. OH MY! This type of outright lying may work on the desperate, but I hope anyone who reads this, will see all the red flags.

It continues to talk about making consistent money, but only if you use their software. They make incredible claims regarding their income, then tell you they are providing their software for free because they want to partner with you. When you make an affiliate sale, they make a commission too.

They pretend you need to qualify for the license, then guess what? You qualify, LOL.

five minute profits free license

That’s because this a digital product, and anyone with an internet connection and computer can access this.

The owner then claims that all beginners face three challenges:

  1. Building a website that actually makes money.

Their solution is their software “Five Minute Profit Sites” (FMPS). It will build the website you need. But we already know that this isn’t a website. It’s a landing page only.

  1. Finding the products that make the most commissions.

Their solution is their secret algorithm to find these products. There’s no such thing as a secret algorithm. They use Clickbank products. If you go to the Clickbank website, you can search out all types of products to promote. If you set the “sort results by” to any metric, like most popular or average $/sale, you can find out the same information. No big secret!

clickbank marketplace shows you what's most popular

  1. Finding customers to buy these products.

Their solution is showing you a step-by-step method to send thousands to your websites. The various methods they’ll cover are:

  • Article marketing (4 videos)
  • Guest posting (3 videos)
  • Forum marketing (2 videos)
  • Blog commenting (2 videos)
  • Press release (4 videos)
  • Solo Ads (6 videos)

Though these methods will begin to work after some time, they in no way will work in 6 days. Article marketing is when you write content in hopes of raking high on Google and getting free traffic to your site. Guest posting, forum marketing and blog commenting are to gain backlinks to your site to help with ranking.

I couldn’t imagine putting in the time and money for a press release for this product. That leaves us with solo ads. This could be effective but will cost a lot of money. Basically, you are using someone else’s email list and paying for each click you receive. Essentially, you are spamming people’s inboxes in hopes of making sales.

Their fantastic claims of income are laughable. I’m sorry, but they even goofed when showing pictures of these claims. On the squeeze page, they show a picture of the income they supposedly made. If this is true, and that’s a big IF, they show you a screenshot of the “vendor” sales, not any affiliate sales. The vendor is themselves, lol. The vendor is the creator of the program listed on Clickbank. It has nothing to do with affiliate sales or what your income would be.

how to make money with clickbank according to their site

If you try to leave the page, they shamelessly try to manipulate you by saying there are only a few free licenses left in your area, and when they launch it at some future date, they will cost you $497.  Then there’s the “if you don’t buy now, someone else will take your place”, LOL.  And of course, the countdown timer is used… In 30 minutes the free software offer expires.  Yeah, sure!

I tried this several times to see what the pop-ups would say, and this final one offered me a 7-day free trial.  This is where I found out your supposedly free website will cost you an additional $7/month to cover server costs.  This was never spoken of on the initial landing page.

5 minute profit sites review of their pop-ups

The Inside

Once inside, you’ll have access to some training videos.  They give little information about how to use your “website”, and others discuss email marketing and Clickbank.

You can then begin to create your “website” (landing page)

  • Step 1 – Create an account with Clickbank
  • Step 2 – Choose your domain name (they provide domain names, none of which are .com)
  • Step 3 – Must sign up with Aweber (no other alternatives)

They claim this is all free, but it’s not. You’re required to use Aweber for your email campaign, and they only offer a 30 free trial. It will then cost at least $19 per month.

5 minute profit system inside view

Once the software creates the landing page, you get to view your new creation. It’s nothing but a simple one-page design with a sales video and an opt-in button. The video is very generic and can be applied to any product.

And they have the audacity to say this is worth $497. LOL

FMPS landing page

Here’s an example of the very generic sales video.  As you can see, this person never uses the name of the product, so it can be applied to any product of their choosing.  All they did was imprint the picture of the product in the top left corner.

When working through the opt-in procedure, you will be brought to another product to sell. Unfortunately, it’s something like “The AZ Code” which is another low-quality Clickbank product. So basically, they’re getting you to help them promote other poor products.

The products and bonuses section contains the three additional upsells. Of course! Why do they never tell you about this upfront! There is also additional training in PDF form. This talks about email marketing strategies to help boost your campaign, but there’s really nothing actionable for you to do.

I’ve written a beginner’s guide to email marketing campaigns if you’re interested in this.


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  • They offer a 60-day money back guarantee
  • As an affiliate, you’re provided with a generous commission and swipe files
  • They offer some training on email marketing

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  • You’re not in control of your website because it’s hosted on their servers
  • It’s not free – you will need to pay monthly fees with Aweber
  • To successfully get traffic, you will need to use Solo Ads
  • Any useful training comes with pricey upsells


Thoughts And Recommendations

Oh dear, where do I begin? These types of products really upset me. Their flashy landing pages and false claims entice so many uninformed people to waste their money. Is it a scam? No, because they actually do offer you a product. Is it legit? No, because it doesn’t provide you with what they promise.

The lies on their promotional pages are what frustrates me so much. Saying words like “Controversial Software” and “Exploiting Loopholes” may sound intriguing, but it’s an outright lie. Sure, it’s a marketing gimmick, but not an ethical one. There’s absolutely nothing controversial or exploitative about it. I would much rather entice people with the truth, therefore gaining respect and loyalty.

I think the only honest words on their entire squeeze page is the disclosure statement at the bottom of the page. There, they disclose that the results shown in their presentation is “atypical”, meaning not typical. They are to be considered exceptional and not the average earnings. Finally, some truth!

five minutes profit site's disclosure statement

To legitimately make money online, you need your own business. A website you yourself own. The landing page you get with FMPS is hosted on their servers, which means if they disappear overnight (which many programs like this do), your landing page goes with it. You’re not in control of your own site.

Any site needs traffic to make sales. Because this is just a landing page, it will not rank with Google due to its lack of valuable information for the public. Google ranks “websites” who are working to be an authority in their niche, meaning they rank sites who offer valuable information for the person searching those keywords. And to become an authority, you need the proper training and tools to learn about online marketing.

Online marketing is so much more than landing pages. There are many legitimate marketing techniques, one of which is search engine optimization (SEO). But this program will focus on email marketing, and not the proper way in my opinion!

Though email marketing is an incredible way to build a list of loyal readers, the method they will have you focus on is using solo ads. There are services online who will allow you to use their email list for a cost.

5 minute profit sites's videos

This type of strategy adds up quickly. But I don’t believe it’s ethical. It’s not a list you’ve acquired honestly. You are essentially spamming someone else’s list. When’s the last time you appreciated a bunch of spam in your inbox?

This is why I cannot recommend this product.

If you are truly wanting to learn how to make money online, then I have a much better solution for you. It’s a completely legitimate platform that provides you will all the training and tools you need to start your own legitimate online business. It’s the platform I use, and it delivers everything it promises.

Wealthy Affiliate has the best training available online, set up step by step so you can start with absolutely no experience. They will show you many ways to earn income, using all updated strategies that work in today’s industry. They will never recommend you do anything unethical, which is why I appreciate them so much.

They show you how to start, and then maintain your business as it grows. It takes commitment and persistence to make the type of income that FMPS claims. But with Wealthy Affiliate training and unsurpassed support, you can truly succeed.

I should mention the best part…you can start for free! Yup, for free. Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter membership for as long as you wish. There’s no better way to test drive their platform to see if this is something you wish to pursue. If this sounds great to you, please click the picture below to get inside.


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Do you have any experience with Five Minute Profit Sites? If you do, I’d love to hear about it. Or if you have any additional questions, please leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get right back to you.

If you know anyone considering this product, please share my post.

Your friend,