The iTraffic X Review – An Honest Insider’s Opinion

the itraffic x review

Today, I’d like to share with you the iTraffic X review. Is it a legitimate video creation and sharing product or is it another rehash of a lousy product that been re-released?

My review will be honest and thoroughly researched for you so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing it.

I’m so happy to see you here. This means you’re a smart person who values your time and money and researches these products before you purchase. That’s very important these days because there are too many scams wrapped up all pretty with a bow. And it’s difficult to determine who’s telling the truth.

If you’d like to learn all about affiliate marketing, and video making, on a safe and proven platform, CLICK HERE to read my review of where I learned how to start my own successful business.

And if you read to the bottom, I’ll share with you some free, higher quality alternatives!

itrafficx rating

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What Is iTraffic X Platinum Edition?

is itraffic x a scam

ITraffic X is a new product created by Billy Dar, David Kirby, and Justin Opay. Billy Dar has previously created products such as Auto Affiliate Machine and The Sales Bot.

This is his most recent product, launched on December 19, 2018. It’s available on JVZoo.

What’s Included

ITraffic X Software – $47.56

Five Training Videos

  1. Overview – 2.59 min.
  2. Accessing the Software – 3.28 min.
  3. Finding Offers – 3.39 min.
  4. Your First Campaign & Getting Traffic – 2.49 min.
  5. $423 Case Study – 3.11 min.


  • Private 10K a Month Live Training – worth $2997
  • Traffic Masterclass Training – worth $997
  • Make Money Now Training Videos – worth $997
  • Three of their Best Selling Money Methods – worth $497
  • Premium Agency License – worth $997

Semi Unique Bonuses

Each individual affiliate promoter is able to choose 10 additional bonuses from a list of 25. They are able to choose four bonuses for the frontend product (Platinum edition) and six more to promote the upsells.

They were also encouraged to add their own bonuses to create more sales.


White Gold Edition – $67

  • 2 additional social sites
  • 1 additional video site
  • Unlimited usage and traffic campaigns
  • Additional video training

Rose Gold Edition – $67

  • 25 additional accounts
  • A scheduling feature
  • Additional training
  • Pro edition agency license

Pearl Edition – $47

  • 23 video tutorials with worksheets
  • Templates
  • $1400 case study

Black Sapphire Edition – $47

  • The use of their Sales Funnel with 100% profits

Pink Diamond Edition – $197

  • Customized funnel with your own hosting
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Squeeze page setup
  • Email Swipes
  • Additional tutorials

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Who Is This Product For?

Not recommended for anyone to use.

Many of these products are created to make the owners a lot of money at launch time. They run different contests for the affiliates, offering various prizes (usually money) for the top three highest sellers.

I truly believe they offer these contests because they know that selling a new product, which hasn’t been tested yet, will sell quite well. But once the product is in the hands of the customers, they know the sales will decline rapidly.


Because these products are usually sub-par. It’s most likely an old product that failed, and just re-wrapped with a few tweaks and fancy promotions. And when the current one fails, they’ll come out with a new one again.

Personally, I don’t like this product, and I’ll show you why, below.


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How Does It Work?

The Sign-Up

You would get this promotion in your inbox, and click on the link and see their promotional page. It’s very well done, so of course, convincing.

If you wait for a second, or scroll to leave, you’ll get a discount offer (what’s known as a downsell).

discount offer of $5 off


I don’t know about you, but my first red flag was their math skills, lol. They offer you a $5 off discount, from $47.56, and tell you your total investment will be $17.95. It’s correct at check out though, for $42.56!

This just tells me they don’t care about their copyright. What else don’t they care about…

If you try to exit this page, they offer you free access to the first video. And you know what? It’s basically nothing. He gives you vague information on what you’ll receive. I’ve included it below…

The Dashboard

Once inside your dashboard, you can see down the left-hand side, the various applications. Let’s go through the actionable ones…

#1. Keyword Research

They have a keyword tool you can use, which basically tells you yes or no. If it’s green, it’s a go. I don’t know what metrics they use, but it’s very basic. You have no idea how much competition a “green” keyword has. And no way to tell how many monthly searches there are for that word.

very simple keyword research on dashboard

#2. Campaigns

In this window, you name and describe what your video is about. This is what will be seen on YouTube, etc.

campaign section of dashboard

Keep in mind that you must use Google Chrome to create the video. That was a pain for me because I consistently use Safari.

The video creator is very basic. It’s sort of like a PowerPoint presentation that scrolls through each image. So if you upload 2 images, you’ll have a 2-second video that shows you one image after the other.

The more images you add, the longer the video will be. You can then upload an audio file. It’s nothing special, believe me.

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#3. Video Sharing Accounts

With the iTraffic Platinum Edition, you can only upload your sales video to:

#4. JVZoo Top Seller

Next, down the right-hand side, is your JVZoo best-seller list. This gives you the current top ten products selling on their site.jvzoo's top ten sellers list on dashboard

This is a handy little feature if you promote many products at once. It’ll save you a few steps of going over to the JVZoo website to look for products.

#5. Social Sharing

I was really disappointed in the social media options. With your platinum edition, you receive seven platforms that are integrated, but for promotional material, I’ve only used two of them… Twitter and Linkedin.

itrafficx social sharing platforms

The others may be fine, but they’re more for article publications than sales promotions. I had hoped the upsells included the more popular sites like Instagram and Facebook, but after significant research, I found out that NO, they don’t include those.

Besides Reddit, they add a few more obscure ones that I didn’t feel were any good to me. Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing the upsells.

#6. Need Help

The only support you can receive is by “ticket”. You must open a ticket for each question or problem you encounter.

iTraffic X has ticket support

Because this is a new product, there aren’t many user reviews about the service and support. But any time you are required to open tickets, you must wait for your answer.

This is frustrating to me, but I guess I’m spoiled, LOL. The platform I run my business on has live support with an almost immediate response.

#7. Training

Here, you can access the five training videos.

Training videos for itraffic x

These videos are ridiculously short and don’t offer you much information. They say this is newbie friendly, but they just show you how to click the buttons. No explanation as to the what, why or when you should be posting your promotions.

There’s so much more to affiliate marketing than just creating a video and posting it to several sites.

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  • No skills needed
  • Will work on any device
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Low-quality training
  • Five upsells
  • Very basic video creator
  • Ridiculous traffic claims – you will not get traffic in 52 seconds or less!


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Unfortunately, this is another low-quality product. And unless you test it for yourself, you’d never know because there aren’t many honest reviews out yet.

99% of the reviews I’ve seen so far, as of January 2019, are product promotions. Yes, people call them reviews but in hopes of selling the product. They’re using all the information off of iTraffic X’s sale page. Most don’t even show you the inside, which tells me they’re affiliates.

Is iTraffic X a scam?  No  Would I recommend it?  No

This isn’t a scam because there is indeed software included with this product. But just because it isn’t a scam, doesn’t mean you should buy it either. It really isn’t worth the money!

You may get a little more value if you purchase all the upsells, but probably not. If the upfront product is low quality, the upsells usually are as well.

Free Online Alternatives

Video Makers

Rather than waste your money on a low-quality product, why not look for the many alternatives there are online. Video creators are nothing new. There are many online and offline software companies that can do the same thing with much higher quality. These are just three of the many available services…

Adobe Spark – You can use the free plan to create visually stunning videos in just minutes. Use their themes and audio tracks, or use your own, for a seamless project.

Biteable – Their free plan allows you 5 video projects per month. Create HD TV quality videos to publish to YouTube and Facebook. Biteable offers instant templates in a wide variety of topics to make life even easier.

Renderforest – This free video maker is also an animation maker for a different style altogether. You can also make audio visualizers if you happen to be a DJ, explainer videos for storytelling or whiteboard videos for presentations.

Social Media Managers

Of the services I’ve researched, these two have the most generous free plan. There are many others, but some focus on Twitter or their free plans are very limited.

Hootsuite – Their free plan is quite generous allowing you to manage 3 social profiles and 30 scheduled messages per month. You can integrate any tools you’re already relying on, and they offer free social media courses.

Buffer – This free service is similar to Hootsuite with 3 social profiles and 10 scheduled posts per account per month. They have an image creator and video uploader. With a browser extension, you can even add posts to your queue while surfing the net.

Learn How To Get Relevant Traffic

These types of products, like iTraffic X, are designed to make the creators some quick money from innocent, unsuspecting customers. They are great promoters and know how to use every trick in the book to convince you to buy it.

But they never work.

Yes, creating videos is an important part of affiliate marketing, especially in the last few years. YouTube gets a tremendous amount of traffic.

But it’s more than video creation and uploading to YouTube. You need to know about keywords and how to properly research them in order to get that traffic. Otherwise, your video will sit there, in some dark corner of YouTube, never being seen, lol.

You also need to understand the affiliate marketing industry as a process. And in that process, how important it is to have your own business. Not rely on someone else’s products!

Can I recommend something to you?

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