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The IG Money Tree

Are you looking for a way to grow your Instagram following?  If you’ve been looking around for a way, you’ve probably come across a product called the IG Money Tree.

It claims to grow your followers, as well as collect leads, and get paid while you’re at it.  Really??  Could this be legit?  Or just another of many online scams?

I’m so glad to see you here, researching this product before buying.  There’s nothing more frustrating than believing what the sales video says, only to find out it doesn’t deliver.

This is why I write these product reviews for you.  So you can know what to expect before you purchase.

I’ll show you what’s inside, how it works, pros & cons, and then give you my honest opinion and recommendations OK?

By the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an educated decision about making a purchase or not.

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The IG Money Tree review (rating)



What Is IG Money Tree?

what is ig money tree

This product claims to be a viral software that will help you create leads, grow your Instagram following, and make you $320 in affiliate commissions. This product is directly tied to another product called ShopMonopoly.

IGMoneyTree can be found on WarriorPlus or JVZoo. The creators are Tom E and Bryan Winters, who are both successful online marketers.

This system was launched in June 2019.

IGMoneyTree VIP Membership – $1 for the first 3 days, then 1 payment of $20.

What’s Inside

Offer to watch a Brendan Mace webinar (nothing to do with product).

Overview Video – 17:19 minutes

Action Step #1

  • Add your free website to your Instagram profile.
  • Add a description with your link.

Action Step #2

  • Post memes 2X per week to “plug” your viral website.

Action Step #3

  • Send an email blast to your email list, if you have one, promoting IGMoneyTree.
  • Use the provided email swipe.
  • Buy Solo Ads with Udimi if you don’t have a list.
  • Watch the video showing you how to order off of Udimi.

Action Step #4

  • Offer to pay other Instagram accounts, with large followings, to run your profile bio on their profile page.

Action Step #5

  • Manually follow at least 100 people per day on Instagram.
  • Your regular posts should have 10-30 hashtags each.

Download your leads to your own autoresponder


#1: Auto Income Switch – $97, downsell $47

  • Grow your income by 10X with a “deep funnel”.

#2: Email Money Squeeze – $47, downsell $1 for a 3-day trial, then $47

  • 5 made for you squeeze pages and emails

#3: High Ticket Mogul – $197, downsell $1 for 3 day trial, then $197

  • Add an additional $500 income stream by displaying high ticket offers.

Expected Costs (optional)

  • Aweber – $19 per month and up
  • Udimi Solo Ads – $$$$ per month


Here’s a Summary Video For You…



Who Is This System For?

ig money tree review

This system is for anyone who uses Instagram. This could be a way to grow your following, capture leads, and be paid commissions for referring your free website.

I say “could” because unless you’re starting out with a fairly large following already, this will take time to grow.

Do you have a business Instagram account or a personal one? Do your followers care about websites and email leads?

Depending on who you’re targeting for followers to your Instagram account, makes a huge difference in the success of this system or not.

Are you working in the MMO niche? If your followers aren’t interested in making money online, then your link will attract no visitors.

And the other major question is whether your followers are interested in starting an eCommerce business. Because that’s what they’ll be encouraged to buy in the sales funnel.

Your commissions come from your referral buying a membership with ShopMonopoly, an online eCommerce platform.

Do you think many of your referrals will be interested?


igmoneytree link button


How Does It Work?

what is ig money tree

This product’s promotional video is actually pretty cool! It’s not too often you hear a sales video that not total hype, lol. And it’s actually Bryan himself speaking, and not some voiceover actor!

Pretty Cool Sales Video

Bryan Winters talks about the time he and his partner have invested in creating this system. Between the two of them, they have over 20 years of online marketing expertise.

Because they are both musicians and love travelling with their families, they love to create automated systems to free up their time.

He claims this to be a zero-click software that has a done-for-you funnel ready for you. It’s fully hosted and has a top-secret autopilot social media “following builder” integrated into the system.

Top secret eh? Well, let’s wait and see…

He also says this only takes 60 seconds to set up, and that you don’t need:

  • Experience
  • An email list
  • A website
  • A product
  • Traffic

Bryan tells you that there’s no better way to succeed online than to copy the 99% automated system that an online marketing pro like himself uses.

Well, so far this system sounds pretty good. Let’s look at the actual system, to see if what he says is true…

Inside The System

So the whole premise here is that you’ll be giving away free websites. And every website you give away has the potential to send you email leads, Instagram followers and affiliate commissions.

When you get into the member area, the first thing you see is a pop-up with an offer to view Brendan Mace’s video webinar, teaching you how to make $10K per month. This always comes with an offer for another product.

You then watch an overview video explaining how the system works.

Once you enter your Instagram ID and click “update”, you’ll be given your own URL for your VIP website to give away.

igmoneytree vip membership site

So why would someone want to share your free website? What’s their incentive?

Well, just like you, they want a free way to grow their Instagram following, get leads to their email list, and get commissions at the same time.

Once they’ve given you their email address, they’re given a free version of the same website. But their website is coded with your information, so when they share their websites with others, the email leads go to you.

On top of that, whenever their visitors purchase the featured product built into each website, you get the commissions. And that can total up to $320 a pop!

Let’s Walk Through The Funnel…

  1. Your visitor (let’s call him Bob), sees your IG Moneytree link on Instagram and clicks on it.
  2. Bob’s brought to your VIP website (meaning you’ve paid for this product), shown in the image above.
  3. After watching the video, Bob decides to sign up for his own free website and enters his email address.

This is your first benefit of this system – LEADS

  1. Bob is then brought to the second page of the funnel which prompts him to enter his Instagram username.

grow your instagram followers

  1. On page three of the funnel, Bob’s required to follow the 9 Instagram users that are listed. It’s free to do. He’s asked to follow them for a minimum of 30 days to keep their IGMoneyTree account active.

need to follow these 9 instagram accounts

  1. Your own Instagram account will always show up in the 9th position, so all of Bob’s new referrals will also be following you. That’s how your Instagram following grows!

This is your second benefit of this system – INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS

  1. Any referrer who doesn’t purchase the promotional product, will not have their 9th position locked in. So they can still grow their following, but it’ll take longer.
  2. Bob is now brought to an interim page congratulating him, and asking to click through to continue on to his “Secret Step”.

secret step is for affiliate commissions

  1. Bob is now brought to the fifth page of the funnel. This is where he’s shown the secret step to monetize his new IGMoneyTree website. To do this, he purchases the featured offer called “ShopMonopoly”.

igmt will get you $320 a pop

  1. The video explains everything Bob needs to do in order to proceed.
  2. You, yourself, are already registered with ShopMonopoly on this page and activated to start receiving commissions.
  3. Once Bob purchases the offer, he enters his 3 digit code and is brought to his own IGMoneyTree member area.
  4. If Bob chooses not to purchase the offer, his website will remain hardcoded with your affiliate link. This way, you will get any commissions when his referrers purchase the offer.
  5. When Bob or anyone else purchases ShopMonopoly, you get paid a commission.

And this is your third benefit of this system – COMMISSIONS!

So What The Heck Is ShopMonopoly?

Without giving you a whole other review, I’ll just summarize this other product for you.

ShopMonopoly is a platform that allows you to create product pages for your own eCommerce store on the “” website. The platform is somewhat like a block editor that has preconfigured templates to make the process of creating your product review pages simpler and quicker.

It also provides all the links to your legal pages such as your refund page, shipping info page, privacy page and terms of use page.

This product is $20, with upsells of $47, $97, $197. If your referral purchases everything, that’s how you can make $320 commission.

And guess who owns this product? Yup…Bryan Winters.

This is what your IGMoneyTree referrals will be encouraged to buy. So the big question is…

Do your followers care about having a dropshipping business promoted on a single website called ShopMonopoly?


my wa landing button



  • Low Cost
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Can grow your Instagram
  • Can grow your email list
  • Potential to make commissions



  • No way to target your followers
  • Your referrals need to be interested in the MMO niche
  • Not yet proven to work
  • You need a large following to get going



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

too many bonuses and too - visit wealthy affiliate instead

First thing, don’t confuse “free website” as a full-on website with content. It’s really a landing page, or lead capture page to get leads and possible commissions from referrals.

Secondly, when product creators claim they’re making a certain amount of money per day using the system, that doesn’t mean you will.

Don’t forget, they’ve been working in the make-money-online industry for years now, so their results can’t be compared to your own.

My main concern is the lack of targeted visitors. If your Instagram account is focused on the make-money-online niche, then sure, your following may be interested in the same things you are.

But for those who have personal accounts, and post mainly personal stories, then I can’t see this working for them. Their followers aren’t interested in websites and email lists!

Also, consider the funnel they’ll be going through. It’s promoting an eCommerce platform membership. This isn’t for everyone, so you can’t expect everyone wanting to buy.

Is IGMoneyTree a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes, if you target the MMO niche

I believe this product has potential, but I don’t think it will work for just anyone. If you’re not focusing on the MMO niche, then I’m not sure if you’ll make any money with it.

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So what do you think about the IG Money Tree? Is it something you think you’d like to try?

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.



P.S. If you know anyone who’d like to read my review, please share!