Clickbank Cash Code Review – An Insider’s Disappointment!

Clickbank cash code review

There are always new products being released on Clickbank, by people hoping to make quick money before any negative reviews catch up with them.

Some are legitimate, some aren’t. Many are distributed through email marketing and you’ll see them pop up in your inbox… or most likely in your junk folder, lol.

Today, I’d like to share with you my Clickbank Cash Code review, also known as the CB Cash Code.

You’re probably here because you’ve heard of this and are wondering if you should purchase. I’m so happy to see you doing research before buying any system like this.

These systems come and go very quickly. It’s important to see what you’ll get before you buy because any support offered will disappear when the system does.

The introductory video is designed to excite you with many promises of a better, richer life, claiming you can make $80,000 a month working only 10 minutes per day.

But is it a legitimate system, or just another way for its creator to make quick money and run.

I don’t use the word “scam” lightly and won’t use it if there’s an actual product to review. So that being said, let’s see what I found.

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Clickbank Cash Code rating



What Is CB Cash Code?

CB Cash Code is a new product on ClickBank, created by George Patterson. It claims to be a training program, teaching you how you can make a phenomenal amount of money online, promoting ClickBank products.

The registration date of this website was August 2018, in Scottsdale Arizona. The registration name is private, so we don’t know if George Patterson is a real identity.

Once you get into the member’s area, you have access to four PDF documents. You can download the first one because you paid $37.00 The remaining three are upsells. The PDF’s are:

  1. The CB Cash Code Main Guide – $37
  2. ClickBank Cash Pro (Upsell) – $197 (offered a discount of $20)
  3. ClickBank Book Plus (Upsell) – $147
  4. ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method (Upsell) – unknown

The CB Cash Code Main Guide

This guide basically talks about ClickBank itself. He shows you how to sign up, how to choose products to promote, all about Clickbank statistics, refund rates, etc.

It then talks about how you can make money by selling these products using paid advertising, such as Bing Ads and Google Adwords.

The PDF briefly describes affiliate marketing and touches on traffic sources you can use to promote your products.

It talks about how to avoid those products that have low-quality affiliate resources (I’ll point out the irony further on…), and talk about having properly designed landing pages.

All in all, it’s just an overview of Clickbank. There is no in-depth training here, and no step by step system to follow.

ClickBank Cash Pro

If you’re willing to sit through another video, trying to convince you to buy Clickbank Cash Pro, you can purchase the upsell at a $20 discount for only $177.

This PDF discusses traffic sources in slightly more detail, though still brief with no actionable steps.

With paid advertising, it talks about how the Google Keyword Planner will help you find keywords. Then talks about tweaking your keywords for more clicks. And finally, how to adjust your advertising budget.

ClickBank Book Plus

This PDF guide shows you how to create and promote product pages on Facebook. It’s again, quite basic despite claiming fantastic income potential.

ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method

This PDF shows you how to leverage social media to drive traffic to your landing pages. It also discusses how to use social media for personal branding.

CB Cash Code Affiliate Program

Oh yes, I was going to point out the irony of his PDF warning against products with poor affiliate programs. Well, guess what? His own product has a poor affiliate program. It consists of only one page which provides you with an affiliate link, and 14 pre-written emails for your campaign. LOL


Who Is This Program For?

cash code review of who it's for

I can honestly say no one. He’s targeting beginners in online marketing, and unfortunately, they’re the ones buying into it because they don’t know any better.

You do receive one PDF for your initial cost of $37, but it’s certainly not the step by step system he talked about in the video.

At most, it’s an overview of using Clickbank products to earn an affiliate commission. The information provided will in no way show you how to make the fantastic income claims, shown to you in the video.

In fact, none of the upsells provide you with a step by step system either.

This type of hyped-up video is to try to lure desperate people hoping to make money online. And if someone is new to this industry, they might not realize that these claims are impossible to earn with only 10 minutes of work each day.

Because these PDF’s are basically overviews of the techniques I listed above, there is no way a beginner can know how to start making an income.

Proper training starts with “over the shoulder” type video as well as very detailed lessons. And it should offer you the tools you need to actually get up and running.

To run an email marketing campaign, for instance, you would need things like:

There is no mention of these basic components you need to start your business. And if you’re not pointed in the right direction, it could cost you quite a bit each month.


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How Does CB Cash Code Work?

cash code reviews of how it works

You would have first seen this promotion either on social media or in your email. It contains a video with an email opt-in and purchase button for $37.

The video gives amazing promises of how much money you can make using Clickbank.

With only 10 minutes per day, you can make a minimum of $500 per day. And he shows you his Clickbank account as evidence.

After a very heart-tugging story about his upbringing, he tells you how he was taught to use Clickbank to overcome all his debt. Apparently, it’s a secret website that many people don’t know about.

He has since created a system with all the tips and tricks he used to make money. And he wants to share this exact system with you.

This type of video promotion is the same as so many other unethical products out there.

For instance, read my review on Kindle Sniper. It’s almost the exact same sales pitch but with a different name.

In fact, it the same voice-over person in their video as in this one. This unidentifiable person may be producing all these shameful products.

Once you pay your $37, you will be allowed to download the first PDF. As I previously said, it’s just an overview of how to use Clickbank to make commission sales. And it’s generic enough that I doubt he even wrote it.

There are many sites online that offer PLR (private label rights) documents that you can purchase. They give you the rights to edit the document how you see fit to use for your business needs.

Some even allow you to put your name on it. And this could be exactly what these PDF’s are. Someone else’s words that he took as his own and is now selling.

Beware The Upsells

The video, of course, makes no mention of upsells. Not only does that truly frustrate me, but they certainly aren’t worth the ridiculous price he’s asking.

Mostly, beware of the way it’s set up. This is a “one-click” purchase.

If you think you’re going to see an order page as you did with the initial $37 purchase, you’d be wrong. As soon as you click the “buy now” button, your credit card is immediately charged.

Personally, I didn’t buy the upsells. With the information, I found when I researched this product, and the low-quality PDF for $37, I knew the upsells wouldn’t be worth anything. And certainly not for an additional $344.

The Outright Lies

  • Probably his name, and his story, but who knows for sure.
  • The secret website is Clickbank. NOT! This is a very well-known and popular affiliate network.
  • Very difficult to sign on with Clickbank. NOT! Actually, very easy to do.
  • Showing you the exact step by step system he used to make money. NOT! NADA! NO WAY!

Fake Testimonials

This is the same tactic that all these types of products use. Unfortunately, those new to this industry often fall for it because they’re so convincing.

That’s because these are actors for hire. And most can be found on

Let me show you the proof. All three testimonial are actors:

clickbank cash code system has fake testimonials

This paid actor used the exact same background and clothing in her testimonial as in her personal advertisement on Fiverr. This is usually why it’s so easy to prove a fake testimonial.

clickbank cash code video has fake testimonials

As you can see from this gentleman’s ad, you can hire them for a reasonably low cost, depending on the length and quality of the video you want to be produced.

fake testimonials

I had actually hoped the third testimonial was authentic, due to the background. It seemed more unique than most. But alas, he too is a paid actor on Fiverr.

Wrong Disclaimer Page

So, OK. If they’re going to create more than one of these sketchy products, they could at least update their disclaimer pages.

They obviously just copied the disclaimer from their previous product, Ecom Profit Sniper. This product seems to have been thrown together quickly.

cb cash code disclaimer not updated

Notice the disclaimer says “We do not purport this as a “get rich scheme”, and nor should you view it as such.

Wow!!  If the video doesn’t come across as a get rich scheme, I don’t know what would… LOL



  • Ummm… can’t think of any, to be honest!
  • Oh, wait. It has a 60-day money-back guarantee. That’s if you qualify for a refund from Clickbank. It may only be a partial refund due to its digital content. Here is Clickbank’s Product Return Policy.



  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Low-quality PDF’s
  • No step by step training
  • One-click upsell purchases
  • No mention of upsells
  • Too many more to list……


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Thoughts And Recommendations

The sales video, though it raises many red flags, is a well-known sales gimmick.

The narrator starts by telling you his life story. How his mother has breast cancer, and medical bills were piling up. How his dead-beat dad abandoned them decades ago. How he had to start working early to help support his family.

This is all done to draw you in and get you making emotional decisions. He makes you feel sympathetic to his plight, then gets you really excited when he tells you how he got rich.

He uses many tactics like “this is your only opportunity”, and “this offer won’t come again”.

And of course, he hopes you’ll buy the product quickly before thinking about it.

The other big concern with this type of product is the lack of updated material. Because you’re downloading a one-time PDF document, you will never receive any updated information when there’re changes in the industry.

And believe me, it changes often.

Just look at all the changes to social media sites this past year alone. This affects how you proceed with any promotional campaigns.

Not surprisingly, there are red flags immediately seen, just from the sales page and video. 

Let me list these for those of you who are new to affiliate marketing, and will hopefully help you spot them in other ads:

  • The sales page is set up to recognize your location so it can say “your confirmed because you live in _____”.  As if some countries aren’t allowed or something, and you’re one of the privileged ones.
  • A scrolling bar showing you people who’ve “just made” money. No matter how long you leave the ad up, it’s always the same.
  • The $8,122.24 per day earned in just 5 – 10 minutes of work each day is impossible. Any online marketer with years of experience can tell you that!
  • $80,000 per month made quickly and easily. Again, not possible.
  • The video never tells you what CB Cash Code is. You have to pay $37 to find out (and be disappointed!)
  • Again, his claim of making $20,000 in your first week is impossible.
  • His Clickbank account can be easily forged.
  • Fake testimonials. If it really worked, wouldn’t you have people happily giving real testimonies?
  • Click bank is a secret site, and virtually impossible to sign on with. Both lies.

cb cash code lies about working only 10 minutes per day

Let me ask you something? If you created a system that could help people make this kind of money online, wouldn’t you charge a tad more than $37? LOL. And wouldn’t you want your name to be known for the recognition?

The fact that the creator hides his real identity tells me it’s very sketchy. He doesn’t want to be known, for fear of people coming after him!

I think it’s sad that these product creators are conning people into spending their hard-earned money. And for what? Nothing but generic information that doesn’t help them at all.

No beginner in this industry could start earning any money with the lack of training in this material. Let alone the lack of tools to actually apply anything you may have learned.

The affiliate marketing industry is an amazing place to earn online passive income, but unfortunately, it’s also full of unethical people making a bad name for it.

So is this product a scam? Almost, but NO.   Would I recommend it?  NO.

But you don’t need to worry. If earning an online income is what you need, or desire, then I’d like to recommend an honest platform that not only provides you with the proper training but gives you the tools to actually start your business.

Tools like a domain name, a website, and everything else you need to start. They show you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why you’re doing it. Step by step. And the support is unequalled anywhere online.

The best part?… you can start for free!

I have been with them for years and love it. And I promise to be there for you, if and when you need me. I’m only a private message away.

If you’re interested in test-driving this platform for free, please click on the picture below.

my wealthy affiliate landing picture

Where did you first hear about Clickbank Cash Pro? I’m curious as to how you received your promotional video. Let me know in the comments below, OK?

And if you have any questions, about anything related to online marketing, please just ask. I’ll be happy to help you out.