Clickbank Cash Code Review – An Insider’s Disappointment!

Clickbank cash code review

There are always new products being released on Clickbank, by people hoping to make quick money before any negative reviews catch up with them. Some are legitimate, some aren’t. Many are distributed through email marketing and you’ll see them pop up in your inbox… or most likely in your junk folder, lol.

Today, I’d like to share with you my Clickbank Cash Code review, also known as the CB Cash Code. You’re probably here because you’ve heard of this and are wondering if you should purchase. I’m so happy to see you doing research before buying any system like this.

These systems come and go very quickly. It’s important to see what you’ll get before you buy because any support offered will disappear when the system does.

The introductory video is designed to excite you with many promises of a better, richer life, claiming you can make $80,000 a month working only 10 minutes per day.

But is it a legitimate system, or just another way for its creator to make quick money and run. I don’t use the word “scam” lightly and won’t use it if there’s an actual product to review. So that being said, let’s see what I found.

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Clickbank Cash Code rating


What Is CB Cash Code?

CB Cash Code is a new product on ClickBank, created by George Patterson. It claims to be a training program, teaching you how you can make a phenomenal amount of money online, promoting ClickBank products.

The registration date of this website was August 2018, in Scottsdale Arizona. The registration name is private, so we don’t know if George Patterson is a real identity.

Once you get into the member’s area, you have access to four PDF documents. You can download the first one because you paid $37.00 The remaining three are upsells. The PDF’s are:

  1. The CB Cash Code Main Guide – $37
  2. ClickBank Cash Pro (Upsell) – $197 (offered a discount of $20)
  3. ClickBank Book Plus (Upsell) – $147
  4. ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method (Upsell) – unknown