Auto Chat Profits Review. Scam or really make $423 per day?

Auto Chat Profits Review

Today, I’d like to share with you my Auto Chat Profits review. This is a new product on Clickbank which you may have seen there, or as an ad in your email inbox.

Like all other promotions like this, it claims to be able to make you $423.76 per day with consistency. So someone who is in financial need, or who are looking to make money online, can be very tempted.

But really? These are bold claims, even if they say they’re not!

I’m so happy to see you here, reading my review. You’re a smart person who’s wary of these kinds of promises, and want to research before spending your hard-earned money.

And I promise to give you my honest opinion of what this product is and whether it will work like it says it will.

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the auto chat profits



What Is Auto Chat Profits?

Samantha Smith, who narrates the promo video, claims this is a weird new robot technology, making you consistent, daily money.

This system provides you with a website using interactive robot technology. When a person visits your site, it shows them pre-programmed questions with a choice of answers to choose from.

Depending on the answer, the system eventually leads them to a Clickbank product to purchase. Once purchased, you get a commission.

Front End Offer

Auto Chat Profits software – $37.00, downsell $10 off discount

This is a click and play interface, meaning with a few clicks, it will build you a “website chatbot” in under 6 minutes. It’s integrated with Clickbank and an email service provider.

It also provides step by step training on traffic sources, to generate sales.


#1. ACP Faster Profits – $197

This provides you with a premade custom chatbot website with:

  • Sales video
  • Articles
  • Product reviews

#2. ACP Double Your Profit Sites – $187

This provides you with a premade chatbox website in a different niche and comes with:

  • Sales video
  • Articles
  • Product reviews

#3. ACP Traffic Tsunami – $97

This provides you with both basic and advanced traffic strategies

Monthly Costs

Hosting – $7.00 per month

GetResponse Email Provider – $15 per month and up

Solo Ads – $$$ Hundreds of dollars to buy email lists


Who Is It For?

No one, lol. Before we go any further, I want you to know that this product is almost identical in design to other products I’ve reviewed.

Please read the Five Minute Profit Sites, and the Daily Cash Siphon.

The video is identical except where they’ve cut out segments and added in new ones that apply to this product. And it’s so obvious! You can hear the changes in background sound very easily, even though they’ve hired the same voice actress.

Check out their promo video below. It’s fairly long but if you move the bar ahead to 11:45 minutes, you can clearly hear one of the sliced in segments.

Here’s an example of the identical clips of these two product videos. They are literally the same video chopped up to represent a new product. LOL.

autochatprofits video clips

The owners of Five Minute Profit Sites probably made most of their money when the system was launched. After some time, when sales drop, they change up the product, repackage it under another name, and relaunch. They’ve also launched Daily Cash Siphon and Profit With Alex.

Notice the similarities, below?

similar products to auto chat

It’s a shame there are so many people trying to make money off of unsuspecting visitors. These are very low-quality products promising to make a lot of money. It just doesn’t work.

If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!


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How Does This System Work?

When you click on this ad, you’re brought to a sales video, narrated by Samantha Smith. I’m sure you already realize that this is a fake person, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. So I sat through the video to determine exactly what it was.

And of course, there were the usual red flags, which I’ll talk about further down, OK?

If you try to leave the page, you’re offered a $10 off discount. And when you try to leave the purchase page, it allows you to spin a wheel, and guess what? You got it! It’s now free, LOL

auto chat profits spin wheel for discount

Once inside the member’s area, you will find videos and instructions to start building your website.

Start-Up Steps

This is what they call their step by step training…

inside auto chats member area

The first step – is creating your Clickbank account if you don’t already have one, then entering your username into Auto Chat Profits.

The second step – is choosing your domain name. You can only pick from the choices in the drop-down menu.

The third step – is signing up with an email service. They recommend GetResponse, which is a very good autoresponder and their plans start at $15 per month. The creator of Auto Chat is an affiliate of Getresponse, so is getting a commission every time someone signs up through the platform.

Automated Website

They try to make you think that this is a new “secret” technology, but it isn’t. What they call “Interactive Robot Technology” has been around for a while and is commonly known as Internet Bots. This technology allows the bot to use automated scripts according to the user’s answers.

Here’s what your website page will look like:

what the auto chat profits websites look like

Notice how the user can only choose predefined answers.

If they click on the “Unlock Secret Money Method” button, which has your affiliate link in it, they’re sent to a site where they can purchase a product to make money online. You would then make a commission on the sale.

This is why they call this a set it and forget it system. They make you think that once the website is built, your job is done, and all you have to do is sit back and see your bank account grow.

Red Flags

Wow, there are so many, lol. Besides all the obvious sales tactics in the video like telling you there are only a few spots left in your country, the outrageous income claims, a Free license, etc.

And don’t forget that they’re the only ones with the secret shortcuts to help you make money! Ya, right…

Let’s go over the main problems.

#1. Not Customizable

When it comes to the domain name or the website, you have no choice but to use what they offer. This means that everyone who purchases this system has the same exact website.

Google and all other search engines frown on these cookie-cutter sites, so your hopes of ranking on Google are almost nil. And if you’re not ranked in Google, how do you expect to drive traffic to your site?  Exactly….you won’t.

And look at the picture of the “sexy” woman at the top of the website. Umm… I don’t think everyone wants their website to look like this. I don’t…

#2. Solo Ads

As I explained in #1, you won’t be able to drive traffic to a website with no ranking. The only alternative is to use Solo Ads. This is where you find a seller who’s willing to promote your ads to their email list.

Many of these types of products will recommend sites like

It’s commonly done with email marketing, but what I consider unethical. Here’s why…. if you haven’t built up your own email list with persons giving you their permission to send them emails, then you are spamming.

How do you feel when your inbox is full of sketchy ads or promotions. I mean, just how much Viagra does one person need, haha. Well, when you use Solo Ads, that’s what you’re doing to someone else’s inbox.

#3. No Control

When your visitor clicks the “Secret Money Method”, the program selects which MMO (make money online) product to buy from Clickbank. You have no choice as to which product you send to them. It’s all pre-programmed.

The last time I checked, most of the products on Clickbank are fairly low quality. Am I sending them something that’s legitimate or another product like this one?

#4. False Income Claims

Ok, this one made me laugh out loud. Remember when they said this is a new product for 2019? Well, take a look at the image below. They show their income made so far, and proceed to tell you they’re showing you their actual account so we can trust them. Bahaha…

false income claims to the system

Ok, I’m sorry, but I need to try to find some enjoyment when writing about these shoddy products, lol.



  • 60-Day refund policy
  • umm…



  • False income claims
  • No control over website or offers
  • Have to use Solo Ads
  • Undisclosed upsells


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I have to admit I was quite surprised at the video. It’s obviously the same owner as Five Minute Profit Sites, but they don’t even care enough to create a new video. Now you can see how easy it is for these people to pump out new garbage every other day.

As soon as you hear about a system that allows you to “set it and forget it”, run! I know it sounds easy, and who wouldn’t want to make this kind of money with no work.

I hate to say it, but it’s just not possible!

Affiliate marketing only works when you have a proper website, built on a solid foundation. That means using all the strategies available to rank well and attract customers.

Attracting customers to your business comes by:

  • publishing content to your website
  • using social media to promote products
  • creating videos to showcase your services
  • using paid advertising
  • promoting to your own email list, etc.

There are many legitimate ways to earn money online, but this system isn’t one of them!

Is this system a scam?  No   Would I recommend it?  NO

I’d like you to consider something, OK? What happens if you buy this product, spend a ton of money on hosting fees, autoresponder fees, and solo ads, and then it disappears overnight.

That’s the risk with sketchy products like this. They are only around as long as the owners are making money. When it starts to lose them money, they pack up and do something else. They don’t care about you or your business.

This is why I will always recommend you build your own online business. This way it’s yours and yours alone. No one can take it from you.

And when you learn the proper way to create a profitable business, you have something that will last. It can very easily build a passive income stream and security for your future.

What you need to know up front is that these get-rich-quick schemes NEVER WORK!

Online marketing takes time, commitment, and persistence. Don’t fall for these lousy products that only want your money. Learn the proper way to earn an online income.

And if you’re willing to invest the time and some work, you can create a very nice income for yourself.

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Have you heard about Auto Chat Profits yet? Maybe not, it’s fairly new. I hope I saved you from wasting your money, lol. Please let me know below, OK?