What Is Wealthy Affiliate’s SEO Training Like? Is It Legit?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate's SEO Training Like?

SEO. “Search Engine Optimization”. That elusive term all we online marketers strive to perfect. It’s what we build our businesses around. It’s what get’s us seen. It’s what drives our traffic in hopes of bigger profits.

With over 1 million members worldwide, Wealthy Affiliate is at the forefront of online education to create profitable online businesses. Though they teach everything you need to know, from “idea to profit”, and provide all the tools to get there, SEO is still one of the most important aspects we must all master.

So the big question is, what is Wealthy Affiliate’s SEO training like? Is it legit, or not?

As a member of WA myself, with a successful business of my own, I can definitely say LEGIT.

I’d like to share with you a conversation one of my mentors (also a member of WA) had with his friend David, a Senior Google Programmer, over dinner recently. Google is, after all, the primary search engine we are all trying to please. I think you’ll enjoy reading what he had to say…

  1. First, let’s talk about Keywords.
  2. Second, SEO plugins.
  3. Third CMS (WordPress, etc.)
  4. Lastly, the WA training.

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There Wasn’t Supposed To Be Business Talk, LOL

Being co-workers back in the day, they had intended to get together and just catch up. But it inevitably got around to SEO and Google rankings. I guess when it’s a mutual passion, it’s going to come up!

My mentor, Robert, was initially expecting some juicy insider information that would help his businesses soar, but guess what?

are you ready for the best affiliate marketing course 2018

David had nothing more to say than what Kyle is already teaching at Wealthy Affiliate. Isn’t that amazing! We can rest assured that the training there is quality and up to date according to Google’s requirements.

He did mention there are going to be some upcoming changes to Google’s algorithms and be assured, Wealthy Affiliate’s SEO training will be updated.  You will find updated content on my site as well  🙂



best affiliate marketing training on keywords

David did say that there’s no exact formula for getting higher rankings with Google. They are constantly updating and upgrading their algorithms to squeeze out those unethical marketers trying to take unfair advantage of any loopholes. And he should know. He’s one of the programmers doing the updating.

What David did mention, was the ton of old SEO information still being promoted and taught online. Like keyword density, for example.

You are no longer required to have a certain number of targeted keywords in your content.

If you use your target keyword in the article title, and again in the first or second paragraph, you will be ranked for that keyword. That’s it! Google now uses other related keywords in your article for ranking. Words and phrases you might not even realize your using.

These are your LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords.  These are basically synonyms, or related, keywords.  They help the search engine understand what your content is about.

I’ve written an article about these keywords: CLICK HERE

And, my friend Robert, did a training on “How To Rank On Google Page 1 WITHOUT a Target Keyword”. Take a peek. You’ll be glad you did.

David did say that keywords are still important, but not as important as they were years ago. Google is becoming self-aware in regards to SEO. All it needs to see is your keyword in the title (URL), and preferably in the first paragraph (though not always necessary), then searches out the other LSI keywords to determine what your article is about.

And all this is because Google wants quality content for what people are searching for. Not just content for the sake of ranking. Using their key component “RankBrain”, it reads your entire content and determines if it matches the searcher’s query. This is how you are now ranked.

In case you’re wondering, this is exactly what Kyle teaches at Wealthy Affiliate. And they are quick to update any training that no longer coincides with Google. Which can be fairly often.


SEO Plugins

affiliate marketing experts in SEO use the AIO plugin

When Robert brought up the fact that the “Yoast” plugin recommends a certain amount a keyword should be used in a post, David started to laugh. Though he used to use this plugin back in the day, David said that it’s now outdated in a few areas and he won’t use it anymore.

Well, that’s an interesting tidbit of information, especially coming from a senior programmer with Google.

Then David suggested using the “All In One”(AIO) SEO plugin. He uses it himself and loves it.

According to David, when websites use the AIO plugin, they will most likely be ranked quicker because it’s more Google friendly than Yoast. He says that Google loves plugins that are more compliant with Google. OK, that makes sense.

Well, guess what? Kyle and Carson (the founders of WA) install the AIO plugin on all their websites. So when you create your website on their platform, your Wealthy Affiliate websites are already using what Google prefers.



wealthy affiliate website examples all use wordpress

CMS stands for “content management system”. This is the application used to manage all of your content added to your website. For instance, my website you are now on is managed by WordPress.

I’ve written an article on building websites, and it talks about different CMS’s: CLICK HERE

David explained how Google loves WordPress because when the Googlebot crawls the content (searching out the article’s keywords and LSI keywords), it makes the job of SEO so much easier. Google prefers how WordPress’s coding is so efficient, that you don’t need many plugins, to begin with (which is great for site speed).

Did you know that WordPress is the most used system in the world? Close to 57% of all websites are using WordPress. I’d say they’re #1, and certainly, something for you to consider using.

Yup, you guessed it! Kyle and Carson chose to use WordPress for all their websites. Another home-run for Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate Training

WA has the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners

Now you know that WA uses all the tools and systems that Google prefers. So now let’s review the training itself.

Speaking from personal experience, the training is top-notch. When you first become a member, which is free by the way, you are introduced to the platform and brought to the first level of training.

With this certification program, you start from the very beginning, as you can see below…


Wealthy Affiliate has the best step by step affiliate marketing training


Kyle starts you off by explaining “how” you can make money online, to help you understand the process before even starting. He then has you choosing your direction. What’s your passion? Or interests? This is all necessary to figure out before choosing your niche.

Next is the fun part. Building your website. WA’s website builder is so easy to use, you can build your website in under 30 seconds, lol. He teaches you everything you need to know about setting up your WordPress site and how to get it SEO ready.

Your next steps are learning about content. This is the important part. If you don’t know the proper steps to create content that Google will like, then you may as well not bother.

Kyle shows you how to create engaging articles that people will want to read. The next lessons will show you how to choose the proper keywords to attract Google’s attention. This is all so important when it comes to SEO, and Kyle doesn’t disappoint.

In my humble opinion, this is the best place to learn affiliate marketing.

If you decide to become a premium member, there are oodles and oodles of other training and webinars to further your education. I’ve been here for years, and haven’t even gotten close to reading or watching them all, lol. It’s a real treasure trove of content!

Here’s a great, short video about Wealthy Affiliate…

Kyle and Carson have just recently redesigned the whole platform for ease and better aesthetics. They continue to add to their vast array of training and tools. It keeps growing each year, yet the membership rates haven’t changed in 12 years.

I wholeheartedly recommend this platform if you desire your own business and want to learn how to succeed in the right way. Their training is exceptional and the live community is indispensable.

If you’d like to read a thorough review, please click the picture below.

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