What Is An LSI Keyword? Would It Help My SEO?

What Is An LSI Keyword?

There is no doubt that keyword research is important to our SEO strategies if we have online businesses. We are all on the hunt for that highly searched but low competition keyword. But did you know that keyword density isn’t required anymore? With the most recent “Hummingbird” algorithm (2013), Google now searches for LSI keywords to determine what your content is about.

There are still many people advising you to use a certain percentage keyword density to earn high ranking with search engines. But I believe this advice stems from early, outdated SEO training. I’ll explain this later…

So, what is an LSI Keyword? Will they help my SEO? How do I find these words? Do I need a special tool to research these keywords?

These are the questions I want to answer for you in this article and more. This information could prove to make a positive difference to your SEO strategy.

Here’s a cute explainer video about Google Hummingbird…

What is An LSI Keyword?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. I know this sounds intimidating, but unless you’re the type of person who wants to understand the coding behind it, it doesn’t have to be. It’s just one of the ways search engines use to find the right answers to people’s questions.

LSI Keywords are words and phrases that are closely related to your primary keyword. They share the same context. Do I mean synonyms? Yes, and no! You can use synonyms, but I mean other words as well. Words that you would naturally use to describe what you’re talking about.

Let’s say your blog post is about “Apple”. Are you talking about apple the fruit? Apple the brand? Or possibly Apple the name? Google will crawl your article, looking for other words that relate to the keyword “apple”.

lsi keywords example is apple

For instance, if you’re talking about Apple the fruit, you’re probably using descriptive words like:
  • the tartness of green apples vs red ones
  • the firmness of Fuji over Gala
  • recipes for apple crisp and baked apples

how to use a keyword to describe a phone

If you were talking about Apple the brand, you might say:
  • ITunes for music or movies
  • products like Iphones and Ipads
  • online shopping for computers

Apple the name would use entirely different words:

  • how to use lsi keywords to describe a baby namepopular baby names