What Is The YT Crusher?  (Review) A Shocking Discovery!

what is the yt crusher

Are you looking for a way to make money with YouTube? Then I’m sure you’ve come across a product called the YT Crusher. But what is the YT Crusher? Is it another scam, or could this one be legit?

I’m so glad to see you asking these questions and researching these products before buying. It’s so important these days because there are indeed so many low-quality products offering you grand promises and lousy information.

By the end of this review, you’ll know exactly what to expect. You will be able to make an informed decision about whether this product will give you what they claim.

And if you’re sick and tired of combing through these offers, just to find something that works, please come and see where I learned how to be successful online. My desire is to help you avoid scams and learn from an honest, and transparent platform that delivers what they promise.

the yt crusher review rating




This product is inactive and no longer for sale.

Not a big surprise, and I’m glad it’s gone. This way it can’t suck any more people into a useless product.


What Is The YT Crusher?

what is YT Crusher?

This is a Clickbank product teaching you how to make money on YouTube. It was launched in September 2018.

This system claims you can make up to $3000 today, with very little work each day. The owner calls himself Ciaran, but we know this is a fake name. The actual owner is unknown.

YT Crusher – $37

What’s Inside

YT Crusher PDF – 14 pages

  • Intro – 1 page
  • Setting Up – 2 pages
  • Keyword Research – 2 pages
  • Making Your Videos – 3 pages
  • Finding Offers To Promote – 2 pages
  • Monetization – 4 pages

Free Commission Website

  • This offer is in many low-quality products
  • Has nothing to do with YT Crusher – just another way for the owner to make money
  • It’s not free – must pay for your domain name and monthly hosting fees


#1: Crusher Premium – $147, downsell $97

  • This is a done-for-