What Is The Bank Ramp (Review)

What Is The Bank Ramp (Review)

Are you interested in making money online with e-commerce? If you are then you’ve probably come across this product. But what is the Bank Ramp? Funny name isn’t it?

This product claims to be able to help you make up to $500 with just a short set up time. Is he telling the truth? It’s so hard to tell these days, right?

So is this legit, or just another scam? This is why I write these product reviews for you to read. My desire is to help guide you to the proper training and tools, and avoid any useless products that could only hurt your chances.

In this review, I’ll show you exactly what’s inside, how it works, and then give you my honest opinion if it’s something you should buy or not, OK?

And if you’re wanting to start off on the right foot immediately, please read where I learned how to build my own successful business.

The Bank Ramp (Review) rating


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What Is The Bank Ramp?

bankramp has bonus oto

Bank Ramp used to be a Clickbank product created by Jamie Lewis and Matt Sabian.   It’s now sold on JVZoo, and your invoice is made out to Tom Haammerborg Management for the “Bank Ramp Membership”.

Jamie has been an internet marketer, online, for almost 20 years, and has launched many products.

He claims this system will create $23 to $500 profits with only 15 minutes of set up time. It’s all about e-commerce with eBay stores, using inventory arbitrage.

Bank Ramp – $37

What’s Inside

Home Page (Videos)

  • Welcome – 3:01 minutes
  • Bankramp Tutorial – 7:12 minutes
  • Bankramp Tutorial #1 – 4:10 minutes
  • Bankramp Tutorial #2 – 2:14 minutes
  • Step #1 – Shopify – 10:15 minutes
  • Step #2 – Instagram – 10:26 minutes

Dropship Products

  • An app to insert a product keyword, the lowest and highest price you want, and how you want it listed.
  • Will pull up the products within those search rules, from sites like Aliexpress, etc.

Platinum Elite Center

  1. Platinum Campaigns & Resources
    • Business In A Box – 7 downloads
    • Video Database #1 – 7 videos
    • Video Database #2 – 7 videos
    • Video Database #3 – 7 videos
    • Etsy Trend Watcher & Wholesale Match – choose from a variety of products to get views
  2. Dropshipping Elite Power Training
    • Register for Jamie’s live webinars
  3. Accelerated Profits Program (Upsell)

Video Tutorials

  • Dollar Store Cash – 5:24 minutes
  • Bankramp Tutorial #1 – 4:10 minutes
  • Bankramp Tutorial #2 – 2:04 minutes
  • Bankramp Tutorial #3 – 2:13 minutes
  • Tutorial with Matt #1 – 3:33 minutes
  • Tutorial with Matt #2 – 3:03 minutes
  • Tutorial with Matt #3 – 3:40 minutes
  • Step #1 – Shopify – 10:15 minutes (same as homepage)
  • Step #2 – Instagram – 10:26 minutes (same as homepage)


  1. Elite High converting Campaigns – $189, downsell $139
  2. Accelerated Profits Program – $239
  3. Six Months Reinforcement Classes – $124

Expected Costs

  • Domain name – $15/year average
  • Website hosting – $30/month and up
  • Keyword research tool – $49/month and up
  • Email capture service – $19/month and up
  • Shopify Plan – $20 to $299 per month (Optional)
  • $$$$ for dropshipping inventory per month


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Who Is This System For?

this will not help you dominate dropshipping

This system is for those individuals who want to start a dropshipping online business. You are given some training here, but I feel it’s not enough to really get going with any success.

My biggest concern is the lack of traffic training.

Dropshipping is when you set up an online store website on platforms like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc, or host your own with a WordPress website. You would then look for wholesale products that you would buy at a low price, and sell at a higher price.

When your customer purchases an item, your supplier ships the product directly to the customer. But you are still responsible for pre-purchasing your inventory, keeping your store up to date with available inventory, shipping costs, returns and customer service, etc.

There are many moving parts to this method of marketing, and it requires a lot of your time and effort. Once you get your store set up, you must begin driving traffic to your site. No traffic, no sales!

If you decided to purchase this product, you would need additional training to make it successful for you.


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How Does It Work?

This product is another of Jamie Lewis. Though he’s well known among affiliate marketers, he is what I call a serial launcher, lol. He releases products one after another, and many I don’t recommend.

What’s different about Jamie is that he doesn’t hide behind a fake name or voice on a video. You will usually see him in his videos, hyping you up about his newest release.

jamie lewis makes his own videos

So let’s see if this product delivers what he promises. If and when I find some red flags or even lies, I’ll point them out. This was you can recognize them in future promotions, OK?

The Sales Page & Video

Wow, I was actually pleased with the sales page! No scarcity tactics, or outrageous income claims. It just asks you to sign up to Bank Ramp, saying your membership will include access to profit methods, resources, tools and training.

The video is what I expected from Jamie, lol. He’s usually over the top so this didn’t surprise me.

He uses words like “deadly income hacks” to describe this product. He also claims it’s a simple “trick”.

This is the type of language that he hopes gets his listeners excited. If they are, then he hopes they’ll continue to listen.

I did hear some red flags though….

Red Flag #1: Set Up How Quick?

Jamie claims you can get set up in 15 minutes, activate, and BOOM! Results! If you’re a beginner, there’s no way you can get set up an e-commerce business in 15 minutes.

And you certainly won’t get any immediate results. Any online marketing method requires buyers. And how do you get buyers? By creating traffic.

Any e-commerce store needs to be found online. Sure, you might get someone who happens to land on your store page if they’ve typed in the exact item in a search. But you’ll need more traffic than that to make good money.

Red Flag #2: $ Hundreds On The First Day?

Well, I’m almost certain this isn’t possible. Unless Jamie has an entire system set up that you can plug into.

And more than that… all your traffic ready to go. But I remain skeptical, lol.

Red Flag #3: So Simple It’s Comedic??

Jamie claims there’s nothing for you to “learn”. You’ll never have to buy any more online systems, ever!

He’s apparently done all the strenuous tasks and you’ll never have to. And that he’ll teach you exactly what to do and the specific item you’ll need.

OK, the fact that he never tells you what it is is very frustrating. You will have to buy the product to find out…

Red Flag #4: Never Guarantee…

Jamie says he can guarantee that you won’t fail. Wow! That’s a very bold statement and one he should never make.

But as a marketing tactic, it can be effective right? When you hear someone guaranteeing that you will be successful with his system, doesn’t it make buying it easier?

But to me, it’s quite alarming. I have serious doubts, but we’ll see!

Red Flag #5: Do You Trust Him?

Jamie has been around for a long time, doing all sorts of online marketing. And he loves to say that people trust him to bring only the most effective money making strategies and tools.

If you’re new to this industry, you might believe everything he’s saying. But those of us who’ve been around a while ourselves, and have reviewed some of his products, might have different beliefs, lol.

I’ve reviewed a few that are OK, but I’ve also reviewed many that I would never recommend or promote.

He’s made a lot of money, yes, but not always being honest or truly helpful. That’s just not my style.

Red Flag #6: His List Of Requirements

Jamie claims he was looking for a system for people who:

  • Have limited financial resources.
  • Need immediate need for cash and ongoing income.
  • Lack of internet service.
  • Have limited time to learn.

Doesn’t this sound amazing? Haha. He gives us a hint that it involves eBay. All you have to do is open an eBay and PayPal account to get started.

He says the Bankramp system is ready for you to activate, today. And he’d love to get a testimonial from you.

And of course, he compares his system to all the other systems available out there that bring confusion with too many moving parts. That this is so much easier!

All of these comments make me laugh. I admire his self-confidence, but he’s said things like this about all his products…

So OK, those are some pretty amazing promises. Let’s see if he lives up to his hype!

The Product Is OK But Not Enough


When you first get into the member area, you’ll have a welcome video, some Bank Ramp overview tutorial videos, as well as videos for your Shopify and Instagram setup.

You’ll then be offered an upsell to get the Accelerated Coaching Program for $239.

Dropship Products

This tab opens a tool to find various products for you to sell. You can type in the keyword for the item you’re looking for, insert the lowest to the highest price you want to pay, and then sort them.

bank ramp has a product search tool

And this is what you will see…

bankramp uses aliexpress

Platinum Elite Center (Upsells)

Under this tab you will see:

  1. Platinum Campaigns & Resources: This is 21 videos on various affiliate marketing methods and models, and 7 documents. There’s also an Etsy Trend Watcher & Wholesale Match tool for you to use.
  2. Dropshipping Elite Power Training: This is simply linked to register for Jamie Lewis’ live webinars
  3. Accelerated Profits Program

Video Tutorials

Most of these videos are the same as on the home page, with an extra on Dollar Store Cash, and three additional videos by Matt Sabian. It’s a total of 9 videos only.

Suppliers And Resources

This section has links to 33 different suppliers to source products for your dropshipping business. This can shave off some significant time when you’re looking for products. This is a great resource for you.

there are links to wholesalers

Overall Impressions

Overall, the information you get is OK, but I don’t feel there’s enough training here for a newbie to start making money. The process is simple in itself, but there are many steps to follow and set up.

Many of these “gurus” make it sound so simple, but it isn’t. It’s probably the most difficult and time-consuming way to make money online.

As I said above, there’s no training for the most crucial part of any online business, and that’s driving traffic to your site. The only information he gives you is using Instagram for your promotions. That’s fine and well, but until you earn a huge following, it won’t do you much good.

In Jamie’s other products, he’ll often talk about buying your traffic with Solo Ads.

A Solo Ad is when you pay a vendor, who has a huge email list, to send your promotions to his list. You pay approximately $1 per click. This isn’t a sale. It’s someone who clicks open your email. There’s never any guarantee that anyone will click open your email, let alone buy anything.

So if you wanted to buy 500 clicks, it would cost you approximately $500. And if you’re selling low-priced items, you’d have to sell quite a few to make any profit.


Personally, I would personally avoid the first upsell, “Elite High converting Campaigns”. I’ve reviewed another of Jamie’s products called Profit 365 which included many of his past videos, business models and campaigns.

The material was quite old and won’t do you any good. Why would you want to use outdated campaigns? Unless, of course, he wants you to market his products for him, so he can make more money himself?

The live webinar upsell might be beneficial. He should be at least using current strategies! But be aware that most webinars come with additional product promotions and upsells. I’m sure you will be pressured to buy more stuff “to make you more money”, lol.

The Reinforcement Classes are probably Jamie’s way of providing support. They are most likely additional videos for you to watch. I don’t know if you’d get any personal support. Probably not for only $124. That’s expensive for you, but too cheap for him, lol.


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  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Jamie is an experienced online marketer
  • Low cost
  • Effective business model



  • Profit margins are quite low
  • Questionable product quality
  • Dropshipping requires a lot of work
  • Will not get set up in 15 minutes
  • Insufficient training
  • No training on traffic methods
  • No Support (unless you buy the upsell)


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I would rather recommend wealthy affiliate

Bank Ramp may be OK to introduce you to the dropshipping industry, but it’s not enough to help you create any success. You will need much more training to get good at it.

And the problem with Jamie is that he releases SO MANY products, that I can’t see you have the support you will desperately need to get going if any!

Personally, I don’t want to attempt dropshipping, at least not right now, because it’s too time-consuming with a very small profit margin.

You will hear people say they make thousands of dollars each month, but what they don’t tell you is that is the gross income. After they pay all the expenses that come with dropshipping, their profit may be only 10% of that.

That being said, Jamie does know his stuff, and I’m sure you can learn something here.

Is Bank Ramp a scam?   No   Would I recommend it?   Yes

As you probably guessed, this isn’t my favourite business model, lol. There are many experienced marketers who are making good money with dropshipping, but if you’re a newbie to all this, I highly recommend you start with something easier.

You could always tackle dropshipping when you’re more experienced, especially with traffic strategies.

Any successful business will take time to create an income. Lots of product creators will have you believe you can make money today, or this week, etc. Please don’t believe that!

They just want you to buy their product and throw out unreasonable income claims. It’s impossible, and any online marketer will agree with me. If they’re being honest, lol.

What if I showed you a much easier way to start making money online, even a passive income, which is great! It’s called affiliate marketing.

If you are serious about making money and are willing to put in the time and work it takes to provide a full-time income, then this is for you.

Can I make you my sincere recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I learned all about online marketing, and where I run my business to this day. I started in 2011, and haven’t looked back.

This platform is a proven success. And I’m only one of many success stories. They have been in business for 15 years and currently have over 1.5 million members. That alone is proof that it works!

The nice thing is that everything you need is provided under one roof. Here’s just some of what they offer:

  • Training – Step by step courses, classrooms, tutorials, and live weekly webinars.
  • A domain registry – An easy way to find the perfect name for your business.
  • A website builder – With over 4,000 WordPress themes to choose from.
  • Website hosting – With powerful servers, security, backups, and emails, and more.
  • A keyword research tool – Find low-competition keywords for the best ranking.
  • A large and active LIVE community – They always have your back!
  • And much more…

And the owners, who you meet and interact with whenever you wish, are so confident in their platform, that they allow you to start with a FREE starter membership. No credit cards necessary.

There’s really no other place like this online today!

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll be there to greet you and help you as long as you need me. See you soon!

my wa landing pic

So where did you hear about Bank Ramp? It probably came to your inbox, didn’t it? Some of Jamie’s affiliates may be posting it on social media and YouTube as well.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.