What Is Powerhouse Affiliate? Can you really make money?

what is powerhouse affiliate

One of my readers recently asked me “What is Powerhouse Affiliate?. Wanting to enter the world of affiliate marketing, she wondered if they were any good. So I decided to give a more in-depth review for anyone else out there who’s come across their advertising. I’d like to describe what this product is and who it’s for.

You must be reading this today because you’ve come across this product and are doing some research. I’m happy you are doing your due diligence and researching products before purchasing. Many products can sound very convincing and have you feeling that it’s the “key” you’re looking for, to gain success.

I wish all products advertised on the internet were legitimate, but unfortunately, many are scams and not worth the money you paid. Is Powerhouse Affiliate legitimate? Let’s take a look and see if what they promise is true.

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powerhouse affiliate review


What Is Powerhouse Affiliate?

First of all, I want you to know that I haven’t purchased the monthly membership. I am very satisfied with the platform I’m now a part of, which includes more than what Powerhouse offers. But I did join the free membership so that I could get a look inside. Please know that I’ve done extensive research on Powerhouse Affiliate so that you can make an informed decision.

This platform must have recently undergone some considerable changes. Many of the reviews online discuss lower membership prices as well as a 14-day trial. They used to offer free hosting but no longer. And several of the courses are different.  But this also means that the owner is always updating, which is a good thing.

Powerhouse Affiliate was founded by Joey Babineau, in February 2013. An affiliate marketer since 2002, he eventually freed himself from his 9 to 5 job and began providing training for others interested in the industry.

This training platform offers affiliate marketing training. The free course offered is an overview of affiliate marketing. Though affiliate marketing encompasses many methods to make money online, this platform chooses just one method to focus on, that being CPA (cost per action) marketing.

To obtain the advanced courses on CPA, you must sign on to the premium membership for $47/month.

Available Courses

Powerhouse Affiliate offers you seven courses.  The first one is free, then six additional courses when you sign up for the premium membership.  There is also additional reading and single lessons to enhance your training.

#1. Affiliate Marketing Certification – Free

powerhouse affiliate reviews of their certification course

This course provides you with generalized information regarding affiliate marketing. After an intr