What Is Piggyback Profits? Secrets To Affiliate Marketing

What Is Piggyback Profits?

Are you looking for a way to make money online? Have you heard about affiliate marketing? This is what this product is all about.

But what is Piggyback Profits? Is it legit or another scam? It’s so hard to tell one from the other these days!

I’m so glad to see you doing some research on these products before purchasing. And I’m here to help you with that.

This review will take you inside the product so you can see if it’s what you expect. We’ll look at how it works, and if it does what it promises.

By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision if it’s right for you or not.

Would you like to see where I learned how to create my own successful online income?

Piggyback Profits review - rating




What Is Piggyback Profits?

affiliate marketing strategies

This product is all about affiliate marketing, starting with the basics and advancing to more intermediate and pro methods.

It was created by Guy Potok. He launched it on Warrior Plus on April 22nd, 2020.

Piggyback Profits – $9.97

What’s Inside

Thank You & Welcome

Overview & Case Study

  • $2K/Day Case Study
  • Overview

Piggyback Offers

  • Clickbank Offers
  • WarriorPlus Offers
  • Profit Passport

Beginners – Direct Affiliate Method

  • Direct Affiliate Link

Intermediate – List Building Methods

  • Capture Leads Pages
  • ManyChat List Building

Pro – Review Video + Bonuses

  • Personal Blog
  • Commissions Gorilla
  • Clickfunnels

Free Traffic Methods

  • Affiliate FB Groups
  • Buyer FB Groups
  • Testimonials FB Groups

Paid Traffic

  • Solo Ads Traffic
  • Bings Ads Traffic
  • Instagram Shoutouts

Give Away “Piggyback Profits”

  • Quick Passive Income with a Free Gift

Conclusion and Next Steps


#1: Roll Of Toilet Paper (VALUED AT $500+) 😀

#2: Full Funnel Giveaway

#3: $27k In 90 Days Cheat Sheet


OTO #1: ‘Done For You’ Recurring Edition – $47

OTO #2: License Rights – $97

OTO #3: Ultimate Traffic – $197

OTO #4: Mastermind Coaching – $297



Who Is This Training For?

marketers who want to make money

Even though the headlines on the sales page is misleading, this training is for all levels of affiliate marketers.

The training covers all the basics of affiliate marketing, starting off with beginner methods and then advancing to more intermediate and pro methods.

The training is easy to follow and even a newbie can understand what’s being shown.

Please be aware that there are 3rd party services and tools you’ll need as you advance.

Guy makes some recommendations, but you don’t need to use these services. You can find your own with some additional research.


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How Does It Work?

how to make an income using targeted audience

Wouldn’t you like to discover what the super affiliates use to make over $2000 per day? With only a few minutes of work?

I would! Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

They claim this is a brand new method, never seen before. You don’t need any technical skills or prior online experience.

And unlike all the other methods out there that claim you’ll make as much money as them if you buy their courses, this method leverages other people’s work to make your sales!

Guy Potok, the creator of this product, has worked with many of the world’s top affiliate marketers. And because of that, he’s gotten an inside look at some industry secrets.

These little known secrets are used to make huge profits with only a few minutes of work.

Imagine being able to live life on your own terms! Well, this method will give you that. You won’t have to:

  • Do any product creation.
  • Run any paid ads.
  • Write any content.
  • Do much of anything…

And that’s simply because he’s going to show you how to “piggyback” someone else’s hard work so you can profit!

The quick start guide will get you up and running fast by showing you the exact steps to follow. And a real-life case study will show you how Guy made $2K in one evening.

What’s better than following someone’s footsteps to get big results!

There are only 3 steps to getting those results:

Step #1: Set up your Piggyback Profits Money Catcher in only a few minutes.

Step #2: Activate your money catcher on someone else’s work.

Step #3: Enjoy making thousands of dollars using this sneaky method.

So with the step by step training, the quick start guide, the case study, and the 3 bonuses (described below), you’ll get everything you need to start making your own profits.

This sounds easy, right? Let’s see if the product does what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you get access to your member area, this is what you’ll see…

member dashboard

After listening to his thank you and welcome video, you’ll be able to watch his $2k/Day Case Study.

Overview & Case Study

I was a little disappointed with the case study because he didn’t really show how he made the money, but only showed us the amounts of money he made on particular days.

I guess he didn’t want to be redundant! That’s what you’ll be learning throughout the training.

The overview video shows you in detail, how you earn your commission with your affiliate link and products that cost a customer a lot of money.

Basically, it’s about promoting high ticket offers with webinars!

These webinars usually present the problem a viewer would have, show them ways to deal with it, and end up promoting their own solution as the easiest solution.

Guy starts by showing you how most webinar funnels are set up…

make $2,000 with high ticket products

Because webinar creators are looking for as many attendees as possible, they have affiliates sending traffic to these webinars.

Guy explains how “cookies” are added and how you can earn commissions no matter where the customer is in the funnel.

Piggyback Offers

These videos will show you how to find offers for you to “Piggyback”. There are 3 videos in this section.

Clickbank Offers

Guy will walk you through how to use the Clickbank affiliate network. With the links provided, he’ll show you how to create your free account, as well as how to use the platform…

using affiliate network platforms

This platform carries many affiliate products, most of which are digital.

The nice thing about Clickbank is that most of the products don’t need affiliate approval, which is great for beginners with no sales record.

He also recommends 4 of the highest affiliate offers for you to consider.

WarriorPlus Offers

Like the previous video, Guy walks you through how to sign up for and use Warrior Plus.

This platform is great for “make-money-online” offers. He will show you how to use the platform and look for offers.

Guy recommends 2 high-ticket offers which will earn you huge profits.

The products on Warrior Plus require affiliate approval, and he shows you how to do that…

works like william johnson says

He even shows you what to do if you are denied!

Profit Passport

This is a little different than using affiliate networks. This Profit Passport funnel was created by David Dekel and gives you 6 different income streams.

This funnel is considered a “pay to play” system. This means that in order to promote the products within it, you have to purchase them for yourself first.

I’ve written some reviews on his different funnels:

The problem with this method is that you only make as much as you’ve spent. So in order to make huge commissions, you’re purchasing the most expensive levels. This could be $2K or more.

Beginners – Direct Affiliate Method

Guy discusses how you need to send traffic to your offers. One way is to send traffic directly to your affiliate link.

It’s not very effective, though, because there is no way to followup with a customer who chose not to buy.

Intermediate – List Building Methods

This is more advanced than the direct affiliate method and Guy walks you through the process.

Capture Leads Pages

Using an optin page is a great method is to capture your visitor’s email addresses.

This way you can follow-up with your viewers and nurture them for future sales…

use optins for email capture

Offering lead magnets is also a great way to entice people to share their email address. This means you’re offering a free gift in exchange.

You will need some 3rd party services for this:

  • Autoresponder – to collect your email addresses. I highly recommend Aweber. It’s what I use and they accept affiliate marketing. Many aren’t so be careful to read the fine print.
  • Page Builder – There are many services out there, such as a high-end product called Clickfunnels, or plugins such as InstaBuilder 2.0.

Guy also provides you with links to 2 additional products to help you with your business.

ManyChat List Building

This is another great way to build a list using chatbots. ManyChat is a Facebook bot that allows you to build your list using Messenger.

Guy provides the link to create your new account, and show you how to create your Facebook campaign…

Facebook's Manychat platform

Don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks, and it’s FREE!

Pro – Review Video + Bonuses

This section discusses more products that are useful for this method. These are 3rd party tools that come at an additional cost to you, and he discusses what he does and doesn’t like about them.

There are many more different versions online, so you don’t need to get these. You can do your own research and find something you like better.

Personal Blog

This is the traditional way to brand yourself and look professional. There are many ways to monetize your website for additional income streams.

This requires a domain name and a hosting service for your website. And guess what? Guy has a hosting service he promotes to you.

If you’re interested in this method, which I highly recommend for many reasons, keep reading.

I have something to show you at the end of this review, for free… 🙂

Commissions Gorilla

Promoting your offers with bonuses has become the best way to convert your visitors.

Guy discusses a product called Commission Gorilla, which is an easy to use page builder that any level of marketer can use.

need a bonus page builder

In fact, I use this builder myself and it’s great!

It’s a service that’s reliable, and not one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” products you see promoted every other day!


This tool is excellent but comes at a pretty high monthly cost. Clickfunnels starts at $97 per month, which is fairly expensive if you’re a newbie with no sales yet.

That’s why he’s got this under the “pro” section!

But once you get to the point of earning a decent monthly income, it’s something you may want to consider.

Free Traffic Methods

Facebook is a wonderful place to find free traffic, and Guy discusses 3 different places on FB to find it:

  • Affiliate FB Groups
  • Buyer FB Groups
  • Testimonials FB Groups

Guy goes over each one for you, showing you how this works.

If you have the time to invest in these methods, they are easy. If you don’t, you can outsource the work with a virtual assistant from Fiverr.

Paid traffic will require you to have an advertising budget, but this is a quicker way to start making money.

He, himself, is a Solo Ads vendor and provides you with his link if you choose to go that route…

paid traffic with solo ads

Guy has 3 videos in this section, covering 3 paid traffic strategies. The walks you through each technique and the steps you need to take.

Give Away “Piggyback Profits”

This section gives you a great way to start your campaigns. And it’s offering your visitors a free giveaway product.

Now, even though he’s offering this product to you to give away for free, it doesn’t mean you just got ripped off by paying for it yourself.

If any of your customers want to give it away to their own lists, they have to purchase the product just like you did.

The advantage of giving away this product, you’ll make money with the upsells. Many people feel that if they’ve gotten the front-end product for free, they will usually go ahead and purchase some upsells.

Conclusion and Next Steps

This video talks about the upsells and how they work.


#1: Roll Of Toilet Paper (VALUED AT $500+) 😀

These days, they’re worth a lot, Haha!

But really, there’s never been a better time than now to focus on making an income online. And with this push-button method, it couldn’t be easier.

#2: Full Funnel Giveaway

The entire Piggyback Profit Funnel is yours to give away. This way you already have a product to promote.

And using the inside method, you’ll have a head start to making money. No waiting for your affiliate approval. You can start taking action today!

#3: $27k In 90 Days Cheat Sheet

Guy was able to earn $27K in 90 days with this method, and this training guide will show you how you can do the same.

Everything you need is included with this bonus training, so you can start getting results immediately!


OTO #1: ‘Done For You’ Recurring Edition

This upgraded edition includes:

  • The push-button monetization of the Piggyback Profits system.
  • Access to 4 DFY (Done For You) recurring profits campaigns to use as your own.
  • Guy’s best converting recurring sales pages to make profits on autopilot.
  • Guaranteed affiliate approval for ALL recurring offers.
  • The step by step training showing you how to get the most out of this system.
  • Access to world-class support.

OTO #2: License Rights

This license gives you the ability to sell this as your own, and enjoy 100% commissions.

No need to worry about your customer conversion or support. They take care of all of that!

OTO #3: Ultimate Traffic

This upsell provides you with advanced training on Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

Guy will also let you place your Facebook pixel on all of his sales pages for a whole year.

This way you’ll have access to a huge re-targeting audience. And with this focused buyer traffic, you’ll be able to get clicks for pennies.

OTO #4: Mastermind Coaching

This final upsell will get you 3 hours of 1 on 1 coaching with Guy. This is a live call giving you:

  • 2 hours of training where he reveals all of his affiliate marketing secrets.
  • 1 hour of additional training to answer any questions and check on your progress.

All of this will give you access to new methods, so you can increase your income while enjoying the 1 on 1 support.

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Explainer Video



My Concerns?

no concerns

I have no concerns with Guy Potok’s training.

He goes over all the necessary elements of affiliate marketing from finding a product to promote, creating your campaign pages, and finding the traffic sources to promote to.

And having a free version of this product to give away is a great way to collect leads and make sales.

I do want you to be aware of a few things though…

Extra Costs

To use the methods he’s described in his training, you will need additional resources that will cost you extra money.

There are many tools out there besides the ones he talks about, and with some research, you may find some that are less expensive.

I recommend you start with the free traffic methods and start generating leads for your email list. This will require an autoresponder, but it’s well worth the cost.

I still recommend Aweber because it’s a powerful and reliable business, and accepts affiliate marketing.

Pay To Play

Guy recommends using David Dekel’s funnels for huge commissions. They do work, but I truly don’t believe this is something to try until you’re more advanced.

I personally don’t like these pay-to-play methods.

It costs you a lot of money upfront before you can even start promoting the services.

And they’re enticing you to join at the highest (and most expensive) levels so you won’t miss out on any commission.

If you read my reviews above, you can see how they work…

These methods aren’t for the faint of heart. You’ll have to actively promote this funnel if you don’t want to lose any money.




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Beginner to advanced techniques taught
  • Detailed training



  • 3rd party services required
  • Extra costs with these services



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I highly recommend wealthy affiliate for affiliate training

I think this training is great and shows you the traditional way to perform affiliate marketing.

I was a little disappointed that the sales page doesn’t tell you about the extra costs you’ll need to have.

And it’s certainly not a “never before seen” method, lol.

But overall, the training will teach newbies, and then help you scale your income with more advanced techniques.

Is Piggyback Profits a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

Remember when he discusses owning a blog? What you’re on right now is my blog. It’s another way of describing a website.

What if I showed you a place you can get a blog for free…

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

Come and check out where I learned everything about affiliate marketing. I still run my business there because their website hosting platform is excellent!

They offer so much more than just hosting…

  • They have expert training in affiliate marketing.
  • They have a domain registry to choose your own company name.
  • They have a powerful website builder for WordPress sites.
  • Their hosting service is one of the best in the industry.
  • They have an exceptional keyword research tool to help rank your content.
  • Their community is large, active, and live!
  • And so much more…

The best part is the starter membership. It’s FREE, no credit card necessary.

Just click on the button below and you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you inside and coach you for as long as you want me too!

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So where did you hear about Piggyback Profits? Did my review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



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