What Is Millionaires Brain Academy About? Yikes! You Need To Read This

what is millionaires brain academy About?

Are you wanting to create additional income but feel helpless as to how? Many people want extra money and security but fail in their attempts to get it. Why? Could it be their attitude toward money? Could it be their mindset? We often hear how rich people just have a knack when it comes to making money. So what’s different about them? Some say it’s the way they think. Others say it’s their attitude towards wealth.  Really?!

OK, so what is “Millionaire’s Brain Academy” about? Will this program really change your mindset about wealth and how to get it? It sounds enticing but is it just another scam or is it for real?

I’m glad to see you checking out these platforms before buying into anything. Like all good marketers, their previews, videos, and ads all sound promising. That’s what gifted marketers do. They make it sound like you won’t get anywhere in life without their program. But many times it’s not what you think. So let’s take a look at what Millionaire’s Brain Academy really is.

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What is Millionaire’s Brain Academy?

is millionaires brain academy a scam

This program was founded by Winter Vee, who also created “The Secret Brain System” and co-founder of “Ancient Secrets of Kings”. When researching the man himself, I couldn’t find much other than he’s been online for about 15 years in the internet marketing industry.

I did find this quick video of him giving good advice though…

All of these programs have one main theme… the way you think! In this program, Winter says he will teach you to rid your mind of all the negative thoughts preventing you from gaining success. It will empower you to gain wealth, success and happiness.

Working on the premise that the brain has the ability to reprogram itself, he wants to influence your mental capacity and thinking abilities. He claims to have a secret technique to turn your mind into a money magnet. He aims to help change the way you think so that you will be more successful.

In his step by step guide, he’ll have you focus on your past mistakes to help you discover your potential for the future. He’ll give you tips for success in all aspects of life, like improving your health and fitness, to improve your relationships and your career.

The Millionaire’s Brain Academy Includes:

millionaires brain academy scam

  1. The Millionaire Brain Manual

This 121-page e-book focuses on the science of how the brain works, and how it can be reshaped. It examines mind shaping concepts so that you can take full control of your mind. You will be able to change the behaviours that cause you to fail, instead of becoming rich and successful. Included are additional tips to help you reshape your brain.

He explains the seven habits and attitudes that all successful entrepreneurs have in common. Winter reveals how a millionaire thinks and how they search out opportunities on a consistent basis. He wants to awaken your inborn money-making abilities.

This ebook also comes in an MP3 format for easy listening.


  1. millionaires brain academy is a scam with mind moviesMillionaire Brain Movies

Winter Vee describes these as steroids for the brain. They are to help you put into practice what you learned in the ebook about attitudes, habits, and skills.

They are only 30 seconds long, making them simple to watch, anywhere.


  1. what is millionaire's brain academy mindset?Millionaire Mindset Suite

Rest your mind with the brainwave audio of meditative music. Winter wants you to sync your brain with your inner self as you tell yourself you can be successful.

This is meant to deepen your thought patterns like that of a millionaire.



  1. millionaire brain academy scam has a workbookBrain Optimizer Guide

This is a 16-page workbook, giving you step by step instructions to exercise and reshape your brain.

He expects you to do this on a daily basis to encourage your millionaire mindset.



  1. The Money Code

millionaire brain academy review of the money code

This bonus ebook talks about the laws of money. It shows you how to make the money you earn, work for you.




About The Author

millionaires brain academy founder Winter VeeWinter Vee, the creator of this program, claims to have the fastest growing online company. But when researching online, I could only find an old (2014) website called Quantum Abundance Method where he promotes these programs.

In addition to this, I also found a newer program he co-created with Tim Tarango called “List Launch Pro Training Program”. This is significantly different from what he’s done before and closely resembles “The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 by Anik Singal.

In Winter’s intro video, he claims he was in a horrible car accident and hospitalized for months. He showed a news clip of a car wreck and said that was him. OK, if this is true, then I am really sorry he went through that.

But unfortunately, it could all be a “fake” news clip to endear himself to his viewers. It’s just a good (though unethical) marketing gimmick. He even talks about this in one of his preview videos. How it garnered sympathy, then curiosity about his methods.

I believe him to be an amazing online marketer who has probably earned a lot of money doing what he does. But I wouldn’t necessarily say his programs are amazing. The three programs about your mindset all seem the same, just re-marketed with new names and copywrite material.


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Who Is It For?

This program most likely attracts people who have tried many times to make extra money as an entrepreneur and failed. Typically, these people will buy into many programs promising overnight, or fast money. And of course, we all know that there’s no such thing as a get-rich-quick program.

But when people are struggling financially, and desperate to make money, these promises are too enticing. So they buy the program, try following the steps, and inevitably fail. So now what?

Now they are attracted to someone who tells them it’s all because their mindset is wrong. If they learn how to rewire their brain to think like a millionaire, they’ll become successful. When they hear Winter say that people watching his movie previews see their income rise by 20 – 50%, they sit up and take notice.

This type of program is very abstract in nature. It’s not like learning how to build a website or online business. It’s purely trying to teach you how to think differently. Customers who have never been introduced to this type of free thinking may struggle to have this work for them.

the millionaires brain can be learned in popular booksThis type of “training” is very much like readily available books on the same subject:

  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
  • 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

To get the most out of this program, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time practicing its techniques. It’s not easy to change the way you think, especially after a possible lifetime of conditioning. But for only $47, it might be worth a try.


How Does It Work?

This is the hard part to describe. Winter describes his program as a way to access your subconscious mind in order to use it to make your life better. All well said, but very abstract.

He claims to show you how to use 100% of your brain instead of the 10% that most of us use. This is a play on old folklore that claims we only use a small portion of our brain with much left untouched. Look at what Wikipedia says!

millionaire brain academy is lying about using 10% of your brain

Many of his steps are self-talk techniques, teaching yourself to think and approach life in a more positive manner. He has written it in an easy to read format, which would appeal to most people. He also includes a “try this” exercise at the end of each chapter to help you apply what you’ve learned.

Winter says his principles, if practiced every day, should lead you to the right partner and all the wealth you’ve ever wanted to lead a peaceful, loving, happy life. WOW! That’s a very bold claim!

My skepticism reared its ugly head when I read he teaches you his reality-bending technique. This apparently teaches you how to be a psychic in order to take complete control of your future. REALLY?!

This is a very detailed package of information, but I’ll say it again, it’s all abstract. This certainly won’t suit everyone.

He claims to give you the latest information on brain training, but as far as I know, even science can’t do this yet. He says the claims are backed by scientific studies, but this again can be manipulated. Sure, there are ways to practice positive thinking, but much of this is unattainable in my opinion.

And of course, there are pressure upsells.

  1. Hyper Wealth DNA – Winter talks about how his most successful students “always” buy this upgrade. How it can propel you to wealth overnight. How you absolutely “need” this to earn your financial target, 48 times faster than those without. Trying to hit your Desperation Button. Worth $997 for only $197.
  2. Copy Paste Wealth – Winter claims to have become a millionaire by replicating his system. The internet’s big secret! You can get rich using his 17-minute application. He even refers to his mother, in heaven, sending this miracle down. Amazingly, it’s not available anywhere else online. Umm…yes it is! Worth $997 for only $97.
  3. IQ Jumping Audio Program – Winter claims we call ourselves “stupid” all the time, in one form or another. But he can increase our IQ in just 14 days. He says he knows the secret to grow more brain matter and throws out all this science to back it up. Sigh… Worth $497 for only $97.

Apparently, we are all born with a “stupid bone”. It’s not our fault. We just need to rewire, or grow, our brain neurons in a certain way to achieve success in our lives.

If you’re not seeing positive results within 60 days, you’re promised a full refund, no questions asked. But if you check into Clickbanks refund policy, many digital products are not fully refunded.

millionaire brain academy promises a full refund, but maybe not true

The Affiliate Program

There is an affiliate opportunity with this program. It claims to pay you 50% or 60% commissions and you can earn up to $242.49 per sale. Another page says $242.49. Yet another says $294.58. It’s all ridiculously calculated. This is why:

  • The Millionaire’s Academy is $47
  • Upsell #1 Hyper Wealth DNA is $197
  • Upsell #2 Copy Paste Wealth is $97
  • Upsell #3 IQ Jumping Audio Program is $97

The above prices remain constant on all application forms, totalling $438. One affiliate application will pay you 50% which should amount to $219, yet it says $294.70. Two others say 60% and pay either $240.70 or $242.49. Yet 60% amounts to $262.80. These people obviously can’t do math!

what is millionaire's brain academy affiliate program

This program is affiliated with ClickBank and JVZoo. When checking Clickbank, it says the average commission is $30.58. It directs you to their JV landing page which is the one that has the worst math! LOL  When trying to find it in JVZoo, it’s not listed as one of their products.

My personal recommendation is to stay away from their affiliate program. But if you must, try to reach out and talk to Winter directly before doing anything.


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  • Easy to follow program
  • Affordable at $47
  • Clickbank offers a 60-day return policy (may be limited)



  • Upsells not disclosed at the time of purchase
  • Not available in print
  • Very abstract instructions. Will not suit everyone
  • The website platform (landing page) has never been updated


Thoughts And Recommendations

Oh dear, where do I start, lol? Personally, I cannot recommend this product. Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy a scam? No, not really. I won’t call it a scam because you are, in fact, getting material for your money. But will it do what Winter claims? No, I don’t believe so.

It all sounds too incredible to be true! There are some techniques that can be useful for gaining a positive attitude in life, but as for creating a millionaire’s mindset, I doubt it. These people were born with an exceptional ability to create wealth. For you to change your mindset in that way would take years and years of conditioning. Or inheriting a fortune lol.

The program is quite affordable if you want to try. All you’ll lose is the $47. But you could get the same type of information from many self-help books on Amazon. I’ve listed just a few, above. There are most likely many free YouTube videos as well.

Personally, I don’t appreciate all the hype and fantastical claims he presents. It insults my intelligence, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. It’s hard to trust someone who sounds like a “car salesman”, telling you you’re stupid and need to increase your IQ to be successful.

This program is all about changing your mindset, yet he talks about you increasing your wealth. So… where is your wealth coming from? Don’t you need some sort of business to create an income? Or does everyone who signs up already have a large bank account? But that can’t be, because you’re not successful, right?

Personally, I’ve created my own online business which creates an income. (And amazingly, I didn’t need his program). I’m certainly not a millionaire, but I’m quite comfortable. If you want to start creating your wealth, online marketing is a great way to start. But you need to “start”!

I would like to recommend to you the platform I use to learn everything you need about online marketing. You get consistently updated training, all the tools you’ll ever need, and great support. And guess what? They deliver exactly what they promise. No hype. No get-rich-quick scheme. Just honest training that you can learn and apply quickly. You’ll have your website business up and running in a matter of days. Their motto is “earn while you learn”.

To check out this honest platform, please click the picture below. And I’ll be there for you every step of the way!

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Have you heard, or even used, the Millionaire’s Brain Academy? If you have, I’d love to hear about your experience. Just because I got nothing new out of it, doesn’t mean you haven’t. Please let me know below in the comment section.

And please share this article with anyone you know who’s interested. It might save them some cash!

Your friend,