The Private Cash Sites Review. Another Scam Bites The Dust

The Private Cash Sites Review. Another Scam Bites The Dust

Welcome to the Private Cash Sites review. This is the most updated review because the other ones out there were written before it was taken down. Their sales page is still online, but if you try to purchase, you’re told its inactive and no longer for sale.

This doesn’t surprise me. These types of systems come and go very quickly. The product creators launch them with a lot of hype, in hopes of making quick money. And then they take them down, repackage them under another name, and try again.

I’m happy to see you doing research on these things, so you can find out what they’re really about. My review will show you what was inside, in case you come across something similar in the future. It will probably be the same low-quality product, under a new name.

If you’re tired of all they unhelpful schemes and want to make real money online, please read about where I learned how to build a successful business.

a private cash sites review and rating


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What Was Private Cash Sites?

Private Cash Sites is affiliate marketing video training with access to three done-for-you businesses with no hosting costs. This product was launched in November 2018.

We’re never told who the owner is, and the narrator calls herself Felicity.

Private Cash Sites – $47, downsell $37, downsell again to $17, and again to $7

What Was Inside

Module 1: Pre-Setup

  • Welcome – You’re immediately asked to upgrade to Platinum for $19.95, and then ask you to watch a free webinar for another product – John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System worth $997
  • Step 1: Pick Your Page (1:53 min.) – Choice of 3 lead capture pages
  • Step 2: Register Your Page (4:32 min.) – You will need to set up an account with Click Funnels
  • Step 3: Activate $ Account (3:40 min.) – You will be setting up your ClickBank account

Module 2: Setup

  • Step 1: Get Your Offer (4:37 min.) – Select a Clickbank offer
  • Step 2: Import Your $ Page (2:39 min.) – Import your page to Click Funnels & link your offer
  • Step 3: Thank You Page (3:01 min.) – How to set up your thank you page
  • Step 4: Test System (5:03 min.) – Ensure your page is set up with your affiliate link

Module 3: Make Money

  • Step 1: Cloak Your Link (3:10 min.) – You will need to set up an account with Click Magick
  • Step 2: Rotate Offers (11:45 min.) – Show you how to rotate your offers inside of Click Magick
  • Step 3: Traffic (5:32 min.) – Show you paid traffic sites like ““, or “WebFire”
  • Step 4: Build More Pages (2:38 min.) – Build additional pages on Click Funnels

Module 4: Extras

  • Members Only Webinar
  • Explode My Payday – Another product they are promoting

Module 5: Traffic

  • Desktop Lightning – Promoting a message sharing network software
  • 100 Ways To Get Traffic – In list form
  • Traffic Video Course – 3 videos totalling 23:39 minutes


  • Links to Wickedfire, WarriorForum, AffiliateFix, and STMForum, JVZoo


Platinum Club – $19.95

  • Weekly Updates
  • Insider Tips
  • More Weekly Updates
  • Faster Servers

Ninja Upgrade – $147

  • Product Rebate Club
  • Video Marketing
  • eCom Expert
  • Maximizing Value

Ninja Motivation – $97

  • Motivation Action Plan
  • 30 Days Of Gratitude
  • Setting Goals
  • Meditation For Growth
  • Meditation Masters Guide
  • Affirmations

Expected Costs (minimum)

  • Private Cash Sites $47
  • Click Funnels – $97 – $297/month
  • Click Magick – $12 – $66/month
  • Solo Ads – $$$/month


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Who Was This System For?

Nobody, lol. Seeing as it’s no longer available! But I wouldn’t have recommended it anyway. They told you it would be free hosting, but really it wasn’t. When you join ClickFunnels, you are paying for it in your membership fee. Your pages are hosted right there.

As for the rest of the training, it was limited to some very short videos which just walked you through steps to set up your offers from Clickbank over to Click Funnels.

They also pushed other products to try to make more money off of you.

This was a low-quality product that was really hyped up at the back end, for the affiliates. They offered cash prizes for the top-selling affiliates, which is the incentive to sell, sell, sell.

And now you can see what they really wanted…to make a quick buck at launch time. They didn’t care that they were making money at the expense of persons who were looking for a way to make money online. All they cared about was lining their pockets.

And once it stopped making them money, it was taken down.

This product is actually a repackaged system previously sold as “Steal My System”.  And guess what? Yup!  That one’s gone too! The most recent review on it was February 20, 2019, so you can see the timing. They launched the Private Cash Sites and then took down Steal My System.


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How Did It Work?

private cash sites review

It’s amazing that this sales page is still up. So people can still watch the video, get all hyped up, only to discover that it’s no longer available.

At least no one else can get sucked into a product purchase that wouldn’t have helped them anyway, LOL.

Sales Video #1

The video was full of the usual hype and lies. After showing you fake numbers of how many affiliate commissions you could make every day, they told you it was a brand new system they perfected, never used before. Well, that’s an outright lie.

People have been promoting Clickbank offers for years now, but they don’t tell you that. They really didn’t say much at all. You never found out who the owner was. The narrator calls herself Felicity, but this is just a voice-over actress reading the script provided to her.

There was also the usual scarcity tactic saying that they could only take a few more people before they take it down. Ya, right!

Sales Video #2

The same type of hype was in this video as well. After telling you that it would take a couple of hours to set up, you would have been seeing commission payments coming in right away.

And of course, more scarcity tactics to push you to buy. Now it said there were taking only 10 new members today. This is ridiculous, because it was a digital Clickbank product, and I can guarantee you that as long as they were making money, it would still be up.

I laughed when they said they could only take 10 or it would break their bank account getting everything set up. What set up? Everything was set up through other services, haha.

They proceeded to feel sorry for you because you’ve fallen for so many fake “guru” promises. And how this product is different. Sheesh!

They obviously were having trouble getting people to buy this system, because every time you hit the “not now” button, it presented you with another downsell. With four different landing pages, it brought you from $47 to $37 to $17, and finally $7.

So what did all this tell us? That it’s worth $7, haha. And I know they were hoping some would buy the upsells, or the other products promoted inside. That way they would at least make something!

If you opted out the last time, it brings you to another landing page with some additional “free offers”. Which was again, a total lie. I checked them out and they all had a cost to download.

The Product

Like many low-quality products out there, they had immediately promoted another product. This particular webinar is used within many other products because if you had bought it for $997, this product’s creator would have made a considerable commission from your purchase.

The system itself was nothing special, and certainly nothing new or unseen before. It simply offered you three optin pages to use for promoting any Clickbank offer you chose.

And the tools you would have needed come at a high monthly cost, especially for someone new to the industry. You’d be looking at a minimum of $109 per month plus hundreds of dollars in Solo Ads purchases.

Solo ads are when you pay a vendor for the use of his email list. You’re usually looking at an average of $.50 to $1 per click. This gets very expensive, very quickly, with no guarantee you’ll get any sales.

I know a lot of marketers use Solo Ads, but I also know that in the end, you won’t make enough money to cover your expenses. At least not with cheap, low quality Clickbank offers.

Basically, anything you would have learned here, you could have found for free online. For that matter, using the training tutorials with Click Funnels would help you more!

Though we don’t know the owner’s name, we know it’s the same owner of “Explode My Payday”.  They hadn’t bothered to change the name in their disclaimer, lol.

same owner as explode my payday

I’ve written a review on this terrible product as well if you want to read The Explode My Payday Review.

Starting to see a pattern with this guy??


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  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • There’s only one – It’s no longer available!!


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

private cash sites is no longer online

So what about those people who paid hundreds for the upsells? They were promised weekly updates and dedicated support. So much for that.

This is the very real risk of buying products like Private Cash Sites. They come and go very quickly…

Unfortunately, the sales page is still up, and showing you pop-ups of all these people who are currently purchasing the system. Hmm. How the heck could that be? Well, it’s all a lie. It was there to push people into making the decision to buy, lol. Just another unethical marketing tactic!

I truly hope that anyone who purchased this product would have taken advantage of the refund policy. At least when you pay through Clickbank, they are great at refunding your money within the 60 days.

Was Private Cash Sites a scam?   No   Would I have recommended it?   No

I’d love to say this is a scam, but legally it wasn’t. You, in fact, received something for your money, even though it wasn’t helpful. There are so many legitimate ways to make money online. All it takes is some research, to find an honest and ethical platform.

I understand how hard it is in the beginning. You come across these shady schemes, that promise you the moon. And if you find yourself in a difficult financial position, it’s easy to fall for all the hype.

That’s what these product creators are hoping for. To appeal to the desperate and needy, to line their own pockets. It really should be a crime! They don’t care that they’re offering junk. They just want to make their own money at innocent people’s expense

And I certainly know how it feels to be scammed. When I wanted to start online affiliate marketing, I too fell for some of these types of products. And when one didn’t help me, I’d jump to the next one.

When I did find out how to start my business the right and ethical way, I vowed to help others steer clear of rip-offs and to help them start out on the right foot.

Can I make you my sincere recommendation?

After losing much time and money, I was fortunate enough to come across a legitimate platform, that trained me from the ground up. They focus on giving you a solid foundation to your business and then help you scale it to be successful and profitable.

They don’t have shady sales pages and videos. Most of the time you would come upon their name when reading reviews like mine, here. Or by word of mouth.

I’d love for you to come and see where I run my business. This platform not only has amazing step by step training but with the tools and support, you need to succeed.

There are no surprise upsells, or unexpected expenses. Everything you need is under one roof.

I have been there since 2011, and I love it. I love the community most of all. You’re never alone, and if you get stuck or need an opinion or direction, the live community usually gets back to you in minutes. No waiting for email reply’s that never come. You can even contact the co-founders themselves!

The best part? You can start for free, no credit card necessary! You won’t find any place else that offers something like this! That’s how confident they are that you’ll love it and want to join.

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll greet you on the inside and offer my help for as long as you need me.

my wa landing pic

Have you come across the Private Cash Sites sales page? I don’t know why they haven’t taken it down? And I’m sorry if you had previously purchased it. Such a waste.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.