The Explode My Payday Review. Just Another Scam? Or Legit?

the explode my payday review

Are you looking to make money online? If you are, I’m sure you’ve already come across “Explode My Payday”, either on Clickbank, or delivered to your inbox.

I’m glad you’re here to read the Explode My Payday review. This tells me so much about you. That you’re not only smart but cautious with your time and money.

And that’s awesome because you never know what these products are. Are they scams? Are they legit? Let’s find out!

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explode my payday rating


What Is Explode My Payday?

This product is supposedly created by Meaghan Harper and is a product that will make you money without much work…Ya Sure!

So What’s Included?

Explode My Software – $47

  • If you try to leave the page often enough, the discounts keep coming. First to $37, then $27, and finally $17.


Big Bundle – $196

Campaigns – $99

Extra Costs

There will be considerable monthly costs for memberships to autoresponders, tracking products, and Solo Ads.

$$$ per month

This system is a renaming of a previous product called “Seven Figure Profit Code“, which is no longer available.


Who Is This System For?

Definitely, only the owner’s pocketbook!

Please, please don’t buy this! Not only are there red flags everywhere, but the income claims are also ridiculous and you’re going to be wasting your money.

Personally, I didn’t know whether to laugh or get really angry when I watched these videos, LOL


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