The Best Training For Affiliate Marketing, 13 Years And Counting

the best training for affiliate marketing

Are you considering a new business in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you’ve been trying to make money for the last couple years, and nothing is working for you? Wherever you are on your journey, you’re going to require some solid training to understand how this industry works. The big question now is, “Who has the best training for affiliate marketing, in 2018?”

Affiliate marketing is a very fluid industry. Meaning there are continual changes to the way things are done. Especially if you want to stay ahead of your competition. The learning curve is never complete. There are always new techniques, new strategies, and new platforms to master.

Many entrepreneurs will strike out on their own and through trial and error, may eventually find success. Is this how you’d like to start? Or would you like to bypass some frustration and heartaches, and learn from a reputable training program?

Which leads to the next question…who’s reputable with a proven track record? All the programs online claim to be the best. And why wouldn’t they? That’s the whole idea of marketing, isn’t it! But they aren’t all the same. And very few offer what they claim.

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Who Do You Choose?

the best training for affiliate marketing

For some time now, I’ve been writing reviews on various platforms and products, like Chris Farrell Membership, AWOL Academy, Affilorama, Solo Build It, among many others. They are all a little different from one another and all legitimate.

My concern with these other platforms, though, is the lack of a complete complement of information, tools, and support. They are great in one area, but lack in another.

Personally, when I started in affiliate marketing, I knew nothing. I knew how to use the computer to surf, shop, and send emails. That was about it, LOL.

When I started researching how to earn money from home, online, I came across some pretty amazing promises. Thankfully the old saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” has always been stuck in my head. And further research on these types of scams proved the saying true time and time again.

But not every time, unfortunately. I had been duped a couple of times and lost some money. I almost gave up until I came across Wealthy Affiliate. And here’s my review… if you’d like to see it from the inside.

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Why Wealthy Affiliate?

top affiliate marketing programs are Wealthy Affiliate

When I first came across Wealthy Affiliate, I researched it like all the other training platforms out there. I compared apples to apples in order to find the most complete package of everything I thought I needed to start my own business. And the cost was an issue as well. I wanted something affordable, that wouldn’t break the bank in case I didn’t enjoy it.

Being new to this industry, I didn’t want to rely on different websites to get the information I needed. Though the training and advice may be sound, each program would offer their own techniques. And I found that they often contradicted each other. So who do you choose to follow?

This is what I appreciated about Wealthy Affiliate. Their training, tools, and support were all under one roof. There were no contradictions. And as they hold your hand, through step by step affiliate marketing training, they provide each tool as needed to get you up and running. Here’s a list of a few basics…

The Training

  • They provide two certification courses.
  • There are classrooms with training in every area of affiliate marketing.
  • The training comes in all learning styles: Text-based, video-based, and live weekly webinars.
  • You have direct access to both Kyle and Carson (co-founders) as well as every member, both by private message or in their unique “live chat” platform.

The Tools

  • They provide a domain name registry.
  • They have a website builder that gets you live and online, in under 1 minute.
  • They provide a hosting service. Each member can have up to 50 websites.
  • When you start your training on SEO, you have access to a powerful keyword research tool.
  • When you begin writing content, there’s a writing platform that provides and optimizes your images for the best upload speed.
  • They provide the best website security available in the industry.

And all these features came at no additional cost!

All the points I listed above made my decision easy. Personally, it was a no-brainer, lol. It was exactly what I wanted.

The Costs

Then I was thrilled to find out they offered a free starter membership! They didn’t even want my credit card information.

No one else online offered anything like this. Sure, they may have a free trial period. But they all wanted your payment information upfront, so they could immediately charge your card if you didn’t cancel on time.

So with nothing to lose, I started my career as an affiliate marketer. That was several years ago now, and I haven’t looked back. I chose to enroll to their premium membership and discovered that their prices haven’t changed since their beginnings in 2005. That was 13 years ago, and they keep growing and improving every year. That speaks for itself!

The cost was $49/month, or $359/year. Again a no-brainer. At $359/year, it averages out to $29/month. A 40% savings.

Because I was a stickler for costs, I again compared apples to apples. This meant comparing “like” services, not just the cheap pricing you can get at places like Godaddy. They’re cheap because it’s the base price. You need to upgrade to get anywhere close to Wealthy Affiliate’s standard. Take a look at my comparison chart:


The Program

Do you remember all the changes that have been made to social media sites over the years? They will suddenly come up with a new way to display your feed, or who will show up on it, for that matter.

And Google has made drastic changes to how information is found in searches. You may not have noticed this if you weren’t doing business online. Many who were, at that time, had to change their techniques drastically, or go under.

These are just some examples of how quickly things can change in the online marketing industry. You have to remain flexible enough to adapt to these changes when they come up.

This is especially important for any training material you access, to learn affiliate marketing. If the information isn’t updated with ongoing changes in the industry, it will hurt your business. If search engines like Google find that you’re doing something against the current guidelines, you can be penalized or even taken down.

This is another reason why Wealthy Affiliate is a wise choice. They are continually updating and adding the newest strategies to keep you successful. Kyle and Carson share their “behind the scenes” work with their members, often.

Please read the latest blog, written on Sept.18/2018. This is an example of their commitment to providing their members with the best possible platform each year.  Just click the link below…

Wealthy Affiliate is a Teenager. Much Has Changed

Now you can understand why I appreciate Wealthy Affiliate so much.  And I’m always excited to share this with you, so that you, too, can have the best possible start to your own business.

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Final Thoughts

If you like videos, here’s a great one at only 1 min. 17 sec…

I started my business with the desire to help others start their own businesses online. It’s a marvellous way to earn a passive income, whether you need some additional income, or wish to turn it into a full-time income.

That’s the beauty of it. You can scale your business as large as you like, depending on your own desires. And with persistence and consistency, it can be achieved.

This is not a get-rich-quick industry, despite what some people may promise you. It takes work and patience but is well worth it in the end.

I’m always adding new content, to help you get the answers you need for all aspects of affiliate marketing. My hope is to help you understand what it entails. I’m also reviewing products and services, to help you make informed decisions.

Though the decision is always yours, in the end, I will try to point you in the right direction, and show you what has worked for me.

And the biggest of those decisions would be my joining Wealthy Affiliate. I certainly hope you give it a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose because you can start for free. It’s a wonderful way to test drive the platform without any risk.

I will be on the inside waiting for you if you choose to start. I’ll be in touch with you right away, and only a private message away if you need me. I’m here to serve you as well.

If you click on the picture below, it’ll bring you to the sign-up page, OK.

my wealthy affiliate landing picture

So what brought you to my page today? Are you researching online training? If you are, that’s great! I truly hope I have been of help to you, and that you’ll give Wealthy Affiliate a try. You won’t regret it!

If you have any questions, please let me know below, and I’ll get right back to you.

Your friend,