What Is VO Genesis About? (Review) Can You Ignore The Hype?

What Is VO Genesis About?

Are you interested in voiceover acting? It’s something you can do from home to earn some extra money. If you’ve been researching this industry, you’ve probably come across many sites offering you help.

So what is VO Genesis about? Could this product really help? It says you can earn up to $1000 per hour, but that sounds pretty unlikely.

Well, truth be told, that is unlikely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn something. And I’m happy to see you here reading a review on this product. It’s important to find out if its just a scam, or possibly legit.

By the end of my review, you’ll learn enough to decide if this is for you. I’ll show you what’s inside, how it works, and then offer you my recommendations, OK?

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What Is VO Genesis?

get training for voice over jobs

This is a Clickbank product allegedly created by Jenny Lewis, but this is a fake name.

This claims to show you a secret way to make $1000 per hour doing part-time work as a freelance voiceover actor.

VO Genesis – $39.95 

What’s Inside

Vo Genesis – 93-page ebook

Training and tips to learn about becoming a voiceover actor. Includes such things as:

  • Muscle memory
  • Controlling your voice
  • Eye-brain-mouth coordination
  • Sourcing audio equipment
  • Building a home studio
  • Royalty-free music sources
  • And much more…

Video Training – 15 videos (2 – 5 minutes long)

These videos will show you skills and technical requirements to find your jobs:

  • How to promote yourself on databases
  • How to set up your equipment properly
  • Tips and tricks for recording demos
  • How to edit your audio with free editing software
  • How to analyze your scripts from clients for the best delivery
  • How to convey your tone of voice to suit the script
  • And much more…