What Is Funnel X Project? My Honest Review!

What Is Funnel X Project?

The make-money-online industry is vast, with many opportunities. Some are legit, and some are scams. Actually, for every legitimate one, there are about ten scams. So it’s very important to research any offer you see, before purchasing.

So what is Funnel X Project? That’s a great question! And you know what?  YOU ROCK!  Because you’ve taken the time to look into it. My hope is that by the time you’ve gone through this review, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

After joining this system, and researching it from within, I’d like to show you what it is, the costs involved, and how it works. Then we’ll wrap it up with my final thoughts and recommendations, OK?

And know that I’m not promoting Funnel X and not an affiliate of it.

If you’d like to read about a truly legitimate platform, to learn how to make money online, please click here.

is funnel x project a scam




What Is Funnel X Project?

This system is founded by David Derek. It is one of several systems he’s created. This one was created in October 2017. It’s designed as a “sales funnel” and is free to join. The funnel itself, though, doesn’t create any commissions. It’s the products and services you purchase, once inside, that bring in the commissions.

David claims to provide all the training, email swipe files, videos, etc., to do the selling for you. All you need to do is spend money, haha.

OK, I’m sorry, that’s not funny. But unfortunately, that’s the reality. Below are the products he has integrated into the platform

Funnel X Products

  1. Motor Club of America – $39.90 first & last month, $19.95/month

funnelxproject reviews of MCA

MCA is a roadside assistance service company in the United States and Canada. They have two membership plans, of which you’re required to sign up for the Total Security Plan.

This is a legitimate company, and as a member, you not only get the road assistance, but discounts on lodging, travel, and car rentals. If you live in the US, you also get discounts on dental & eye care, and prescriptions (not available in Canada).

The affiliate program is set up as an MLM (multi-level marketing) system. When recruiting members, you are paid $80 for each, which is basically the $39.90 first & last month’s payment you made signing up. There are some additional minor payments made down each level of the pyramid. Payouts are by direct deposit only.

Initially, the commissions you would have received was $80 per sign up. It is now changed to $35.

MCA offers training and conference calls with your team leader each week, as well as access to their Facebook groups.

  1. AWeber – 30 free trial, then $19 to $149 per month

funnel x review of aweber

As you can see in the picture above, each monthly account has a maximum amount of subscribers you can have on your email list.

AWeber is an email marketing and automation platform, or autoresponder. It is a popular service, used by many online marketers. You need a service like this to capture the addresses for your email list.

Though you won’t need to use AWeber’s automation because you’re using Funnel X, they do have many features for any other email campaigns you may wish to promote.

Unfortunately, this is the only service that David integrated into his funnel. If you happen to be using another autoresponder service, it’s easy to import your email list over to AWeber. They provide step by step instructions showing you how.

  1. Clickmagick – 14 day free trial, then $12, $33, or $66 per month

what is funnel x project about with clickmagick

As you can see in the picture above, each monthly account has a maximum number of clicks and funnels.

Clickmagick is a tracking and testing tool. Though many autoresponders offer many of these analytics, this is a service that’s recommended for this sales funnel.

As a member, you’ll also have the option to pay an annual fee, which gives you a 30% savings overall.

Inside, they offer a video tutorial library to help you set things up and a six-part click tracking guide for additional help.

Their affiliate program offers 35% recurring commissions. So once your recruits sign up for a paid plan, you start making your commissions. They pay out to PayPal only.

Though you’re not required to have a Clickmagick account to be their affiliate, this is the means of tracking your Funnel stats for your own use. And of course, David is making a commission on all of your product purchases!

  1. Global Money Line Lead System – $20 once, or $50 to $1000 one time payment.

is funnel x a scam because they use money line

Global Money Line calls themselves the world’s largest straight one-line of people. You can only join via an invitation, but once you’re in, you have a worldwide audience of persons to put your promotion in front of.

Everyone starts for free but it’s not recommended you stay free. You can only message, (or send your ad to) one person at a time. This is fine for trying out the system but very inefficient.

  • $20 (1-time pmt.) Bronze Class – can promote to 20 individuals at a time
  • $50/year Silver Class – can promote to 50 at a time
  • $100/year Gold Class – can promote to 100 at a time
  • $250/year Platinum Class – can promote to 250 at a time
  • $500/year Diamond Class – can promote to 500 at a time
  • $1000/year Double Diamond Class – can promote to 1000 at a time

Levels up to and including Gold can only message a person once, meaning you cannot use that name again in future campaigns.

Levels Platinum to Double Diamond are limited to messaging persons once per month, meaning you can promote to the same people, but only once per month.

  1. Udimi – $.35 = .95 per click

funnelxproject uses udimi solo ads

Udimi is David’s “secret” traffic, haha. No secret here! This is simply a platform to buy solo ads. One of many online. So depending on how big of a list you want your email blasted out, you’ll pay the seller for how many clicks you want. This doesn’t mean every click is a sale. It means you may get a certain percentage of opt-ins, and usually a much smaller percentage of sales.

Personally, I’m not a fan of solo ads, because you’re paying someone to send your emails to their lists. While this is being done every day by marketers, these people didn’t consent to receive these emails. So in many ways, I consider it spamming… but that’s just me. 🙂

Expected Costs

  • $59.90 to $1039.90 upfront
  • $50.95/month to $234.95/month
  • $100 and up every time you buy solo ads



Who Is It For?

is funnel x project legit

I honestly believe this system should be used by a more experienced marketer, especially with email marketing experience. David Dekel claims it’s easy enough for a beginner to use, and he does walk you through each step of the funnel setup. But after that, it takes much trial and error to make any money.

It’s not that easy to find leads who are willing to buy in, and you’ll most likely spend a lot of money on solo ads and paid advertising. Using Money Line will help, but that too will be difficult.

I joined Money Line (because you can for free) to see how it worked. When I looked at all the people sending me their messages, they were primarily all within my niche, LOL. That means that the line of prospective contacts is already saturated with make-money-online ads.

Funnel X Project is less risky to join than Davids other newer system, Funnel X ROI because you’re not spending nearly as much upfront. But it’s still a risk.

For this sale funnel to be as great as it claims, you’ll have to have a sizable advertising budget. If you don’t spend considerable money to find leads, your commission will be small, if any.

So, basically, if you have extra money you’re willing to risk losing, then go ahead and try. If it fails, you can always cancel your monthly subscriptions with the services.


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How Does It Work?

funnel x reviews how it works

You probably saw this money making ad in your email or on Facebook. When you’ve given your email address and click on the link, a welcome email will come to your inbox. This is the activation link to enter the sales funnel.

He also tries to convince you to sign up within 48 hours in order to receive a bonus worth $495 for free. Later it will cost you $197. Yeah, sure…

This, of course, is a great marketing tactic.

Who doesn’t like “free” stuff?  And it works with many people. I just wish I knew how he comes up with these figures, lol.

You’re shown a welcome video, persuading you to buy into all the programs he will be recommending. He also has videos walking you through each step of the way.

Though Funnel X Project still promotes Clickmagick, David’s newer Funnel X ROI, has you join his own tracking tool called the ROI Panel. That funnel no longer uses Clickmagick. It may be only time before he changes this one over as well.

If he does, expect to pay more money again. The ROI Panel is a lot more money but is only a one-time payment rather than monthly.

Please read my review of Funnel X ROI for comparison…..click here.

There was some conflicting information I came across:

  • The dashboard has you starting with Motor Club of America (MCA). But following the welcome video, David now wants you to sign up with yet another program, the Money Line Lead System.
  • His video talks about the $80 commissions from MCA, but it’s crossed out on the page and now states $35.

Now the work begins, finding profitable leads. Without leads, the funnel is useless. And this is where your sizable advertising budget comes in because David highly recommends the use of solo ads.

He also recommends Global Money Line, but this company is sketchy to me.  I’m not even sure how it can be legal?  There are no actual products being sold here.  Its focus is strictly on chain recruiting, and that’s how you earn commissions.  In my eyes, this would be considered an illegal pyramid scheme, would it not?



  • Done for you email campaign
  • Step by step video help to get set up
  • Offers multiple income streams



  • Cannot promote outside products
  • Ongoing costs of paid advertising can be high
  • If the funnel is taken down, you lose everything


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Could it be that David created a newer funnel system because this particular one isn’t as profitable as it once was? We can see changes to the commission amounts, and a different product added to increase your leads. I don’t think this funnel is nearly as profitable for David as his newer one.

My one big concern for systems like this is that if they are ever taken down, you lose everything. You see, it’s really not your own business that you’re in control of. David Dekel hosts all the landing pages etc and is basically letting you use his material. If it disappears overnight, so does your means of earning commissions.

Now, you could continue to promote these products on your own, because you are still an affiliate of these companies. But unless you have previous experience with email marketing and writing the type of copyright that sells, you’re going to struggle.

I know you’re a smart person, and you can certainly learn the process, but it will take time. And you’ll be paying monthly fees in the meantime.

Is Funnel X Project a scam?  No     Do I recommend it?  Only if you’re experienced

Earning money online is not as easy as some of these advertisements would have you believe. Sure, they can sound so convincing, but that’s because they are good marketers… they’re experienced!

Can I help you with a better alternative?

To create something long-lasting and worthwhile, you need to have your own business. One that you’re in control of, that no one can take away from you. And to do this, you need your own website and the proper training from the ground up.

I won’t promise you overnight riches as these other systems do. But rest assured, their promises are just marketing tactics.

Creating your own online business is exciting and fulfilling. And you can start for free! No credit card needed. It’s on a training platform that hosts your own websites, has all the tools you need to succeed, and the best support system available anywhere online. I know, because I’ve been there for years, haha.

If you choose to join, I’ll be available to you whenever you need me. I want to see you succeed with your very own business, the safe way! Just click on the picture below to get started, OK?

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Thanks so much for reading through to the end.  Did you decide what you want to do?

If you have any more questions about this product, or about my awesome alternative, please comment below and I’ll get right back to you.