The Funnel X ROI Review – Is This The Secret To Making Money?

The Funnel X ROI Review

Have you come across many product names that start with Funnel X? That’s because there are more than one, but all founded by one man, David Dekel.

Today, I would like to present the Funnel X ROI review to you, in hopes of giving you the information you need to make an informed decision about buying into it.

There are many products online promising you great riches of you purchase them, and unfortunately, there are many scams out there.

Their preview videos, or landing pages, can sound so convincing, that they do what they’re intended… to persuade you to buy.

I’m happy to see you doing research on these products so that you can safely judge if they’re legitimate.

You’ll find many positive reviews out there, from the affiliates of the product (that makes sense, right?) Or you’ll find those who yell “scam” because it’s not necessarily effective for others.

But this review is unbiased and is only seeking the truth. I joined Funnel X ROI so that I could get inside and see how it works. Then I’d like to give you my honest recommendation, OK?

And if you’d like to see an alternative, honest, and legitimate platform to start earning money online, then please click here. 

funnel x roi



What Is Funnel X ROI?

This is one of many systems founded by David Dekel. He has been a successful online marketer for many years now and specializes in sales funnels. He has his own website,, if you’d like to read his personal story.

This product’s website was created on December 2017, so it’s fairly new. His system is FREE and doesn’t create any income in itself. It’s designed as a sales funnel, promoting several 3rd party companies.

Programs Provided

  1. Easy 1Up – $25 to $2000

funnelxroi review of easy 1up

This is an MLM (multi-level-marketing), or pyramid styled business in which has six different levels you can buy into.

It’s set up in such a way that you get 100% commission from your first customer sign-up (100% of the level you yourself purchased). From there, it involves a more complex commission structure.

If you only sign up for the $100 level, you’ll only make $100 commissions, regardless of how much your customer chooses to spend.

This is not a Ponzi scheme, in that each level provides a certain amount of training material regarding affiliate and email marketing.

The more you pay, the more in-depth the training. But realistically, your business is based on trying to sell the Funnel X ROI system.

If you’d like to read an in-depth review of the Easy 1Up system, please click here

  1. Now Lifestyle – $600/year or $74.91/month OR $50/month Special (as long as available)

Now Lifestyle, founded by Joel Therien, is a health and wellness company, offering nutritional supplements and video workout training. They also offer an affiliate program with marketing tools needed for your sales funnel.

As an affiliate, you’re required to purchase three levels of products:

funnel x reviews of Now Lifestyle

  • Health & Wellness for 5 Family Members – $100/year or $24.97/month

This is a membership for a customized diet and exercise program for you and 5 family members.

  • Business Automation and Autoresponder – $250/year or $24.97/month

This gives you a landing page builder, lead capture system, text/video templates, autoresponder, a list of 5000 subscribers, and email swipe files.

  • Reseller Program – $250/year or $24.97/month

This level gives you a license to sell and collect up to $100% commission upfront, and 90% for residual monthly commissions.

  • Or an opening week special (which says the same thing no matter when you click on it, lol) – $1 for 7-day trial then $50/month.

funnel x review of now lifestyle special

This includes all the above plus hands-on marketing and fitness training at their headquarters. One on one advice from Joel himself, in Schertz, Texas. This doesn’t include transportation or accommodations, just the visit.

Now if you sit down and figure it out…this special sounds good, but you end up paying the same at $50/month.  That’s $600/year.  The same as buying the three levels above at the annual rate.  Sneaky, sneaky

  1. The ROI Panel – $197, $597, or $1497 (Clickmagick no longer used)

David calls this his Profit Vision system that he himself uses to rake in commissions. It’s a system that shows you where your profits are coming from. So when you spend money on traffic, like Solo Ads, for example, this system tracks which traffic source is the profitable one.

There are three levels to choose from, each including its own bonuses. David says this software is in Beta right now, and when complete, the price will double.

funnel x roi review of the ROI panel

You receive a reseller license with the level you purchase and earn a 50% commission for selling that level. If you wish to earn the maximum amount of commission, you would have to buy the Master Level. This allows you to earn from any level sold.

  1. Funnel X Advance – $200+ to $1997

This product is one of David Dekel’s other systems and it’s Pay-Per-Lead. You don’t need to sell anything. It’s strictly a pay per lead, meaning you earn $1 for every “qualified” lead you send into the program.

There are four levels to choose from. The top three levels offer tools and pre-written material for you to use in your campaigns. Each successive level offers more training and bonuses than the previous one.

funnel x advance - levels

You’re awarded $1 for each qualified lead, as well as 50% commission for any referral upgrade up to the level you yourself purchased. There are also commissions for other traffic and system memberships.

  • Starter Membership – Free

This allows you access to the system. You can use your affiliate link to send leads, but you’re not provided with any additional material.

  • Builder Level – $200
  • Super Affiliate Level – $597
  • Leader Level – $1997

For the top three levels, you’re required to sign up with NowLifestyle autoresponder for $50/month and up, and with the ROI Panel for $197 and up.

  1. Advertising Boost – $49/month or $458/year

Create an attractive offer by adding vacation stay bonuses, to create more leads. This service also has it’s own affiliate program to earn you more commissions.

  1. Udimi (Solo Ads) – Hundreds per email campaign

This is David’s “secret” traffic source.  But it’s not a secret.  Many marketers use this site to buy solo ads, lol.

You can join for free, and scroll through all the sellers until you find one you think you can trust.  There’s a filtering system to narrow down specifics and customer reviews to help guide you.

David only recommends paid traffic for earning commissions.  But this can get quite costly if you want to run many campaigns each month.

David also offers you several bonuses if you purchase the annual plan. They include landing pages, email campaigns, training for lead generation, and his secret promotional material to help you create more sales. All this is supposedly worth $7985.

Expected Costs

You have a choice as to which products you wish to promote with David’s funnel, but if you purchase all he recommends, then they would look like this:

  • The minimum would be $880 upfront + $50/month (Now Lifestyle special)
  • The maximum would be $5952 upfront + $50/month
  • Or the cost of any combination of products you choose
  • The cost of Solo Ads can be $200 and up each campaign

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Who Is It For?

who is funnel x roi for?

I believe this system is for an advanced marketer with email marketing experience. David claims that his products are easy enough for a beginner to use, but even with his step by step videos, there is a steep learning curve.

And with anything worthwhile online, it will take a lot of work. David makes it look easy because he’s done this for years now, and understands all the processes involved.

You will no doubt become more comfortable as time goes on, as you learn by trial and error. But don’t expect to make as much money as he says you will overnight.

There’s a lot to learn when creating your own email list, or using finding a successful list with Solo Ads.

And expect to pay a considerable amount of money before making a return on your investment. This is why I wouldn’t recommend a beginner.

First of all, you probably don’t have that kind of money to invest, and secondly, the risk of losing your investment is real.


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How Does The Funnel Work?

After receiving my login information by email, I logged into the system. The dashboard lists each step under “start here”, with access to help, your affiliate links, all the bonuses he offers throughout the set-up stage, and settings.

funnel x roi login to dashboard

After the welcome video, you scroll down to the bottom to continue to the next step. Each progressive step included a video, the option to purchase that product, and another “next step” button.

step by step video instructions

The option is yours to purchase any of the products, and at which level. He discusses each platform and tries to persuade you of the value of purchasing the highest level in each.

You earn commissions when anyone signs up to the programs that you’ve joined. Therefore, his reasoning is to sign up for all of them to make the most of your commission earnings.

It was quite a lengthy maze of products and information to get through, but David has set it up in a manageable order of steps with videos on each page.

By the time you’ve gone through each step, and possibly spend a fortune, haha, he shows you his secret way of acquiring traffic.

Using words like “secret” usually gets people to sit up, lol.  But it’s only using the Udimi platform, which is a marketplace of traffic sellers.

You pay a vendor for a one-time email blast to a list of people they’ve collected, also known as a solo ad. The larger the list, the more it costs. It can range anywhere from $.35 to .95 per click, depending on the filters you use.

This seller in the picture below has a maximum of 300 emails. Others will offer up to 950. Just slide the red button to how many you want, and it will show you the vendor’s cost.

funnel xroi uses Udimi for traffic

David also offers 15 case studies, but you need to have purchased the ROI Panel in order to access them.

I was impressed that he talks about some people who may not get any results and that he, himself doesn’t get sales with every traffic run. Many product creators hide this fact in the fine print!

david dekel does not guarantee results

The last step he brings you to is his Team Traffic Co-op Rotator. Though David highly recommends you learn how to get traffic on your own, this is a nice option for those wanting a quick start without the research.

Here, you buy traffic together as a group, and you simply pay for the number of clicks you want to pay for. First, you have to apply, and if they decide you’re a good fit, you’ll be added to the Co-op



  • Done for you email campaigns (at higher levels)
  • Step by step video support
  • The funnel itself is free
  • Purchasing more programs will offer multiple income streams



  • Cannot add your own outside products to promote
  • Because it’s just a funnel, you must purchase at least one program to make commissions
  • Your commission is limited by the level of program you purchased
  • The top levels of each program are very costly


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

final thoughts on funnel x roi

I believe this system to be legitimate. David Dekel has created a sales funnel that seems to be effective for many people. Of course, we don’t hear from the failures, and I’m sure there are some of those as well.

Though his choice of programs that are integrated into his funnel is your only choice, they seem to be sound platforms with generous affiliate programs.

So why not just promote these standalone companies yourself?

Because David says that his system will increase your sales conversions. His sales funnel system includes all the pre-made sales videos, follow-up emails, and training for each step of the process. As he says, the system does all the heavy lifting.

This is certainly an easier way to perform email marketing, but rest assured, it still involves work on your part… and a lot of money!

Is Funnel X ROI a scam?   NO    

Do I recommend it?   A cautious Yes

If you are willing and able to invest a sizable sum, knowing there’s always a risk of failure, then go ahead. I would caution you if you are a beginner, though.

I honestly believe a more experienced marketer will have better results. And that’s simply because they understand the process and have possible experience with solo ads.

I’d like to recommend a better alternative!

You can still have your own online business, earning an income through affiliate sales, but starting for zero dollars.

It’s the platform I used, and still use, to learn all about online marketing. Email marketing through sales funnels is only one of many ways you can earn an income, and this platform offers you all the training and education you need.

And yes, you can start for free. Your starter membership gives you a free website with free hosting.

The entire platform has all the tools you need, and enough training to keep you busy for years, lol. And if you wish to start with us, I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Click on the picture below to get started.

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So how did you first hear about Funnel X ROI? Was it in an email, or on Facebook? I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.

Your friend,