Underground Affiliate System Review. Create An Online Income?

Underground Affiliate System Review

Are you wanting an easy way to make money online? I’m sure who’ve heard all about these copy/paste systems. The problem is so many are scams.

Welcome to my Underground Affiliate System review. I’m so glad to see you hear researching this before buying. It’s important to know if this is legit.

This review will show you exactly what to expect when you get inside. I’ll show you how it works and then give you my honest opinions and recommendations.

Unlike many of the other reviews online that promise you bonuses if you buy, I just want to share with you the truth so you can make an informed decision, OK?

Are you interested in where I learned how to make my own online income?

the Underground Affiliate System Review rating




What Is The Underground Affiliate System?

this is an affiliate program

This product is designed to help marketers build better campaigns by plugging in evergreen products and building new promotions with bonuses.

It was created by Paul Okeeffe and Richard Fairbairn, and launched on Warrior Plus on February 15th, 2020.

Underground Affiliate System – $44.95

What’s Inside


  • Support Desk
  • Register to Special Training


  • Your Link
  • Confirm & Claimed Links


  • Email Subscriber List

Get Script

  • Your PHP Code

DFY Webinar Funnels

  • 5 Funnels (Optin, Webinar, & Download Pages)

DFY Affiliate Funnels

  • 5 Funnels (Optin, Webinar, & Download Pages)

DFY Bonus Funnels

  • 5 Funnels (Optin, Webinar, & Download Pages)

DFY Premium Funnels (Upsell)


  • Links to 60 Facebook Groups

Tutorial Videos

  • Settings
  • Creating A Shortlink
  • DFY Affiliate Funnels
  • DFY Webinar Funnels
  • Editing DFY Funnels
  • Editing Bonus Funnels
  • Bonus Products
  • Shortcodes
  • Dashboard
  • Editing Webinar Funnels
  • Autoresponders
  • Gamification
  • Resources
  • Using The Script
  • Traffic Module
  • Quick Start Module

Videos (About Making Money Online)

  • Bonus
  • Setting Your Domain Name
  • More On Domains
  • Hosting Part One
  • Hosting Part Two
  • Hosting Accounts
  • Building Your Hub
  • Tag Manager
  • Bing Tag
  • Pinterest Tag


#1: 5 DFY Affiliate Campaigns In Multiple Niches

#2: 10 Bonuses In Multiple Niches

#3: Double Up Traffic Module


OTO#1: Pro Upgrade – $67, downsell $47

OTO#2: Black Tie Bonus Club – $97, then $9.97 per month, downsell $97

OTO#3: Underground Affiliate Template Package – $37, downsell $27

OTO#4: Underground Affiliate Traffic Module – $197, downsell $97



Who Is This System For?

this is for people who want to earn commissions

This system is for those who want to perform affiliate marketing. This platform has many DFY funnels all ready to go. All you need is your affiliate ID and traffic to send to your promotions.

This is a tool, and it works well. It doesn’t send you traffic though. That’s your responsibility!

Please don’t assume you’ll make the kind of money they’re talking about. These are super affiliates with huge traffic streams. If you’re a newbie, you won’t have that luxury.

You can start to build your own email list with the provided optin pages, but this takes time so you must be patient for sales.


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How Does It Work?

dfy campaigns with bonuses

Wouldn’t you love to be able to copy and paste your way to a six-figure income? Well, that’s what the sales page tells you!

Let’s see what else it says…

Sales Page

It says if you can point and click your mouse, then you’ll be able to create an amazing income stream with these tested and proven campaigns.

Even if you’re a complete newbie. Because this is supposed to be a shortcut process…

Paul and Richard have over 25 years of online experience between them and are both considered super affiliates.

They’ve packaged all of their top campaigns in the last 12 months, with bonuses included, so that you can use exactly what they did to make all their money.

So all you have to do is pick a campaign, add your own details, and get ready to make money!

You’ll have access to:

  • 5 DFY (done for you) affiliate campaigns that have collectively generated 6 figures.
  • 5 DFY mid-ticket affiliate campaigns that have generated $80K in total.
  • 5 DFY webinar campaigns that have generated $140K collectively.
  • 100 DFY bonus packs to help boost your conversions.
  • An editor if you wish to customize any of the campaigns.
  • Hosting services on their server which is all cloud-based.
  • The ability to download everything and upload it to your own hosting.
  • The opportunity to build your own campaigns from scratch.
  • All the necessary training to get you up and running.

This all sounds pretty amazing. So now let’s see if the product actually delivers…

Member Area/Dashboard

Once inside, the dashboard shows you 2 videos, one to show you how to use the support desk, and the other is a welcome video by Paul Okeeffe.

You will be asked to sign up for a webinar for some special training on how to generate $1182 commissions, over and over again.

This is presented by John Thornhill and he’s promoting his “30 Minutes to Automated Sales & Success”.

I checked this out and the registration is now closed, lol.

You should check out all the training before you use the software. Just go down to “Resources”

The whole idea behind this software is to get your visitor to sign in with the optin page. This way you start collecting leads. Your visitor is then directed to the sales page in hopes of purchasing.

When they do, they are sent the thank-you page with their purchase link as well as any bonuses you’ve attached.


This is another way you can earn money within the system. You are given your own affiliate link and can add it to your web page.

When someone clicks on this link, they’re brought to a squeeze page that forwards them to the systems funnel.

Any leads you get are stored here, where you can download and upload to your own autoresponder.

The more links you claim on different web pages, the more points you receive. These are then turned to income for you.


This is where your leads are stored within the system when using the “gamification” method (above).

DFY Webinar Funnels

With each funnel, you get an optin page, the webinar page, and the thank you/download bonuses page.

pre-loaded dfy funnels

Each part of the funnel can be viewed, downloaded, embedded, and affiliate link shortened.

What’s nice about this system is that all your pages can be edited. This is an important feature to personalize your promotions and stand out from everyone else!

DFY Affiliate Funnels

This section is the same as above, with 3 pages to each funnel.

Create Your Own

In each of these sections, you can also create your own funnel if you wish.

By clicking on “Create New DFY Funnel”, you’re redirected to the editor.

There, you can start by creating your squeeze page. There are 69 optin page templates to choose from.

optin templates

There are 46 affiliate page (sales page) templates and 69 thank-you page templates.

Once you’ve chosen the templates you want, you’ll go into settings to add your personal information like:

  • Your affiliate Iink URL
  • The affiliate sign up form (if you choose a DFY funnel)
  • Your autoresponder code (to capture your leads)

There’s a section where you can upload your own “review” video as well. This is great to add to your sales pages, for a more personal touch.

From there you can choose from all the bonuses, to add to your page. Bonuses are an important feature to add, to help convert your visitor into a sale.

bonuses for your web pages

You also have “shortcodes” if you wish to move or add any elements to your pages.

DFY Bonus Funnels

These are additional funnels and are different in that they offer bonuses as an incentive to help convince the visitor to buy.

This is becoming a popular way to promote products these days. You’ll see more and more of this type of page online.

DFY Premium Funnels (Upsell)

This section is for those of you who upgraded to the monthly plan. This will give you 2 premium funnels per month.

Traffic (Upsell)

This tab gives you many Facebook groups where you would be allowed to share your link for one of the funnels in the system.

Simply choose your funnel from the drop-down tab, click “copy to clipboard”, then click on one of the links provided.

facebook links for social sharing

If you’re not a member yet, just ask for approval. You probably need to do this with most of them first, to have quick access later.

must join each facebook group first

All you do is paste the ad to the Facebook page and “post”. It’s another opportunity to get some traffic to your funnels.


Here is where you will find all the training on how to use this software.

The videos are well done with the over-the-shoulder style so you can see exactly what to do.

training tutorials are videos

Under “Videos” you’ll find additional training for more ways to help you make money online. There are more videos being added at various times.

What I listed above was what was included at the time I wrote my review.


#1: 5 DFY Affiliate Campaigns In Multiple Niches

If you’re not interested in the MMO (make money online) niche, you will also receive 5 additional campaigns in different niches:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Forex
  3. Dating
  4. Survival
  5. Food

#2: 10 Bonuses In Multiple Niches

You will also get 10 bonuses that are relevant to the bonus campaigns, as listed above.

#3: Double Up Traffic Module

This feature allows you to promote 2 affiliate links at the same time. So if your visitor doesn’t purchase the original offer, they still have a chance to purchase from the 2nd link.


OTO#1: Pro Upgrade

This upsell gives you access to the full version with over 50 evergreen campaigns and double the number of bonuses.

The downsell will lose the 100 extra bonuses.

OTO#2: Black Tie Bonus Club

This upgrade will get you 2 premium bonuses each month. These are the ones that Richard has custom created and uses in his own bonus packages.

You will also receive 2 premium funnels that have just been created and are recently used.

The downsell takes away the premium funnels.

OTO#3: Underground Affiliate Template Package

This gives you the ability to resell the system. You’ll have access to 10 funnels created with custom bonuses.

This way you can be an affiliate of the system with an ability to drive that many more leads to the Underground Affiliate System.

The downsell takes away 5 funnels.

OTO#4: Underground Affiliate Traffic Module

This is an additional traffic source with over 100 DFY social campaigns and graphics. You’ll also receive access to the bonus content editor and backlink building software.

The downsell removes the bonus content and backlink software.


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Demo Video



My Concerns

no big concerns here

I don’t really have any concerns with this software. It does what it claims and is an easy way to promote many products with pre-written sales and bonus pages.

I haven’t looked through all the bonuses, as there are many, but I would encourage you to check them out before using them.

The last thing you want to do is give away a bonus that’s old or out-dated. That would only tick-off your customer and hurt your reputation.


Please be aware that this is a tool only. You can only make money with it if you have targeted traffic.

What does that mean? Well… do you have your own business with an email list? Do you have a YouTube or social media pages with large followings?

If you don’t have any of these, then it’s going to be hard to make money. You might have to start by buying Solo Ads.

Solo Ads are when you pay a vendor to use his own email list. You pay for the number of clicks you wish to receive, in hopes that some of them will actually buy the product.

It’s risky and you could lose money. Clicks don’t guarantee sales, but you will at least start building your own email list with all the optins.

Upsell #4

This traffic section, which I showed you above, is great for social sharing on Facebook, but you need to be aware of some facts they don’t share with you.

They provide you links to many groups that allow you to post your own links. These are great and I use many of them myself.


Notice in the image above how many followers this one group has. It’s great because there’s an opportunity to get your ad in front of lots of eyeballs.

But along with that huge number comes a huge amount of people posting their own ads.

So that means that your ad gets pushed down the wall very quickly!

I honestly don’t get a lot of traffic from these kinds of sites, and I wanted you to be aware of that!




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Many DFY funnels to access
  • Good system training



  • Need at least the pro version for optimal use
  • Many of these products get outdated quickly



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I recommend wealthy affiliate for training

I believe this software is great in that you get many DFY funnels with the ability to edit them. If you can afford the pro version, I would suggest you get this as well. It offers you so many more options.

Is Underground Affiliate System a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

Please remember that this is just a tool. It’s a good one, but still just a tool for helping you make money online.

To be successful though, you need traffic.

Regardless of how many times they say it’s newbie-friendly, and showing you how much money they’ve made with their own system, this doesn’t mean it will work for you.

You have to have sources of traffic to send to your promotions. Facebook posting is fine, but not great.

It’s best if you have traffic already in place, like to your website, or your own social media accounts.

Do you have your own business yet? Would you like to learn how to build one with your own traffic streams?

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

Please come and check out where I learned everything about affiliate marketing, and how to earn my own free traffic.

I don’t use Solo Ads, but have been able to make an online income for free!

This platform has everything you need under one roof:

  • Training – Step by step courses, classrooms, tutorials, and live weekly webinars.
  • A domain registry – An easy way to find the perfect name for your business.
  • A website builder – With over 4,000 WordPress themes to choose from.
  • Website hosting – With powerful servers, security, backups, and emails, and more.
  • A keyword research tool – Find low-competition keywords for the best ranking.
  • A large and active LIVE community – They always have your back!
  • And much more…

The best part? You can start for FREE, no credit card necessary.

And if you choose to join the premium membership, your first month is only $19. Isn’t that crazy for all you get?

Click on the image below and you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll be there to greet you and coach you for as long as you wish.

my wa landing pic

So where did you hear about the Underground Affiliate System? Is it what you expected?

If you have any more questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.

Your friend,


P.S. Please share my post with your friends!