The List Revival Mastery. Revive A Dead List For More Sales!

The List Revival Mastery

Do you have an unresponsive email list? Or maybe you’re looking for a great PLR to resell or giveaway? There are many things you can do with this one product.

The List Revival Mastery is all about teaching you how to clean up your email list to provide you with hungry buyers for your products.

And with a low-prices upsell, you can turn this product into your own for added income to your business.

At least that’s what it claims. But is it legit or another scam?

I’m happy to see you doing some research before buying it. I’ll take you inside the training to show you what’s there, what it entails, and give you my honest opinions and recommendations, OK?

By the end of my review, you can make an informed decision if its right for you or not.

Would you like to know where I learned how to create my own successful online business?

list revival mastery review - rating




What Is The List Revival Mastery?

training course to help you avoid hitting the spam box

This product will teach you how to revive your email list and how to keep it healthy and responsive.

It was created by Michel Sirois and launched on Warrior Plus on March 21st, 2020.

List Revival Mastery – $8.86

What’s Inside


  • Part 1: Be Clean and Lean (for accurate email stats) – 3:57 minutes
  • Part 2: Prevent (before the damage is done) – 2:39 minutes
  • Part 3: The Method (that will change everything) – 6:28 minutes
  • Part 4: Survey (knowing is caring) – 5:25 minutes
  • Part 5: Moving Out (before moving on) – 2:21 minutes
  • Part 6: Traffic Sources (and what not to do & buy) – 3:30 minutes
  • Part 7: Checklist (your map to success) – 5:24 minutes


#1: PLR Affiliates Mastery

#2: Warrior Plus Hacks Mastery

#3: Power Lead Optimizer Mastery (software included)

#4: Super Traffic Mastery

#5: His own 3 email swipes that revived his own list

Unannounced Bonus

How To Use PLR Products


OTO #1: PLR License & Marketing Package – $27, downsell $17

OTO #2: Advanced Marketing Package – $37, downsell $27

OTO #3: Reseller – $47, downsell $27

OTO #4: Email Business ‘Done For You’ – $97



Who Is This Training For?

for affiliate marketers with email subscribers

This training is perfect for both experienced marketers who are struggling with their email list, or newbies who are just starting to grow their list.

If you implement what Michel teaches from the beginning, you won’t ever have to worry about an inactive or unresponsive list.

And even if you have a list of thousands of people, it’s important to clean it up often.

For a successful business, you need to have QUALITY, not QUANTITY!!

I find myself wishing I had all this advice much sooner…

I highly recommend this training, for the low price of only $8.86. And the first upgrade as well. The front end price is so cheap that it makes the upsell affordable!

And that way, you can sell this product as your own, or use it as a valuable giveaway for your lead magnet!


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How Does It Work?

no techy stuff. just to re engage your subs

This product gives you training by a veteran marketer with over 20 years of online experience. And it’s proven to work in any niche!

That sounds promising, right? Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

The big question is why are your subscribers not being active when you send them an email?

  • You’re not hitting the spam box, so it’s not that.
  • You’ve tried everything you can think of, but it’s still not working for you.
  • The solutions you’ve found online simply aren’t working.
  • Even your marketing friends can’t give you a straight-up answer…

So now what? You test and test some more. You’re not willing to give up on your list just yet…

What if there was a way! What if you could REVIVE your list and make money at the same time!

Well, you can. And this is the product to help you with that.

Inside this training, you’ll discover 6 methods that will revive your list in no time.

Method 1 – How to clean up your email list to avoid hitting the spam box.

Method 2 – How to spot spam-trap emails to get rid of them before they hurt your email list.

Method 3 – Michel’s exact step by step instructions to revive your list and make money.

Method 4 – How to maximize your audience’s interest without being invasive or annoying.

Method 5 – What to do with your inactive leads before giving up on them.

Method 6 – How to find the right traffic source and which to avoid.

You’ll also get a checklist for a full recap as well as the steps you need to take to create a profitable list.

Well, that all sounds amazing! Let take a look at the actual material, OK?

Member Area

When you’ve purchased your product, you’ll be sent access via email. Once opened, you’ll see this…

the thank you page by Michel Sirois

There is additional information below what you see above in the image, like any of his upsells, and contact information, etc.

He is very easy to get a hold of on Facebook or Skype and prefers to work with you “live” so things are easily explained.


What I appreciate about Michel, is his no-nonsense or fluff in his training. It’s to the point and full of value.

The training is downloaded, which allows you easy access whenever you need to review it.

Part 1: Be Clean and Lean (for accurate email stats)

This first video teaches you why it’s important to clean your list as well as how to do it. It’s not about quantity, but quality.

By cleaning your list often, you not only avoid the spam box, but your email stats will be much more accurate.

Part 2: Prevent (before the damage is done)

Learning how to remove the spam traps and honey pots. These types of emails are designed to catch spammers in action, but they also damage your list.

Having these in your email list will send you to the spam box so remove them early on…

Part 3: The Method (that will change everything)

Michel will walk you through the 3 email messages and how to add a “freebie” to develop trust with your subscribers.

how to add upsell for free giveaway

This method is guaranteed to revive your list. This is Michel’s exact steps that he uses to this day!

Part 4: Survey (knowing is caring)

You need to know your audience is you want more sales. And using surveys is the perfect way to do this.

He’ll teach you how to maximize the interest potential of your subscribers, without being invasive, tiring, or annoying.

Part 5: Moving Out (before moving on)

This video will help you make the most money! This step is vital with your inactive leads.

You want to make sure they are finding you before you give up on them.

Part 6: Traffic Sources (and what not to do & buy)

Using paid ads is time-consuming with a large learning curve. It’s best to avoid when you’re just a beginner.

You will learn how to buy quality solo ads from the right sources, with lists that aren’t rehashed over and over again. Remember, you want quality, not quantity!

Part 7: Checklist (your map to success)

This is a recap of everything covered in the training, and giving you the steps you need to take to revive your list in a fun, easy and profitable way.

mastery review of all the steps


#1: PLR Affiliates Mastery

This training will show you the steps you need to take to get affiliates quickly to your own products.

These could also be for your PLR or MRR products you’ve rebranded.

#2: Warrior Plus Hacks Mastery

Michel will share with you his top 2 favourite hacks that will get you more leads power and more sales.

#3: Power Lead Optimizer Mastery (software included)

This is an entire course with its own software. It’s going to teach you how to get people to say YES to buying your stuff.

You’ll be able to create a passive income and even get high ticket sales.

#4: Super Traffic Mastery

This training will show you the benefits of listing your offers on Warrior Plus.

Some of which are getting free traffic from their “marketplace”, or getting affiliates to promote your offer, and many more.

#5: Three evergreen email swipes to use for your own promotions

These are the exact three emails that Michel used to revive his own list. Because they’re evergreen and generic, you can use them to promote any product you want.

Simply add your own details to the template and send it. These are tried, tested and proven to work efficiently.

Unannounced Bonus

How To Use PLR Products

This bonus comes with 3 training videos:

  1. The difference between PLR’s and MRRs
  2. The benefits of using PLR and MRR to get free buyer traffic
  3. How to profit from PLR and MRR products


OTO #1: PLR License & Marketing Package

This upgrade gives you everything you need to rebrand this “white-labelled” product and sell it as your own. That means that you can brand the product with your own name, image and logo.

It also provides you with 4 modules:

  • Module #1: Conversion-Driven Sales Letter & Thank You Page
  • Module #2: ‘ASTONISHING’ Graphic Designs
  • Module #3: Mobile-Responsive Website (Sales Page & Download Page)
  • Module #4: Product License Certificate

OTO #2: Advanced Marketing Package

This is an advanced marketing package for creating a superior product.

It contains 10 modules of video presentations, power slides, email swipes, and so much more. And with unlimited support, you’ll be making money in no time.

OTO #3: Reseller

This is perfect for those marketers who’d rather do affiliate marketing than rebranding PLR’s.

You’ll be able to get 100% commissions when sending your visitors through the entire sales funnel.

OTO #4: Email Business ‘Done For You’

These done for you services includes:

  1. Setting up your lead capture page.
  2. Setting up your email list autoresponder.
  3. Add all your personal information and affiliate links in your email swipes.
  4. And much more to ensure your business runs smoothly.


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My Concerns?

no concerns with this product

I have no concerns with this product. It’s excellent training to help revive anyone’s email list, with advice on how to keep it healthy from day to day.

Michel Sirois is a great teacher, and with all his online experience, has valuable knowledge to share with you.

I’ve spoken with Michel, off and on via Facebook Messenger, and he’s pleasant, helpful, and trustworthy. That’s something I very much appreciate about him.

He’s also Canadian. So am I… lol

I also wanted to mention the upsells. If you want to be able to sell this product as your own, the first and second upsells are awesome.

This is what’s called a White Label product, which means that the product itself, as well as all the promotional material you get in the upsells, are fully editable.

His image, name etc. are not added anywhere, so its really easy to add your own branding. Your customers will think it’s your own product!

And because it’s so cheap, it also makes a great “freebie” to give away for your optins.

So you can get double the value out of this product:

  1. You get excellent training for your own use.
  2. With upsell #1 you have a valuable product you can sell or giveaway.



  • Low Cost
  • Detailed training
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Excellent bonuses



  • None that I’ve found…



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I recommend wealthy affiliate for your website

I believe this training does what it promises, and can help you revive your email list. This is great for beginners who are just starting to build an email list, as well as experienced marketers struggling with an inactive list.

For newbies, the advice he gives can help you maintain a healthy list from the word go…

It’s refreshing to review a product that contains valuable information without all the hype and false promises. It’s something every email marketer should know.

Is List Revival Mastery a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

Do you have your own online business yet, as a starting point to growing your email list? I know that there are many ways to perform email marketing without a website, but I highly recommend you have your own.

It looks so much more professional and is your online business card and personal asset.

If you’d like to build your own “home base”, it isn’t hard. It’s actually quite easy…

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

I’d love for you to come and check out where I learned everything about affiliate marketing.

They also host my website, provide me with powerful tools to grow my business, and have a large and active community for support.

Imagine what you could accomplish with your own business, learned marketing techniques, and a healthy email list. The sky’s the limit.

The best part is its free, no credit cards necessary. Isn’t that amazing!

If you click on the button below, you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll meet you inside and be your personal coach. How does that sound?

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So how did you find the List Revival Mastery? I hope my review answered all your questions.

If you have any more or would like to leave a comment, please do so below. I’ll get right back to you.



P.S. Please share my post with your friends!