The Instant Payday Tricks (Review) More Smoke And Mirrors

The Instant Payday Tricks

Are you hoping to make money online and have been searching for a way to do this? If so, you’ve probably come across the Instant Payday Tricks.

The video sounds so convincing, and you’re hoping you could actually make $800 per hour. But is this legit? Or is it just another scam like so many others.

I’m glad you’re here and doing some research. It’s important to know what to expect before you spend your hard-earned cash. And by the end of my review, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

I would like to show you what’s inside, how it works, and if it could truly help you. I’d like to give you my honest opinion to guide your decision, OK?

And if you’re tired of trying to find a legitimate training program, please come and see where I learned to build my own successful online business.

The Instant Payday Tricks review (rating)




This product is inactive and no longer for sale.  And believe me, this is a good thing!


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What Is The Instant Payday Tricks?

what is instant payday tricks about

This is a Clickbank product that claims to show you a secret trick to make huge money on autopilot. It’s actually about doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank.

The narrator calls himself Ed Roberts. But this is just a fake pen name. The owner remains unknown.

Instant Payday Tricks – $37

What’s Inside

Step 1 – Videos

  1. How To Make Money Quickly #1 – Make up to $1000 per hour using voice gigs. 4:53 minutes
  2. How To Make Money Quickly #2 – Make autopilot paychecks off Craigslist & Romania staffing. 3:34 minutes
  3. How To Make Money Quickly #3 – Copy this method for $100 per day income. (Craigslist) 11:12 minutes

Step 2 – Videos

  1. Emergency Cash Generator Video Part 1 – 10:36 minutes (About Cashcrate from 2014)
  2. Emergency Cash Generator Video Part 2 – 11:11 minutes (About Seized Cars from 2014)
  3. Copy This Easy Method For $100/Day Income – 11:12 minutes (same as above??)
  4. Forgotten Traffic Plans – 32:28 minutes (About article marketing – the original video created in 2011)
  5. Effective List Building Blueprint – just over 1 hour (about email marketing created in 2013)
  6. Clickbank Takeover Part 1 – unfinished! Where is part 2??

Step 3: Facebook Article Sharing

  • Using your Clickbank and Facebook account, share their articles with Payzeno ads for 70% commissions.

Ebook Downloads

  1. 7 Secrets of Affiliate Marketing – By Kathy Graham
  2. Power of Article Marketing – By Captian Timothy Gorman, US Army
  3. Affiliate Directories – Clickbank and

Tools and Updates (PLR’s)

Knowledge Base

Consists of the three most asked questions with answers.


Product Creator To Work For You To Make You $1000 Per Day – $197

Expected Costs


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Who Is This System For?

what is instant payday tricks good for

Wow! No one! This product is as close to a scam as they come.

The information you get is nothing like what he promises you in the video. In fact, the material is so outdated, it’s practically useless.

Many of the strategies talked about in the videos could actually hurt your business. If Google doesn’t like what you’re doing, you’ll never rank. If you don’t rank, you won’t be found.

And you know what that means? No sales!


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How Does It Work?

Would you buy something from someone you don’t know? If he gave you a name but you never meet him face to face, would you trust him?

I wouldn’t, and neither should you. And in this case, the owner of Instant Payday Tricks shouldn’t be trusted. This product isn’t what it’s hyped up to be. And it all starts with the video sales page.

I’d like to show you the red flags that jumped out at me, in hopes that you will recognize them in future product promotions.

The Crazy Sales Page & Video

Right away I knew what I was in for, LOL…

Lie #1: Outrageous Income Claims

The first thing you see is this…

“Make Up To $800 Per Hour Almost Immediately”

No one in their right mind would ever say that. It’s not only immoral, but it’s also impossible!

Yes, you can make great money online, but only after you’ve built up your business over the years. Nothing comes that easy.

Then in the video, he says you can earn $1000 per hour with minimal effort. Or how anyone can use this trick to make up to $800K per year.

He lies about making $800K per year

Please don’t believe this when you hear promises like this. I know you’d like it to be true, but I’m sorry to say it’s a big lie. He’s hoping to hype you up so much, that you’ll buy this product without thinking about it.

Lie #2: Misleading Use Of News Footage

Did you notice the news footage at the beginning of the video? Some even had recognizable news anchors. The image below is of Fredricka Whitfield, a CNN news anchor and award-winning journalist.

And I can guarantee you that she’s not talking about Instant Payday Tricks on live CNN, haha!

He pretends CNN is talking about instant payday trick

But if you listen closely, they never say the name of this product. The owner has simply taken snippets of news that just happen to be talking about working from home.

Some of them may be fake as well. You can hire actors from freelance sites like Fiverr to make a video for you that looks like a new cast.

Lie #3: Who Are These People?

Isn’t it amazing how he can throw pictures, names and numbers at you and expect you to believe him?

That goes for his own income proof, too! Proof?!?

Anyone can do this. How is this proof of anything??

Lie #4: Trick? There Are No Tricks!

He claims these “fake” people made all their money using a trick that’s virtually unknown to the public. Then he turns around and says everyone’s heard of this concept. Well… which is it, unknown or well known, LOL.

Turns out he’s talking about AI (artificial intelligence). It may sound futuristic to some of you, but it’s been around a long time.

Think about how Google finds the answers to your questions or talking to “Siri” on your smartphone.

Lie #5: The Usual Sob Story…

Marketers will often tell you about themselves in order to build a connection with you. And that’s fine. I do it at times as well.

But this guy goes over the top, haha. Not that it’s any different from any other scummy video. These guys will usually go by the same general formula.

It usually follows something like this:

  1. Something happens to his job or his health, and he’s almost ruined.
  2. Can no longer take care of his wife and children.
  3. Someone he knows shows up with an idea.
  4. He launches the system and makes immediate money.
  5. Now he’s rich and wants to help people.

Lie #6: I Don’t Have To Work?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just activate a system and that’s it? It supposedly finds the best money making methods so we don’t have to. Just sit back and watch our bank accounts grow. Ya, sure…

instantpaydaytricks is a scam

Anything worthwhile takes time and hard work. This statement is an outright lie! Any successful marketer will tell you that nothing comes from nothing. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, you will reap the benefits for sure.

Lie #7: From Computer Illiterate to Programmer In 2 Weeks

Wow! Who needs university degrees anymore, LOL. This guy learned how to create the perfect AI in two weeks, all by himself!

My two nephews who’ve spent five long years studying to become computer engineers would feel pretty put out by that story…

Honestly, who’s he trying to kid?

Apparently, the only reason you’ve failed before now is that you didn’t have this system. LOL.

Lie #8: Excited yet?

So what’s the system? He never says, does he? That’s because he hopes he has you hooked and want to buy this amazing, unknown trick.

This is how he pushes your emotional and psychological buttons. If you’ve come to believe that you can make thousands per day with little to no work, you’ll jump right in!

Lie #9: Fake Testimonials

Guess what? These are all fake product users. They are actually hired spokespersons from Fiverr.

He couldn’t come up with his own customer testimonials, because it doesn’t work. So he hired some people to make it sound like they earn so much money with this system.

Here’s my proof for you:

Ed uses fake testimonials

ed roberts uses a fake testimonial

At least I didn’t find any fake YouTube videos this time.  Many product creators upload fake user reviews as well.

Lie #10: Stability Of The System?

Oh, brother!! Here comes the reason why you should buy RIGHT NOW! He can’t make this system available to everyone, because it could jeopardize the system with too many people using it.

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard!!

There’s no system, lol. And as I’ve already said, this is just another way to persuade you to buy quickly. If you take too much time to think about it, he knows you won’t come back!

Now let’s take a look at the product itself.

This Outdated Product Gets Around…

I thought this product looked familiar, and sure enough, it’s the exact same system as the Easy Retired Millionaire, that I’ve already reviewed. The only different thing is Step 1 which I’ve listed above.

This product has been around since 2016, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I see it again with a different name.

It’s terribly outdated and shouldn’t be used in today’s marketing world. Some strategies would actually hurt your business.

A few of the videos created as early as 2011 to 2014. There’s no reason to try to sell such old material, other than to make himself money. It’s certainly not helpful!

There have been significant changes in the way we do any online marketing, and if you’re not using the most current techniques and strategies, you won’t be able to make any money.

So Where’s The AI??

All through the video, he talks about AI and how you can make huge money off this…

I guess he wanted you to think that this technology can be leveraged to make you a lot of money. But guess what? It has absolutely nothing to do with what’s inside, lol.

Please, Read My Other Review…

Rather than repeat everything I’ve already said in my Easy Retired Millionaire review, I think it would be great if you could click over to that review to read about the actual product.

And if you don’t have time, no harm done. It’s not something I want to see you get anyway. Honestly, it should be a crime to sell junk like this!

Avoid The Upsell

This owner is hoping that once you read all the ebooks and watch all the videos, you’ll be so confused that you’ll gladly pay the $197 to have him do all the work for you.

I have no idea what he’d do for you anyway? His material isn’t only outdated, it’s all over the place. What would he do? Start an affiliate marketing business for you? Create a product you can sell through Clickbank?

I think it’s another scam to get your money and you’ll just get a bunch of additional outdated information.


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  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Insufficient training
  • Old, outdated material
  • No support
  • No system to make long-term income


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I don't recommend this product

Like so many other low-quality products, the video tries very hard to hype you up, thinking you’ll be making up to $800 per hour. And after promising you the moon, it seriously under-delivers.

It’s certainly not worth $37. I have to wonder if many people wouldn’t bother getting a refund, thinking it’s only $37. But you’re allowing this guy to make money on a crappy product. Such a shame!

Is Instant Payday Tricks a scam?   No, unfortunately!

Would I recommend it?   No way!

Legally this isn’t a scam because you’re getting something for your money. Unfortunately, it isn’t anything like he promised. To me, this is as close to a scam as anything, lol.

It’s people like this that make a bad name for affiliate marketing. This is a wonderful industry that offers help to many people looking for solutions to their problems.

And it’s very lucrative as well. You can create for yourself a passive income and security for your future. With the proper training and tools, it’s the easiest way to make money online.

Can I make you my sincere recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I learned everything about online marketing. It’s where I run my own successful business to this day.

This platform is all-inclusive, meaning they provide all the training and tools under one roof. The training is the most current and always updated techniques and strategies, and the tools are integrated right into the platform.

My favourite part is the large and active community of like-minded members. They always have my back if I ever need any help. Even the owners are readily available to talk to.

They currently have over 1.5 million members. They must be doing something right, eh?

There’s really nothing like it online today. And you can start for FREE. Yup, free, as in no credit card information needed. Your free starter membership lets you test drive the entire platform to see if you like it.

And trust me, if you truly want to make an online income, this is the best place to be!

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you on the inside and help you for as long as you wish. See you soon.

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Did you hear about Instant Payday Tricks on social media, or did an email come to your inbox? Personally, I’ve seen ads on Facebook.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.