What Is The Traffic Xtractor Ultimate? My Honest Review

What Is The Traffic Xtractor Ultimate

We all know how important keywords are if we hope to rank on search engines and video platforms like YouTube. And this product claims to be able to help us with that.

But what is the Traffic Xtractor Ultimate? Is it a legitimate tool, or just some low-quality, scammy product? I’m happy you’re here, researching this product before purchasing. By the end of this review, you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

In this review, I will show you what the Traffic Xtractor is, and how it works. And then I’d like to give you my personal recommendation, OK?

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what is traffic xtractor ultimate rating


What Is The Traffic Xtractor Ultimate?

the traffic xtractor ultimate review of what it does

This product is the 3rd release of Traffic Xtractor, created by Art Flair, Declan Mc, and Alex Krulik. They’ve developed a video keyword tool that allows you to find low-competition keywords for video marketing.

What’s Inside

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate – $27

  • The point and click software
  • Training videos
    • Getting Started with Traffic Xtractor – 8.09 min.
    • Creating Videos with VideoScribe – 10.12 min. (recommended 3rd party tool)
    • Uploading Your Video to YouTube – 7.13 min.
    • Powerful Backlinks for YouTube Videos – 6.39 min.
    • Local Marketing Part 1 – 10.15 min. (case study)
    • Local Marketing Part 2 – 2.29 min. (case study)
    • Traffic Xtractor Troubleshooting Video – 4.29 min.
    • Bonus SEO Training – 62.47 min.
  • Five Part Real Life Case Study (3 part case study)


  • Cheat Sheet
  • Marketing Guide
  • Special Report
  • FB Mastermind
  • Tube Traffic Avalanche


  • DFY Platinum Pack – $47 –