What Is The Silk Road Effect? (Review) Shame On Them!

What Is The Silk Road Effect? (Review)

Are you wanting to make money online? There are many offers online, wanting to show you how, but what do you choose? Are they legit? Are they scams?

What is the Silk Road Effect? This is a newer product that starting to hit people’s inboxes, and making grand promises.

I’m so happy to see you doing some research before buying. I know the price is cheap, but the upsells can bankrupt you, lol. So this is why I review these products. I want to show you what you get, how it works, and then offer you my honest recommendation.

By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Are you tired of products like these, offering you unrealistic promises? If so, please come to see where I learned how to succeed online.

silk road effect review rating


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What Is The Silk Road Effect?

what is the silk road effect about

This product is all about dropshipping. The creator never introduces himself or gives his name. The website was created in January 2019, so it’s a new product available on Clickbank.

Silk Road Effect – $9

What’s Inside

In the member area:

1. Welcome video

2. Offer to get your free “Shopify” store. (Only a free trial)

3. Silk Road Effect PDF – 3 pages

4. Silk Road Effect Videos, between 2 to 10 minutes each

  • An Introduction to E-commerce
  • Creating Your Online Store
  • E-commerce Store Platforms
  • Designing A Killer Store
  • How To Generate More Sales
  • Marketing Your Store
  • Starting Your E-Store


#1: Silk Road Deluxe – $197, downsell $97

#2: Marco Polo Secret – $197


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Who Is This Training For?

No one. How can you trust someone who lies just to get you to buy his product? And when you do, its nothing at all what he described in his sales video.

This is old, outdated material, as you can see by the dates of the PDF’s. The videos themselves were created in 2016.

I’ve included the links to the upsell PDF and ebooks if you’re interested in looking them up.  As you can plainly see, they nowhere near worth what this guy is charging you for.

Much has changed in the online world since then. Marketing strategies, advertising, etc. This training is no longer useful unless you just want to pay for a general overview of what dropshipping is.

I have also read reviews of people having a hard time with Shopify’s training. They say it’s simple, but it’s not.

I don’t recommend dropshipping as a starting point for newbies to make money online. It’s much more difficult than what these “guru’s” tell you, and the competition is fierce.

If you have experience online, and still wish to start a dropshipping e-commerce store, there are much better ways to learn the process, from credible sources. We’ll look at some of them below…


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How Does It Work?

is the silk road effect a scam

The videos are a general overview of how to set up your e-commerce store. No detailed information and not enough to really help you succeed.

This product has an interesting name, granted, though has nothing to do with the real silk road. Unless you’re expecting to create a trade route, or sell drugs on the black market, lol.

But because this product is about dropshipping, I guess you could consider it a trading route with Asia. Most people are buying their inventory from China these days.

But oh my, this product won’t work, lol. Let me share with you what I discovered…

The Video Is Ridiculously Hyped Up

We are never introduced to the owner. He doesn’t even give his name. The narrator is a paid voice-over actor, most likely from Fiverr. I have seen older reviews where they show a testimonial from a paid actress, but the video has since been updated and the testimonial took out.

I don’t think I’ve heard so many false claims, all in one place before, haha!

He starts off his video with a bang! Guaranteeing you could be a millionaire in 12 months or fewer. Wow! That’s too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

He then shows you his “proof” of income. Well, that’s probably fake, but even if it wasn’t, it’s most likely his gross income, not his profits. This is what many of these people do when they try to hype you up.

He quotes these incredible incomes, like $1,800 per day or $34,000 per month, but doesn’t tell you that’s probably the total before all your expenses. You’re lucky if you make 10% of that. And that’s from a well-known, profitable store.

He then goes on to say you don’t have to work to make this money. WHAT A LIE!

Please don’t believe that! Dropshipping is one of the hardest ways to make money online. It takes a lot of work and your competition are giants like eBay and Amazon.

What I really didn’t like was when he said not to believe the people that say there’s no such thing as “get-rich-quick”. He says that’s not true. That you can get-rich-quick.

NO NO NO! He’s just saying this to get you to buy his product. Please believe me, you WON’T get-rich-quick.

I wish there was a law against these outright lies. It’s not fair to all those who are simply looking to create an income online but have no experience to recognize the hype and lies.

This fellow goes on to say he’s developed a system that can make you millions. That’s funny! Dropshipping has been around for decades, and it’s certainly not new.

He has the usual scarcity tactics, hoping to get people to buy before even thinking about it:

  • You will never see this video again.
  • It will be taken down soon.
  • You will have no second chances.
  • This page will up for a very short time.
  • He only wants 20 more members.

Did you know this product was sold on Clickbank? That means it’s available to anyone, at any time. And it’s still there because the owner is hoping to make more money!

The Product Is Nothing Special

After watching a welcome video, you’re presented with an offer to get your free Shopify store. You’ll quickly discover that this is simply a free trial. After that, you have to pay monthly fees to continue, from $29 to $299 per month.

It then gives you access to the two upgrades.

BEWARE! These are one-click buttons, meaning as soon as you click, your credit card is charged!

The main product is a 3-page PDF, and old videos talking about dropshipping. Unfortunately, it’s an old PLR product. This means that the owner bought a pre-written product, sold with rights to sell it as his own. They are usually outdated and very generic.

Which it was, lol. For someone new to this industry, you’re not given enough detailed information to get you going. You will be relying on outside training.

If you do decide to use Shopify, they provide their own training, and you can be sure it’s always updated. My concern is the platform itself. It’s not as simple to use as they say, and there are the additional monthly costs.

I did some research on Shopify to find some user reviews, and there was a mix of both good and bad. But for newbies, these reviews should be read. Here’s some advice given from experienced entrepreneurs, on Quora:

  1. This person nicely explained how these “gurus” report gross income and not the actual “pocket money” they get, as well as all the additional costs to be aware of.
  2. This person tells you why most people fail at dropshipping.
  3. This person talks about the serious competition you have against industry giants.

The Shocking Upsell Discovery

These upsells are a complete scam. All you get are three ebooks amounting to less than $23.00 if you bought them yourself. These are PLR’s he’s bought and is selling back to you for $294.

Of Course, The Fake User Review

And what’s a low-quality product without its fake user review video on YouTube…

Notice how he never says the product’s name? That’s because they hire a video spokesperson from Fiverr, and have him read a generic script. That way they can use the video over and over again, with different products.

I laughed out loud when I found this one. Up until now, I’ve been seeing a different video, by a female, saying almost the exact same thing.

If you want to check it out, here are some of my other reviews with her.

Are There Better Alternatives?

Definitely. If this is your life’s dream, to open your own online store, then I would recommend better training courses.

  • Udemy – They offer close to 1,000 courses on dropshipping. I think you’ll find something you like here, lol. And you’ll usually find them for as little as $14.99. If you don’t see that price, wait for the next sale. They’re common!
  • Drop Ship Lifestyle – This is a high ticket course, but a legitimate one. If you’re serious about building this type of business, then you may want to consider their help. If I ever decide to open my own dropshipping store, this is probably the platform I’d use…
  • Store Coach – Is another legitimate program. Their training program is called Niche Blueprint and It’s less costly that DropShip Lifestyle.


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  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Low cost


  • Outrageous income claims
  • Lies about not needing much work
  • You will be required to do customer service
  • Requires upfront capital to purchase products
  • Many people have difficulty and lose money with Shopify


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

silkroadeffect will not work

Doesn’t it strike you as odd when someone says they’ve created a system to make you a millionaire, then turns around and sells it to you for $9? How generous, eh? LOL

This product is much too vague to truly help you build your own dropshipping store. It’s a much more detailed process that what’s described in these short videos.

When you see this kind of training, it’s most likely a PLR product, as I’ve mentioned earlier. PLR’s are cheap to pick up and easy to sell as your own product.

The ridiculous sales video is a dead giveaway to this “nearly” scam product.

And yet when someone new to the industry, is desperately looking to make money online, they can’t help themselves and think they’ve found their golden ticket to becoming rich.

And this is why my mission is to help people understand that these are lies and that there’s no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme. Especially with dropshipping. This is probably the most work extensive method to make money online.

Is Silk Road Effect a scam?   No, but close…   Would I recommend it?   NO

Dropshipping is a very real and viable way to make money online. If you have the experience, then you know all about building a store that’s SEO friendly, paid advertising, blogging, driving traffic to your store, etc.

On top of that, there’s locating wholesalers, paying for your inventory in advance, dealing with customer service, and many more considerations that aren’t mentioned in these videos.

Is dropshipping your sole desire? What if I told you there were much easier ways to make money online. Have you heard of affiliate marketing? That the easiest way to start a sustainable business, that can create you a passive income.

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

I’d love for you to come and check out where I learned from the best, and am still running my own successful business on their platform.

They have everything you need under one roof, so no bouncing around the internet to find additional training and tools. Their courses are continually updated for the most current strategies. Their tools are integrated right into the platform, for convenience and ease.

And best of all, you can sign up for a free starter membership to test drive the entire platform. That’s how confident they are you’ll love what you see and want to join. I decided that in only 2 days, lol.

I’ve been there since 2011 and love it. They’re a successful company that’s been online for over 15 years and now have over 1.4 million members. And it works! It really does.

If you click on the image below, you can read all about them. And when you sign up, I’ll be there to greet you and help you for as long as you need me to. See you soon!

my wa landing pic

So where did you first hear about the Silk Road Effect? Did it come to your inbox? Mine did. What do you think? Please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below, and I’ll get right back to you.