What Is The Lingo Blaster 2? Expand Your Reach For Leads & Sales

what is the lingo blaster 2

Are you looking for a way to reach a much larger market for your promotions? Is your YouTube channel limited to just the English-speaking world?

If so, you’re missing out on a large percentage of the global population. English consists of only 25% of all online searches. That leaves out 75% of people you’re not reaching with your videos.

If you’ve been searching online for a way to translate your videos, you may have come across this product. But what is the Lingo Blaster 2? Is it legit or just a scam?

Welcome to this review. I’m glad to see you researching these products before purchasing.

I want to show you what you can expect from the inside, show you how it works, and help you decide if this is right for you.

I’m not offering you a ton of bonuses like all the affiliates out there. Just my honest opinion and recommendations.

Would you like to learn how I created my own successful online income?

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What Is The Lingo Blaster 2?

what is the lingo blaster

This software allows you to translate your video into 100 popular languages for better ranking opportunities.

It was created by Ali G, Stoica, and Vlad M, and launched on JVZoo on February 16th, 2020.

Lingo Blaster 2.0 – $37

What’s Inside

Cloud Software

  • YouTube Accounts
  • Translate Videos
  • Rankerizer
  • Captionizer


#1: Ranking Machine

#2: Private Live Training Lesson


OTO #1: Lingo Pro – $47, downsell $27

OTO #2: Agency – $67, downsell $37

OTO #3: VMB Pro – $47

OTO #4: Video Spin Blaster – $37



Who Is This Software For?

for affiliate marketers and ecom businesses

This is an excellent way for any affiliate marketer or ecom business to reach a much larger global audience.

Because we already know that English is only used by a small percentage of people using the internet, we can vastly increase our reach online by simply sharing in other languages.

If your business relies on product or service promotion, via the use of videos on YouTube, this software could make a huge difference to your bottom line.


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How Does It Work?

this translates into foreign languages

Did you know that experts at Search Engine Watch say…

“The key benefit in SEO terms of translating a website/video for the domestic market is the lack of competition for keywords, so you can climb those search rankings much more quickly.”

Meaning, the more languages your videos can be found in, the better ranking you will get. The better the ranking, the more traffic and sales you’ll receive.

And this product claims to help you dominate page 1 with just 3 clicks.

Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

This product is an improved version of their first version. Thus the 2.0!

This version adds translated captions to your videos. And to help you rank even faster, they’re including 30 DFY (done for you) videos across multiple niches.

They claim:

  1. Only 25% of searches are made in English.
  2. YouTube is the 2nd biggest website in the world.
  3. YouTube has over 3 billion searches a month.
  4. 2.2 billion of those searches are in foreign languages.

The fact is 35% of videos are watched muted, and adding captions and subtitles are a must.

If those captions and subtitles appeared in the native language of the viewer, imagine how many more views you’d receive, let along optins and sales.

Other facts include:

  • More than 70% of all internet traffic is video.
  • YouTube watch time on mobile devices is growing by 60% per year.
  • 90% of users find videos helpful in making purchasing decisions.
  • 33% of all the time spent online is spent watching videos.

This software allows you to upload a single video, and rank for over 100 languages.

This can result in 3X more views, traffic and leads!

This will work for any niche, such as affiliate marketing, local businesses, ecom, and amazon.

All you have to do is follow 3 steps:

Step #1: Connect to your YouTube account and select the video you want to use.

Step #2: Choose the languages that you want to target and the software will automatically translate your video details.

Step #3: In no time your video will start ranking and you will get a load of foreign targeted traffic!

So far, this sounds great. Let’s see if the software does what they promise…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you access the dashboard, you’ll see that the first thing they recommend is watching the training video.

video blaster dashboard

There are tutorials for each section, and they will also pop up each time you select a new area.

YouTube Accounts

The first thing you’ll want to do is connect your YouTube account to the product. That will be all explained in the training video.

Translate Videos

Your next step is to translate your videos…

video marketing blaster pro is easy to use

Simply select the video you wish to translate, and then choose the languages you wish to have the software translate for you.

You can choose as many as you wish…

mass video blaster pro can do 100 languages

One important step is if you want to exclude anything from translation.

This is especially important if you’re promoting a specific product or service.

In this case, I didn’t want the product name “The Kibo Code” translated, nor did I want the actual link changed…

don't change links to coupon code

If the wording in your links gets translated, your links will no longer work.

After clicking on “next”, the system will start to translate your Title and Description into the languages you choose…

will translate into all the languages you chose

When the system is finished translating, click on “publish”.

When you head over to your YouTube channel and check your “subtitles” when in edit mode, you’ll see all the different languages published there…

one click to translate


After you’ve published your translations, you’ll have the option to rankerize your videos.

additional SEO with rankerize

What this step does is take the title of the video and paste’s it into the description box. This helps your ranking by adding these keywords, in different languages.

You will always have the ability to go back into each video and add or change more language selections.


This section is where you would translate your captions (subtitles you’ve added to the video) if you have any.

I recommend you add captions to all your videos for easier viewing. Remember, many people “mute” videos!

software will translate captions and subtitles

Make sure you select any text you don’t want to be translated and then click “publish”.

Now all your videos will have translated captions in all the languages you chose


#1: Ranking Machine

This PDF will teach you their shortcut method that will help you create and rank your videos in 30 minutes.

It shows you how to create your first video from scratch, upload it to YouTube, and rank on the first page, guaranteed!

#2: Private Live Training Lesson

This is a live training webinar to show you how to put Lingo Blaster on steroids.

Learn all of their tips and tricks to rank higher and faster.


OTO #1: Lingo Pro

This upsell gives you such features as:

  1. Adding multiple accounts
  2. 5 extra logins
  3. No publishing delays

You will also receive their exclusive bonus “Mass Video Downloader”.

This allows you to download copyright-free videos from YouTube and Vimeo, edit them in your own video editor, and upload them to your account.

This will save you time creating your own videos from scratch.

OTO #2: Agency

With this license, you can start using the software for clients and charge anything you want. You’re essentially the middleman charging for your services.

There will be training showing you how to post your services as well. This will help you find and sign up clients at will.

You will also get 10 DFY videos for the top local businesses as well as 10 DFY videos for the ecom niche.

Examples of a local business would be:

  • Dentist
  • Locksmith
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • and 7 more…

Examples of the ecom niche would be:

  • New TV’s
  • Washing Machines
  • New Product Reviews
  • and 7 more…

OTO #3: VMB Pro

This is the Video Marketing Blaster that will find you profitable keywords to target.

This system will reverse engineer the google ranking system by finding untapped keywords for your main niche.

It will then analyze your competitors by identifying all the weak points in their videos allowing you to exploit those weaknesses for your own.

It will also generate your SEO title, video description, and tags. Then all you have to do is translate them with the Lingo Blaster 2, and you’re ready to rank!

OTO #4: Video Spin Blaster

This is the fastest and easiest video creation software. It allows you to:

  • Create and render videos with a few clicks.
  • Spin your videos to generate thousands of unique copies to avoid duplication.
  • Use text to speech support with over 50 male and female voices in 10 languages. Now you can customize your text and audio on your videos.
  • Watermark your videos with your logo with just 2 clicks.


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Demo Video





My Concerns?

no concerns with this system

I have no concerns with this software. It does everything it claims and would be a great asset to your business.

I believe everyone with a YouTube channel should have the ability to translate your videos into many other languages.

Because YouTube is a global network, it’s important to have your promotions available in various languages.

This software makes the translation process quick and easy!

Out of curiosity, I researched video translation services to see what the companies charged for something like this…

  • GoTranscript – Depending on how fast you want your results, the price ranges from $.90 per minute to $2.50.
  • Click For Translation – This company charges $7 per minute for audio and video.

Many companies don’t list their prices but would have you ask for a quote.

In my opinion, the cost of Lingo Blaster 2 would pay for itself quickly, and save you much money in the end.




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Quickly translates and publishes
  • Great way to rank in additional languages
  • Will increase your overall leads and sales



  • I didn’t find any…



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I highly recommend wealthy affiliate for the best training

I believe this cloud-based software will not only help your overall business in leads and profits but will pay for itself quickly instead of paying outsourcing fees.

If you have a YouTube channel and promote products and services, this could be a vital asset for you.

The English language is only a small percentage of online searches, leaving out a vast majority of opportunities in other languages.

With being able to translate your videos into many other popular languages, gives you an advantage over any competition only using the English language.

Is Lingo Blaster 2.0 a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

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So how did you come across the Lingo Blaster 2? Did this review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.

Your friend,


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