The WP Smart Links Plugin

The WP Smart Links Plugin

Are you looking for a work-around so you can post your affiliate links on all social media sites? Are you having difficulty with links being banned?

The WP Smart Links Plugin says it can change your life for the better! But is this a legitimate claim or a scam?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s definitely legitimate. I have it myself, and it’s saved me both lost sales and a lot of time trying to come up with any alternatives.

In this review, we’ll go inside and see how it works. That way you can decide for yourself if this is right for you.

And if you need help with other aspects of your online business, come and see where I learned to succeed!

wp smart links review




What Is WP Smart Links?

this plugin is seo smart

This next-generation plugin will change all your links to look “natural” so that platforms like Facebook will no longer be blocked or banned.

It was created by Matt Garret and launched on Warrior Plus on March 3, 2020.

WP Smart Links – $37

What’s Inside

All Links

  • Lists all your links

Add Link

  • Enter Primary URL
  • Collects: Title, Description & Image
  • Advanced Settings – Add tracking pixel codes
  • Share directly to Facebook or Twitter
  • Add sub-tracking IDs


  • Number of clicks/unique clicks per link

Bridge Page

  • Brand your own re-direct page

Add-Ons (Upsell #1)


OTO #1: WP SmartLinks Pro – $17

OTO #2: Ultimate Ads Plugin – $27

OTO #3: WP Toolkit – $67



Who Is This Plugin For?

wp toolkit is for affiliate marketing

This WP plugin is for any online marketer who wants to promote their products on platforms other than their website.

I highly recommend this for affiliate marketers who are having trouble posting their links on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and others that continually ban affiliate or bonus page links.

I personally use a bonus page builder called Commission Gorilla, and Facebook automatically bans these links. But now I have no issues because of what this plugin can do.

The first upsell is also recommended if you have time-sensitive offers and want to monitor your links for any errors. It can save you many lost sales and make your life so much easier!


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How Does It Work?

works for product reviews, interlinking sites, and posting affiliate links

Wouldn’t it be awesome to no longer lose out on sales because Facebook blocked your affiliate link on its platform? More and more platforms are looking for and blocking these types of links.

Link shorteners like are no longer working for you. So now what?

Well, WP Smart Links has the answer.

Let’s see what the sales page says…

Sales Page

According to their research, many visitors will switch browsers before buying, or remove the affiliate ID portion of the link so that the affiliate doesn’t get paid.

Many affiliates are losing up to 30% of their potential commissions this way.

That’s just one way to lose out… Other ways include:

  1. Banned links from social media networks.
  2. Spam filters when performing email marketing.
  3. Ugly links that people will no longer click on.

So in total, you could be losing up to 60% of sales that could have, or should have been credited to you!

This is why Smart Links was created. It’s the first all-in-one link cloaker that has a powerful smart bridge technology that allows you to get more sales with retargeting.

It completely eliminates the risk of losing your commissions.

When you access this plugin, you get:

  • To use your own domain name. These look pretty and inspire confidence to your visitors.
  • A user-friendly WordPress plugin that’s easily uploaded.
  • To manage all your cloaked links in one place within your WordPress dashboard.
  • To easily change your link when offers expire or sites go down.
  • The ability to fully cloak your link which eliminates theft.
  • To dodge the spam filters when sending out your emails.
  • To avoid social media bans on affiliate links.

And the best part is that you can add a pixel on any affiliate link!

This allows you to collect valuable insights into your traffic. You can even use a Facebook Pixel…

This way, you can start retargeting people who’ve clicked on your links with Facebook ads. These are dirt cheap and your commissions could skyrocket.

Creating this type of targeted traffic and lookalike audiences will positively increase your bottom line!

This is the perfect answer for:

  • Bloggers – you can change multiple links in a second, right within your dashboard.
  • Affiliate Marketers – you can be sure that your links are seen and being able to add pixels.
  • Beginners – increase your chances to get sales so you’re not disheartened from the start.

Wow, I’m liking what I’m reading so far. Let take a look at the actual plugin…

Member Area/Dashboard

After you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive an email with all the links you need to download your plugin, the license key and video tutorials.

I highly recommend you watch this first.

The first video you’ll watch is the Installation Video. If you’ve never uploaded a plugin to your website yet, these instructions are very detailed and easy to follow.

Matt shows you exactly how to do this, and you’ll be ready to go in no time at all.

The second video is the “WP Smart Links FE Tutorial” and Matt walks you through how to set up your plugin.

You’ll be going into the “settings” to do this. There’s a one-time set up to rename the link slug (link name) if you wish. You can leave it as the default as well if you like.

link cloaker for wordpress

All Links

This section will show all the links you’ve created with your plugin.

bonus of sharing on fb and twitter

You also have the ability to instantly share your link on Facebook and Twitter, directly from the platform.

Add Link

The tutorial video is excellent to show you step by step how to set up your links. You have the option to change the title, description and image that would come up with your ad.

There is also instruction on adding a tracking pixel code to your link. You can add:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Pixel
  • Perfect Audience Pixel
  • or whichever service you use…

This way, whenever some clicks on your link, you have them in your retargeting list for future promotions. These people are those that you now know are interested buyers.

This section also allows you to share on Facebook and Twitter. Notice the blue area that lists your sub-links. You can get as detailed as you wish with these sub-links and all the data will appear in the “Reports” tab.

sub tracking ids to places like youtube, fb, or linkedin etc.

The plugin also makes you aware of avoiding the use of trademarked words such as “Facebook”. Using words like this will get your links disallowed… which makes sense, right?

If you still want to refer to these names, then use shortened terms like FB or TW, etc.


These reports can show you how many clicks you’re getting overall, and by the sub-link name you choose. This is a great way to test your links and see which ones are doing the best.

search your link by keyword for reports and broken link checker

So wherever you choose to post your link (you’re not limited to Facebook and Twitter…), you can now track each one!

Bridge Page

This is the most important part of this plugin.

When you try to post a link on social media, it looks for where your link is being redirected to. If that end page has in any way been flagged or black-listed, the platform is going to ban your link.

This plugin is going to create a bridge page that will show before the affiliate page, and this is what the social media sites will see.

And because these pages aren’t flagged, you’ll be able to share any affiliate link you want!

You can leave the default settings as is, and it will work just fine, or you can choose one and edit it to your liking.

There are 5 templates for you to choose from…

bridge page templates are ready to use with wordpress themes

This can be a one-time setup. You can customize the page with your logo and text, and keep using that same one each time.

Click on the template you wish to use, then click OK.

When you scroll down the page you will see a few areas you can edit if you wish…

edit your bridge page if desired

There are more advanced settings below this if you wish to change the text. But you would need to know how to use HTML code to make these changes.

The default templates are just fine as is, so don’t worry about the advanced settings if you don’t know how.

And of course, the video tutorial is excellent to show you how to make any changes.


OTO #1: WP SmartLinks Pro

This upsell will help your goal of making a lot more affiliate sales. Here are your benefits:

  • You can now set a start and end date for your links, perfect for promoting limited-time offers.
  • When the end date has passed, you can send your visitor to an alternative page.
  • Your links will be automatically monitored for 404 errors or downed pages, and be redirected to another page.
  • If your promotion is back online, the link will automatically switch back.

OTO #2: Ultimate Ads Plugin – $27

This plugin features 4 hands-free methods for easily monetizing any WordPress blog. Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Theme Ads – Instantly add up to 5 different ad widgets to your site. You can use them to add Google Adwords, Amazon ads, or banners to your posts and pages.
  2. Ad Bar – This uses the psychology trick of FOMO (fear of missing out) to draw attention and generate clicks. The bar mimics a pop-up blocker notification bar that literally forces your visitor to click on your ad.
  3. Pop Up Messenger – This little red flag signals a new message and gets people’s attention every single time. It grabs their attention and compels them to interact with your link.
  4. Pop Under – These are not like pop-up ads. These catch people when they least expect it. When your visitor clicks on anything on your blog, the plugin will open up your affiliate link behind their current browser window.

OTO #3: WP Toolkit – $67

This upsell gives you the right to use premium themes and plugins on multiple sites, including your client’s sites. Matt has gone through the work of compiling a selection of only premium stock, consisting of 380 WP themes and 250 WP plugins.

There is $25K worth of tools included in this Toolkit. And you can use them as-is, or create versions of them to sell.

You can even use them as bonuses for affiliate offers or optin incentives.


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Demo Video



My Concerns?

no concerns its the best wordpress plugins

You know what? I have no concerns with this plugin. It was created by a gentleman who has been working with WordPress sites for over 12 years and has been very successful with both his own sites and his clients.

Between the excellent customer service and the 30-day month back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.

I also highly recommend the first upsell for optimal use.  The remaining upsells are great as well but have nothing to do with the WP Smart Links plugin.  They are separate tools.




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Excellent step by step training videos
  • Easy to use
  • Fixes any social media link blocking



  • None that I have experienced



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

wealthy affiliate and wordpress plugins are the best together

This plugin is simply amazing. And I believe you will think so as well. Especially if you’ve been blocked by sharing any affiliate links (or bonus page links) on social media.

This tool has fixed this issue for me, and I can now post anything I wish on Facebook and any other platform.

The front end product works beautifully, but I highly recommend the first upsell for only $17. It gives you that much more flexibility, especially if you ever run limited time promotions or sales.

Is WP Smart Links a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

This plugin is every marketer’s dream, and can really help your promotions on platforms that usually block affiliate links.

This could increase your overall sales by quite a margin.

Do you have an affiliate marketing business set up yet? Or maybe you have and you’re struggling?

Let me help you…

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I learned everything about affiliate marketing. This platform is all-inclusive and the best online today.

And you can start for FREE, no credit card necessary.

Imagine how far you can go with your own business and a fantastic plugin like this. It makes promoting your affiliate offers so easy without fear of being banned.

Click on the button below, and you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you inside. And if you purchase this amazing plugin, I’ll be there to help you with any needs you have.

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So how did you come across my WP Smart Links plugin review? I’m assuming you’re needing something like this to make your marketing life easier, lol.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I’ll get right back to you.

Cheers for now,


P.S. Please share my post!