What Is The Inbox Blueprint 2.0? Why Are There No Negative Reviews?

What Is The Inbox Blueprint

Are you needing to jack-up your email marketing? Or maybe you haven’t even started one yet? And you’re hearing people say the “money is in the list”, or “each subscriber to your list is worth $1 per month”.

In today’s online marketing industry, email marketing is still the most lucrative and desired strategy. According to Statista.com, there were $3.7 billion global e-mail users as of 2017, and likely to remain one of the main marketing channels. In the USA alone, half of the marketers intend to raise their email spending budgets from $270 million in 2015 to $350 million in 2019.

That’s a lot of “millions”. Don’t you think it’s time to join the bandwagon?

OK, so now what? Where do you start? Have you heard of Anik Singal? He just upgraded his previous email marketing course to 2.0, which includes automated software. But you’re wondering what IS the Inbox Blueprint, to begin with? Is it worth the price of admission? Why are there no Inbox Blueprint negative reviews?

To find out why, I’d like to review:

  1. What the Inbox Blueprint is
  2. Who the course is designed for
  3. How the program works
  4. Pros and cons
  5. My thoughts and recommendations

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What is the Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

anik singal inbox blueprint reviewInbox Blueprint 2.0 is an email marketing course with automated software. It teaches you why email marketing is important and shows you how to build your own email-based business from scratch, using their point and click program.

Anik Singal (creator of IB and CEO of LurnNation) has 15 years experience in online marketing and teaches over 350,000 students around the world.

His specialties are product launches, funnel building, SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and business management consulting. Needless to say, he knows his stuff.

Inbox Blueprint 1.0 was first launched in January 2014. Anik launched it a second time in 2016. Though a successful product, Anik decided to create a new “click” automated software that automatically creates your opt-in pages (this is where you offer something in return for an email address).

It also delivers thank you pages, emails for your autoresponder, and lead magnets, all in one place, to run your campaign. He named it “LaunchPad”, and relaunched Inbox Blueprint 2.0 in March 2018.

Wow, really?! With a few clicks of the button, this software does everything for you? That’s impressive in itself!

Anik believes there are only five steps to answer your income problem. And this is what you will learn inside this course.

anik singal inbox blueprint review of his 5 steps


The courses are basically the same as before, but with updated videos, webinars, and training sessions.

The Inbox Blueprint cost is:

  • 3 payments of $397 or
  • a one-time payment of $997 (an almost 20% discount).

With your tuition, you have access to:

An eight-part video and PDF course:

  • a step by step, exercise-based training

The LaunchPad software which includes;

  • over 30 fully automated niches
  • over 4,000 opt-in templates
  • over 20,500 brandable content for emails or PDF’s
  • integration with Sendlane autoresponder

Lurn VIP membership (for 1 year):

  • access to 2 new pieces of training each month (total of 24)
  • 24/7 access to their community of experts and students
  • access to webinars

Traffic Academy:

  • training in the top 8 traffic strategies from guest blogging to Google advertising
  • more strategies added regularity

Six Week Fast Start Program

  • watch a business being built step by step
  • be lead to your first 1000 subscribers


Here’s a quick video demo of Launchpad


Who Is This Course Designed For?

This platform is for someone who wants to grow their business and create an automatic way to create income. It’s not a get-rich-quick method and requires work to achieve success.

Even though they say they’ve designed the course for beginners in digital marketing, I believe it’s geared more for people who have a basic understanding of online marketing techniques. Be prepared to hear a lot of marketing terminology, that may not necessarily be explained.

This could slow down your progress as you try to understand what they’re talking about, but with some research, could be overcome simply enough.

The ideal candidate would already have an online business with the desire to build an email marketing campaign or start additional businesses with email marketing alone.

Everyone will need to invest in other things once you purchase and start your course. You will need:

  • a domain name (approx. $15/year)
  • an autoresponder account (they provide you a 30-day free trial for Sendlane, their primary autoresponder used by launchpad – afterward $25/month for up to 1000 contacts, $49/month to 2500, $89/month for 5000, etc.)
  • paid traffic – (Solo ads to kick start your list – approx $.70/click so $175 for 250 unique clicks, etc.)

There are no guarantees that you will succeed with the Inbox Blueprint program. But then again, there are no guarantees with anything in life, except death and taxes, lol. But, if you invest the time, do the work, follow the blueprint, and attend all the training and webinars, you will see positive results.


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How Does This Program Work?

Anik believes that if you start at the beginning and take a roadmap through to the end, that you can be successful. Which is true of any online business. Learn by going step by step, and take consistent action.

The Blueprint layout is a structured, step by step course, broken down into eight modules. It contains video tutorials, PDF’s, worksheets, and of course, access to the Launchpad software.

Upon purchase, you will login to the member’s area and watch welcome videos by Anik Singal (the creator), Jeremy Bellotti (the Lurn transformation coach) and Dave Lovelace (the Lurn Team Director of Education).

As of this writing, there are 4 videos taking approximately 1 hour to watch all. An excellent way to learn what the training is about and how to navigate the dashboard.



This intro will give you the “long view” of the course and why you need to build a solid foundation. It teaches you what email marketing is, and how building funnels can generate a passive income. You will also be introduced to some coaches who will be helping you. (Not all the videos are by Anik himself).


The 8-Part Course

  1. what is the inbox blueprint 2.0 module 1 aboutAddiction Meter

In this first module, you will learn what a niche is, and why picking the wrong niche, to build a list and market products to, is a recipe for failure. You will learn how to pick the most profitable niches, that pay out the highest commissions, by doing proper research.

The exercises will help you learn how to pick your “hot” niche, through research with YouTube, Google, Amazon, ClickBank, and Magazines.com. You will then be directed to sites like ClickBank to select your product to promote, as well as be introduced to several other money making methods such as CPA (cost per action) or CPL (cost per lead).

    • Your exercise will be to decide on a niche
    • You then activate LaunchPad with your choice from 32 niches (continually updated).
    • Choose between a Quiz funnel or a classic Squeeze Page funnel.
  1. what is the inbox blueprint 2.0 module 2 aboutThe Bait

Now its time to create your “bait”. This is the free “something” of value (bribe) you offer in exchange for someone’s email. It’s your opt-in page. This can make or break your campaign, so you need to learn the anatomy of a successful page. Things like the page design, copyrighting, when to use a single vs a double opt-in, what data to collect, and creating a high converting PDF gift.

    • Your exercise will be creating your high converting PDF gift
    • Using LaunchPad, you can choose from over 4000-page combinations. Just point and click.
  1. what is the inbox blueprint 2.0 module 3 aboutThe TYP Method (Thank You Page)

This is one of the most important areas that email marketers ignore or forget. The thank you page is the step that builds trust with your audience. You’ll learn the secret behind it and how to structure it correctly. Once it’s written out, you’ll learn how to apply it on ClickBank.

This page itself can start earning you revenue as soon as you get subscribers. They will help you choose a great TYP offer and show you how much you could actually earn with this page. Anik will also discuss a transitional page, which is optional to use.

    • Your exercise will be to choose your offer and design your page.
    • Choose between a Segway page (to help pre-sell your lead before sending them to your affiliate link) or a Timer page which has timer count-down.
  1. what is the inbox blueprint module 4 aboutThe Email Machine

Module four is all about autoresponders and how they automate your business. You’ll learn how to set them up, about tracking statistics, and the type of messages you can send (content, promotional, newsletters, etc).

They will recommend several autoresponders like Aweber and GetResponse, but if you want to use Launchpad, you will have to subscribe to Sendlane. This is the one integrated into Launchpad. Your first month is free but then continues at a monthly cost to you.

    • Your exercise will be to set up your autoresponder and click tracker
  1. what is the inbox blueprint module 5 aboutEmail List Relationship

To create any type of income from your email list, you need to develop a relationship with and nurture your readers. This module teaches you how to engage with your readers so that they’ll want to read it.

You’ll learn about providing quality content, subject lines, when to promote items and why, and how long to promote (10 days? 1 month?). Should you use low, mid, or high ticket items? And finally, how to avoid any spam filters and the promotions tab.

This how-to module is probably one of the most important ones in the course. Learning to know your subscribers, what to write, and how to write to them, will make you much more money.

    • Use Launchpad to set up your automated messages
  1. what is the inbox blueprint module 6 aboutPayday Secrets

Module six will show you additional strategies to create multiple streams of income.

Whether it’s finding more affiliate programs, creating and promoting your own products or webinars, or promoting event-based marketing, you will learn how to monetize your list and sustain your business.

    • Your exercise will be to pick offers you think your readers will enjoy, by adding bonuses or your own product.
  1. what is the inbox blueprint module 7 aboutEasy Traffic

Without traffic, all your hard work is useless. This module shows you the different ways you can send traffic to your offer. Both free and paid. Anik’s free strategies include guest blogging, forum, and blog commenting, Twitter and Yahoo Answers. His paid strategies include Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Training.

His recommendation is to use Solo Ads to accelerate your list. He will teach you how to negotiate with solo ad vendors, using his own techniques. Expect to pay an additional cost to acquire solo ads, and several hours per day performing traffic gaining strategies.

    • Your exercise will be spending time acquiring both paid and free traffic using the recommended strategies.
  1. what is the inbox blueprint 2.0 module 8 aboutUnlimited Success

In this final module, you’ll get an overview of everything you’ve covered so far, and what metrics to watch. Anik will share with you his secret to increasing deliverability and open rates, getting better conversions, and what to do when things don’t work out.


Additional Resources

Over and above the 9-part course and the launchpad, Anik is offering you bonuses.

inbox blueprint members get 1 year free membershipBonus #1 – Lurn VIP 12 month membership

With the 12-month free membership, you get:

  1. Training, directly from Anik Singal, including live Q&A.
    • covers topics like Facebook ads, e-commerce, email marketing, SEO, etc…
  2. Free access to their private Facebook community for support and motivation
  3. Access to coaches

inbox blueprint members get the course Traffic AcademyBonus #2 – Traffic Academy

  1. Learn to master the top 8 traffic strategies
  • With more being added regularly
  • Includes both free and paid traffic
  1. Anik shares his knowledge acquired from the world’s traffic experts

Bonus #3 – 6 Week Fast Start Program

  1. inbox blueprint members get a 6 week fast start programYou’ll get a 6-week program of over the shoulder training for your first 1,000 subscribers
  2. Watch them build a business using the Inbox Blueprint model, right in front of you.



  • The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is a structured, step by step program that leads you by the hand through each module.
  • Training provided in both video, and text.
  • The Launchpad software literally does everything for you. A big time-saving feature.
  • Can build up to 10 businesses with Launchpad.
  • Access to 30 of the most profitable niches.
  • Thousands of proprietary, unique articles continually being added.
  • There are no upsells.
  • 12 months of unlimited support.
  • Access to Anik himself.
  • Access to their community of students.



  • The overall cost of using this program is high for a beginner in online marketing. It requires a significant investment before getting any ROI (return on investment).
  • Launchpad has integrated Sendlane as the autoresponder. If you wish to use the Launchpad, you are required to use Sendlane. If you select a list you’re already using, the system will override your existing autoresponder. The cost of Sendlane could have a higher monthly cost than the one you’re currently using.
  • The Launchpad templates are used over an over again, saturating the market with the same ads.  This duplicate content could hurt your business.
  • If you enter the program with no previous email list, the cost of solo ads can get expensive.
  • Difficulties may arise without any online marketing experience.
  • No Free Trial


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Thoughts and recommendations

I believe the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 program can be very effective for persons wanting to build email marketing businesses, or grow their own existing business. Anik Singal himself uses these systems for his businesses. Though his desire is to make money as well, he seems genuinely motivated to teach you the best practices for email marketing.

And this is why we don’t see negative reviews online. It’s a proven method that has worked for many people.

That being said, I also believe that this program would be best used by people who already have some online marketing experience. There is a large learning curve for understanding all the techniques and terminology related to this industry, and I think someone coming in with no previous experience or knowledge, will find it difficult to keep up.

To build a solid foundation for any online business, you need to learn from the ground up. Anik states he teaches you this, but only the ground up for email marketing. There are so many more facets to online marketing and many more methods of monetizing your business. Email marketing is only one method.

If you already have experience but haven’t started your own email list, then this is certainly a great way to learn. Just be prepared to accept the concept “you need to spend money to make money!”. If not, this isn’t for you.

Like any business model, this will take time to create a passive income. You can’t get rich overnight. If you invest the time, work, money and more time, you should be able to achieve success. Anik Singal is a well-known, successful entrepreneur, and I believe his products work. I have no issue recommending this product, as long as you’ve read my review…:)


If you’re a beginner to this industry, then I wholeheartedly advise you to get your feet wet first. Learning how to build a business from “idea” to “profit” is a vital first step.

In which case I would recommend a wonderful platform, that you can join for free! You will learn how to build your online business from scratch, and apply your knowledge to create incomes from many methods, not just email marketing. It’s always important not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Click on the picture below to read about my best recommendation.


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Do you have any online experience yet? Have you tried email marketing and just can’t make a go of it?

Let me know in the comments below. And if you have any questions, that’s the place to ask…

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