What Is The Easy Retired Millionaire? (Review) Really? Again?

What Is The Easy Retired Millionaire?

Are you looking for ways to make money online? If you’ve been searching, you probably have come across a product called Easy Retired Millionaire. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

But what is the Easy Retired Millionaire? Is this legit or just another scam with an interesting name?

That’s why I’m writing this review for you. And I’m so glad you’re researching these products before purchasing. A very wise decision!

I want to show you what to expect. I’ll show you what’s inside, how it works, and then give you my honest recommendation OK? By the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

But before you start, let me ask you something. Are you tired of trying to find something legitimate? Wouldn’t you love to bypass all the sketchy stuff and just be able to start on the right foot?

Well, I can help there too. I can show you where I learned all about online marketing, and have success with my business. Come and check it out!

easy retired millionaire review - rating


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What Is The Easy Retired Millionaire?

what is the easy retired millionaire secret system about

This product claims that with just 12 clicks of a mouse, you’ll be getting commissions funnelling into your bank account, with no extra work. But the reality is quite different…

Easy Retired Millionaire – $47

What’s Inside

Step 1: Emergency Cash Generator (Videos)

  1. Emergency Cash Generator Pt. 1 – 2014
  2. Emergency Cash Generator Pt. 2 – 2014
  3. Copy This Easy Method
  4. Forgotten Traffic Plan – (2012)
  5. Effective List Building Blueprint – 2013
  6. Clickbank Takeover Part 1

Step 2: Facebook Article Sharing

  • Using your Clickbank and Facebook account, share their articles with Payzeno ads for 70% commissions.

Ebook Downloads

  1. 7 Secrets of Affiliate Marketing – By Kathy Graham
  2. Power of Article Marketing – By Captian Timothy Gorman, US Army
  3. Affiliate Directories

Tools and Updates (PLR’s)

Knowledge Base

Consists of the three most asked questions with answers.

Expected Costs

  • Domain name – $15 per year
  • Website hosting – $30 per month and up
  • Autoresponder – $20 per month and up


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Who Is It For?

No one!! The biggest reason is that this product is way too outdated. Much of the information you get isn’t usable in today’s industry.

And other than getting paid pennies for surveys and online jobs, you’re certainly not going to make thousands of dollars. Pocket change, yes, but that’s about it.

Some techniques they show you are no longer tolerated by many social media platforms. It’s spamming and would be dangerous for you to perform.

I believe this information was even outdated when it was first released as Instant Payday Tricks in 2016, LOL.

This product is definitely not worth $47.


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How Does It Work?

This product has been renamed and relaunched from an old 2016 product called Instant Payday Tricks. It’s exactly the same!! And that product was outdated for 2016 as well, lol.

The video presentation goes on about a fully automated system that can make you thousands of dollars with no work. It doesn’t tell you what the system is or how it works. It just goes on about how his students are making money.

He is hoping to get you all excited about getting rich. These are typical psychological tactics to hype you up and persuade you to buy the system without thinking about it first.

But there are the usual red flags that told me right away that none of this is true. Let me walk you through them so that you can recognize them with other products, OK?

The Video Is Ridiculous!

Red Flag #1

You don’t know who the owner is. Personally, I don’t trust any product that’s not introduced by the real owner. What does he have to hide? Why doesn’t he want to take credit for his “system”?

It’s because it’s junk and he knows it, LOL.

If this product were legit and was actually helping people, I would think he’d be proud enough to show himself. Instead, he stays hidden and is just trying to make money off of inexperienced people.

Red Flag #2

There are many testimonials in this video, and they are all FAKE! These product creators go to sites like Fiverr and hire video spokespersons to read a script. Let me show you…

retired millionaire system uses fake testimonials

easyretiredmillionaire uses fake testimonials

And remember that romantic video of the couple in a boat, in Venice? The owner pretended that was him and his wife? Well… yup! Another fake. Its video stock from Shutterstock.

retired millionaire program has a fake owner

Red Flag #3

Once you get inside, you realize that the video is one big LIE. There’s nothing automated. There are random videos about different money making methods, and all are ridiculously outdated!

The video claimed that they would find the opportunities, and you would get paid. Ya, sure…

Red Flag #4

He uses scarcity tactics to push your decision along. He claims there are only 15 spots left. That’s ridiculous because this is a Clickbank product and available to everyone and anyone who wishes to buy.

And believe me, the owner won’t take it down as long as he’s making money off of it, lol.

Red Flag #5

He says you don’t have to deal with a website, advertising, or marketing & sales.

These are all blatant lies!

In order to have the advertising landing pages, and create your own email lists, you will need paid services to accomplish this.

  1. In order to build your website, you will need a domain name.
  2. You will need a hosting service to park your website.
  3. You will need an autoresponder to capture your email addresses.

And these are just the minimum expenses.

He’s created your account??

I have no idea what he’s trying to show you when he said he’s created your account at the beginning of the video. And then proceeds to show you how much you’ve made over 10 minutes.

It has nothing to do with the product. So I’m totally confused about that, haha. Another “poor” marketing tactic…

The Product Is Dismal…

So where’s the automation? Didn’t he say everything was automated?

I have no idea where he gets his 12 clicks either, lol. And the information you receive is for strategies that all take work. Nothing automated about it.

Let’s go through the member area…

Step 1 is a series of six videos, discussing:

  1. How to use a site called Cash Crate. This is a reward earning site where you can do surveys, doing small side jobs online or delivering food etc, earn point rewards doing various online jobs, or money back with shopping. You will only make pocket change with these suggestions.
  2. How to use Craig’s list and essentially spam the site with your ads. This is so outdated. You’re no longer allowed to do this and would be penalized. He suggests you spam Craig’s List with fake ads of cars which are then linked to a Clickbank product. Then they have to pay a membership fee to join an auction site to buy cars. TOTALLY BAD ADVICE!
  3. Article marketing and blog commenting. The only problem is that some sites he suggests using are no longer there. Did you know that some of these methods were discouraged as far back as 2014?

This video below is by Matt Cutts of Google. He explains how it’s no longer effective…

  1. List building which is a great way to create an email list for further promotions. Be aware that this video is from 2013 and there have been significant changes to the way you ask for your visitor’s email addresses.
  2. Clickbank? The last video, which is only part 1, haha, is a 3-minute video telling you what Clickbank is! This alone shows you how old this product is, LOL.

All of these videos are very old and outdated. I’ve found links to some of them, and added them above for you under “What Is The Easy Retired Millionaire?”.

There are snippets of information that can be useful, but you’ll have to pick through the information to find something that’s relevant to today’s methods of marketing and advertising.

Some information is just plain wrong! There’s no way you should be spamming sites like Craig’s List, or Facebook, or anywhere. There are rules in place today that prevent that, and not only will you ruin your reputation, but you’ll be blocked from these sites.

Step 2 is Facebook article sharing…

OK, I had a little hope here, but alas this is just not usable. They tell you that if you have a Clickbank and Facebook account, then you’re ready to use their simple system. Ya sure…

The system is sharing ads found on the site called Payzeno.

This is an old site that hasn’t been updated since 2016.

When I checked it out, of their “top 5” products, 4 were no longer available. I checked out more and found that about 90% of them were no longer available. The ads were taken down and domain names were back up for sale.

This was the only automated system I could find. You would add your Clickbank affiliate ID to the add, and then post them onto Facebook.

Have you noticed that Facebook has drastically changed their algorithms to prevent spamming?

Not only is this marketing method no longer recommended, but your reputation would severely suffer.

The Downloadable Ebooks are just articles…

A little research here and I had to laugh. These aren’t ebooks, they’re articles that can be found online. For instance, the first one called 7 Secrets of Affiliate Marketing is a post written by Kathy Graham.

I’m not sure if the second article is still up. I couldn’t find it, but I did see a lot about Captain Timothy Gorman, lol.

And the third one called Affiliate Directories? Again, this is an old list. You will find a much more updated list by simply Googling it.

The Tools & Updates are old PLR’s…

A PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which means that an author wrote these ebooks, and is selling the rights for customers to buy then turn around and sell them as their own.

It’s a legitimate practice, but you’ll often find those low-quality products like this use old, outdated ebooks they probably had on hand for some time.

These ebooks are at least 4 years old and outdated. They are basic overviews of

  • Your business mindset
  • Using email marketing with squeeze pages
  • Using a sales funnel to create your email list
  • How to approach video marketing

Again, there have been significant changes in the way these processes are done today. All of these PLR’s were OK for 2015, but not today. You will have to weed through the information to find anything useful if there’s any at all.

The Knowledge Base is laughable…

Really? Just three questions with answers? Guess what they are…

Question #1: I noticed the Payzeno product categories get updated. How often are they updated

Answer: Every day

Hahaha, nope!

Question #2: Can I get a refund?

Answer: Yes

If you want a refund, go through Clickbetter. Not to be confused with Clickbank. It’s always better to go through the affiliate network where you purchased it from than from the product owner. They tend to hassle you about not refunding it.

Question #3: Am I guaranteed to make money using Easy Retired Millionaire?

Answer: While we can’t guarantee it, how could you not if you implement the make money loopholes in our training. (summarized)

This entire product is simply ridiculous in my opinion…

There is no way you’ll be able to generate $1K to $2.5K every single day, using this product.


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  • 60-day money back guarantee



  • Outrageous income claims
  • Outdated information
  • Insufficient training
  • The main system is not free
  • Old product, new name


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

is the easy retired millionaire a scam?

It really frustrates me to see marketers promote such low-quality products. Especially this one! It’s so heavily outdated that it’s practically useless.

And it’s the people who are totally inexperienced that are falling for this crap.

This product has no business being sold any longer. It’s owners like this who make a bad name for affiliate marketing. This industry is an amazing way to create a passive income when done properly.

The truly successful marketers are those who are honest and want to deliver valuable help for people’s problems. In this case, it’s people who are wishing to make extra money online. But these scammy marketers are just taking advantage to line their own pockets. It’s very maddening.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam?   Close, but no

Would I recommend it?   No Way!

This guy seems to have found random videos off of YouTube and put them together as his “secret” money making system. I have to wonder if the owners of these videos and articles know their work is being sold as part of a lousy product?

If you are serious about creating an online income, there are much better ways to do this. Legitimate ways that help people. And when you do, you develop relationships with your readers and create a loyal following.

Can I recommend to you the way that I learned and succeeded?

I would love for you to come and see the platform I trained on, and run my business on to this day. They have everything you need under one roof. No skipping from site to site, making pennies for all your hard work.

  • They offer a lot of training about online marketing, that’s always updated to the current strategies.
  • They provide all the tools you need to succeed, integrated right into the platform.
  • The co-founders are transparent and are active on the platform each day.
  • And most importantly, they have an extremely large, active and supportive community. And no, it’s not Facebook, lol. It comes in many forms from blog comments, to a live chat area!

You never have to worry about upsells or price increases. When you choose to become a Premium member, it’s one price. It’ll never go up.

The best part? You can create a FREE starter membership, no credit card needed. And you get to test drive the whole platform for 7 days, then have limited access until you join up. The training you get in those 7 days complete enough to get your business up and running. You really have nothing to lose!

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll greet you on the inside. I’ll be there to help you as long as you need me to. See you soon!

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So where did you hear about the Easy Retired Millionaire? In your inbox? I’m amazed it’s still being promoted, lol.

If you have any more questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.