What Is The CPA Eagle? Can This Really Fly?

What Is The CPA Eagle?

Are you looking for a way to make money online? Have you thought about CPA Marketing?

If you’ve been researching what this method is, you’ve probably come across this new product. Question is… what is the CPA Eagle? Is this software legit? Or is it just another online scam?

I’m glad you’re asking these questions and glad to see you here researching. It’s important to check out these products just in case.

I know it’s cheap, but why waste money if you don’t have to.

My desire is to show you what you’re getting, how it works, and if it’s right for you. By the end of my CPA Eagle review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision, OK?

And if you’d like to know where I learned how to create my own successful online income, check this out!

What is the cpa eagle review - rating




What Is The CPA Eagle?

this is cpa software

This product can be found on WarriorPlus and was created by Ram Rawat, who is very successful with CPA marketing.

It claims to be a software and training program that allows you to make passive income without selling anything.

CPA Eagle – $29.95, downsell $27.95

What’s Inside

Welcome Video


  • Quick Start Installation Video
  • Software Training Video #1 – CPA Eagle Walk Through
  • Software Training Video #2 – Niche Sniper
  • Software Training Video #3 – Network Sniper
  • Software Training Video #4 – Country Sniper

CPA Training Videos

  • Training Intro
  • Access to CPA Resources (Link)
  • Module #1 – Sign Up To CPA Networks
  • Download The Questionnaire (Link)
  • Module #2.1 – High Converting CPA Offer Selection (Manually)
  • Module #2.2 – Leverage The CPA Offer Selection Using Software
  • Module #3 – Decide Your Funnel
  • Module #4.1 – Create Your Funnel Part 1
  • Module #4.2 – Create Your Funnel Part 2
  • Module #5.1 – Traffic Introduction
  • Module #5.2 – $100 Free Ad Credit
  • Module #5.3 – Google Ad Campaign Type
  • Module #5.4 – Search Type Campaigns Part 1
  • Module #5.5 – Search Type Campaigns Part 2
  • Module #5.6 – Display Type Campaign Set Up Part 1
  • Module #5.7 – Display Type Campaign Set Up Part 2
  • Module #5.8 – Remarketing


#1 – $1000/Day In CPA Marketing Live Training

  •  It was live on Oct 1st, now you’re watching a recording.

#2 – CPA Check List

  • Download

#3 – CPA List Domination

  • CPA and Bing Ads Guide

#4 – Access To Facebook Mastermind Group


#1 – PPC Ad Wizard – $27 (with bonus CPA method), downsell $17 (without bonus)

#2 – Done For You CPA Campaigns – $37 (10 campaigns), downsell $27 (5 campaigns)

#3 – 5 CPA Case Studies – $27 (5 videos), downsell $17 (3 videos)

#4 – Reseller Rights – $27, downsell $17

Expected Costs

  • Funnel Builder (no website) ClickFunnels – $99/month to $297/month
  • Funnel Builder (with a website) Thrive Themes – $19/month
  • Aweber email capture service – $19/month and up
  • Bluehost (website & hosting) – $7.99/month and up



What Is CPA Marketing?

According to Techopedia,

“Cost per action (CPA) is an online advertising marketing strategy that allows an advertiser to pay for a specified action from a prospective customer.”

This means that the customer you send the advertiser (the one making the offer), must perform a specific action in order for you to get paid.

This action doesn’t need to be a sale. It could be a click (CPC), or providing a lead (CPL).

Some actions can be as simple as submitting a form, requesting contact, signing up to a newsletter, or registering for something.

But you’ll find that the more lucrative offers usually involve a sale.

Advertisers like this method because they never have to pay out for bad referrals.

Affiliates are only paid commissions when they deliver good referrals.

This, in turn, encourages affiliates to create strong campaigns. Not only to make money but to reduce their advertising costs.



Who Is This Software For?

CPA Eagle can be used by anyone who is interested in performing CPA marketing. It’s a real way to make money, but usually requires a lot of testing, time, and money.

This software, though, can be a time-saving tool for you in that process.

Instead of you manually going through each CPA network, to find all the stats you need to narrow down your choices, this tool does it all for you.

And the training inside is very well done. It’s a great way for beginners to start their journey with CPA marketing.

This is only a tool, OK. It still requires work on your part and an advertising budget!

But if you’re serious about this method of affiliate marketing, and for its low cost, I believe it could help you get your feet wet.


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How Does It Work?

cpa marketing is also affiliate marketing

CPA Marketing is a real way to make money online but requires training so that you’re not wasting money on your money on advertising.

When I came across this product’s sale page, I was quite impressed with what it had to say.  Let me share it with you…

Sales Page

It claims to provide training for all aspects of creating your very own CPA campaign. And then teaches you how to bring traffic to your funnel.

And along with the training, this software system can help find the right offers to promote in any niche and discover those with the best ROI (return on investment) from around the globe.

What I liked is that you can choose from many niches, within the 5 top CPA network, then compare the payouts to find the most lucrative offers.

You can also target over 34 non-English speaking countries, which many marketers overlook. This not only gives you extra markets but lowers your competition.

The owner says that to achieve real success, you need to learn the 4 pillars to become successful.

Pillar #1: Road Map To Success

  • Ram suggests that if you follow his full guide, you’ll cut your time in half for finding the best offers.
  • His roadmap shows you how to get accepted to CPA networks.
  • His software shows you those offers with the best payouts.
  • CPA Eagle will also find those offers with less competition and better conversion rates.

Pillar #2: Building Your CPA Machines

  • Ram’s over the shoulder videos show you how to set up your own campaigns.
  • The training is all step by step for faster learning.

Pillar #3: Learning & Building Your Funnels

  • You can copy his proven funnels and use them in any niche you choose.
  • Your funnels can be built quickly with tested and proven offers.

Pillar #4: Mastering The Traffic

  • You’ll learn how to master Google Ads.
  • You can re-market to reduce your traffic costs.
  • Learn how to attract quality traffic for quicker results.
  • Ram will show you how to claim your $100 free ad credit with Bing.

And of course, there are always the “Proofs of income” added to the sales page. I always struggle with these because there’s no way to know if they’re real and true!

this dfy software makes money easy for beginners

Yes, it’s entirely possible, but… There’s also the chance it won’t. It really depends on the offer, your funnels, your chosen keywords, etc

Let’s take a look inside…

Member Area/Dashboard

Once you entered the member area, you’ll want to start with the training modules. The welcome video talks about your mindset, which is always a great place to start.

The Videos are all step by step, over the shoulder style training. They’ll show you how to set up the software as well as leverage its use.

The whole idea of using this software is to find offers you wouldn’t normally find on your own in CPA networks.

These networks tend to push those offers which are converting well, but then everyone is promoting the same offers.

Finding smaller offers in obscure niches can make you money because no one else is going after these.

Once you have the software installed, this is what it looks like…

cpa marketing is good for Youtube as well

You’ll see the three sections you can search within:

  1. Niche Sniper
  2. Network Sniper
  3. Country Sniper

Niche Sniper

This first section if for choosing offers with your niche.

A popup will ask you to choose a niche and the number of pages you wish to compile. This is what came up with the niche “Diet”.

these searches are good for newbies

The software will show you:

  • The Niche chosen – this is the name you initially typed in.
  • The offer name – This not only gives you the name but also if it’s local or international.

searches are international

  • The payout amount – Your affiliate commission for the action taken.
  • The offer type – The type of action needed.
  • The category – All categories the product is listed under.
  • Network – The CPA network who hosts the offer.
  • Last Update – Dates when the offer was last updated.

All of these stats will help you narrow down which CPA offers you want to use.

Pro Tip – It would be best to choose those offers who’ve been most recently updated.

The training will show you how to sign up with CPA networks.

Network Sniper

This section will look for offers within your chosen CPA network.

cpa networks that are proven successful

The software gives you 6 CPA networks to choose from:

  1. ClickDealer
  2. Maxbounty
  3. CrakRevenue
  4. RingPartner
  5. Aragon Advertising
  6. Toro Advertising

You will see the same headings as before, to help you make your choices.

Country Sniper

This section targets searches for your country of choice.

invest in a niche in another country

As you can see, it covers almost every country in the world. It will search just those offers that can be promoted there.

And of course, you’re given the same stats as before to make your choices easier.

All of these lists can be saved and downloaded to a CSV file for future use!

So instead of making the same searches over again, your saved lists will save you much time. The CSV file can be opened in Google Docs or Excel.

Here is the creator’s demo video for you to watch…


The bonuses you get inside the system are all for further training and help.

The first bonus is a live (recorded) webinar with a 6-figure CPA marketer. You can learn many pieces of additional gems to help with your CPA campaigning.

The second bonus is a checklist for you to follow along with. This list will help you perform the steps in the right order. That’s important if you want to copy his success.

The third bonus will show you how to get buyers from Bing, which is the world’s second-largest search engine. He’ll also show you how you set up your first campaigns for free with sign-up credits!

The fourth bonus is very important. Joining a group of individuals who are all like-minded and working on the same methods is indispensable. Support for beginners can make the difference between quitting and success.


#1: PPC Ad Wizard

This first upsell is a tool that allows you to spy on your competitors. You can use it in any niche, and see what ads, landing pages, site links or ad extensions they’re using to promote their own offers.

It can also help you find more keywords with its Keyword Merger feature, for even better results.

#2: Done For You Campaigns

If you choose this upsell, you’ll receive 5 done for you packs which contain 2 campaigns each.

So that’s a total of 10 affiliate CPA campaigns that include landing pages, VSLs, review videos, offer details, and email swipes.

#3: CPA Case Studies

These case studies will show you the details of the exact offers that were created. It will show you the landing pages that were used, images, exact Google Adwords, as well as the full details about targeting.

These studies will be covering the top 5 niches and revealing everything you’d need to know to create your own successful campaigns.

#4: Reseller Rights

Buying this upsell gives you the opportunity to sell the CPA Eagle as your own product.

You can either set up the offer to buy on your website or simply continue to promote the product for 100% commissions.


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My Concerns

you must pay for your traffic

I have no concerns about this product or how it performs. I think it can save you a lot of time when searching for your own CPA offers.

#1: Keyword Research

The only true concern I have with this product is your learning about keyword research. There is no training on this, and it’s an important aspect of finding enough traffic for your campaign.

Keywords are the one thing that you need to get right if you want people to find your ads. If you don’t pick the right keyword, you’ll end up on page 10 of Google. No one will find you there!

#2: Advertising Costs

This can be a great way to make money, once you know what you’re doing. But you need money to make money!

The advantage of finding offers in smaller niches can be a big advantage due to smaller amounts of competition. This, in turn, brings down the cost of keywords for your ads.

But you will still have to pay for these keyword clicks, whether the visitor buys or not.

Do you have some available funds to pay for these advertising costs upfront? Hopefully, you’ll be able to cover these costs quickly, but you must be prepared in case.

#3: Added Expenses

This tool is relatively cheap, yes, but you still need other tools to create your campaigns.

  • Do you have a website yet? If not, you can use services like Clickfunnels which host your funnels on their servers. This will run you at a minimum of $97 per month.
  • If you have a website, which means you’re already paying for your domain name and hosting, you will still need some way to create your landing pages. Some themes may include this option, but not many.

Therefore you’ll need a plugin to do this. I highly recommend Thrive Themes.

I personally use them for my business and they are top-notch. You can buy individual plugins, or become a member and have access to everything for only $19 per month.

  • And finally, you will need an email capture service and autoresponder. Creating your own email list is an important asset to have, and gives you the ability to promote even more products and services.

Again, I highly recommend Aweber.

If you are working within the affiliate marketing niche, which is what CPA is, you’ll need an autoresponder that accepts affiliate marketers, which Aweber does.

Many don’t, and if you attempt to use them because they’re cheap, and they find out later on… you’ll get shut down and lose all your leads. It’s not worth the risk.




  • Low Cost
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Step by Step Video
  • Potential to make money



  • Requires upfront advertising budget
  • Need some technical skills



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I believe CPA Eagle is a great tool to help you with your CPA marketing business. It’s also something you could add to your current online business for an additional income stream.

The software is inexpensive, and if you don’t like what you’ve gotten, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I especially like the fact that he has a private Facebook group for his members. Having a support group is very important for your success. As long as it’s active, anyway, lol.

Is CPA Eagle a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

There are so many products available online, some good and some bad. Many promise you overnight riches, and of course, you should stay away from those.

Just remember that many of these are tools and work best with an already existing business. Finding new income streams is the best way to create a passive income.

Have you started an online marketing business yet? Would you like to?

Online marketing is an amazing way to earn financial freedom. You can work from home, or anywhere there’s an internet connection.

I have many friends who have quit their day jobs because their online businesses are making them more money.

And it’s not hard to learn. If I can do it, anyone can!

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

If you haven’t started your own online business yet and would like to learn how from the ground up, then please come and see where I learned and where I run my business to this day.

This platform has all the training, tools you need to get going, without having to get any 3rd party services.

You will learn many affiliate marketing methods, and most importantly, you’ll be able to start driving traffic for free.

CPA is a great way to earn money, but it costs upfront to make anything.

Why not learn how to drive free traffic to your offers first. Then, when you’re making an online income, you can start to re-invest into paid advertising.

The best part is you can create a starter membership for FREE!

If you click on the button below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll greet you one the inside and help you for as long as you need me to.


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So how did you hear about CPA Eagle? What do you think about it? Would you like to try?

Let me know your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.



P.S. Please share!