My Lead Gen Secret Review – An Honest “Must Read”

My Lead Gen Secret Review

Are you looking for an easy way to grow your email list? Or possibly looking for an easy way to perform affiliate marketing? If so, I’m sure you’ve come across this product.

I’ve come across it myself and decided to purchase it and write the “My Lead Gen Secret” review for you. I have to admit I was very curious, and for such a low price, I’m giving it a try.

I’m writing my review after just purchasing, and promise to come back and let you know how it goes.

But in the meantime, I’ll show you what’s inside, and how it works. Then you’ll be able to make your own decision as to if it’s something you’d like to try.

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What Is My Lead Gen Secret?

This builds leads for affiliate marketing 2019

This is a lead generation system, created by Jim Harmon. This website was created in Feb 2018 and launched shortly after.

He claims to deliver to your account, 100-200 leads per day, which you can email with the built-in mailer in the system.

My Lead Gen Secret – $60, then $30 per month

What’s Inside


  • Quick Start Video
  • Support – Online Resources
  • Leads Uploaded Today/Yesterday
  • Recently Sent Mailings

My Leads

  • List of Daily Leads
  • Ability to Download your Leads

Master Email Swipes (Upsell)

  • 30 Master Swipes

Mailing System

  • Choose your Mailing Type
  • Choose your Sender
  • Select your Leads
  • Create your Emails
  • Access Image Library


  • Stats on Open Rates, Clicks, CTRs, etc.


  • Promo Tools
  • Commission Reports
  • Downline Stats

Recommended Advertising

  • 3 recommended Ad Services & Programs


  • 30 Custom Email Swipes – $30



Who Is This System For?

Jim Harmon made this for beginners

This system would be for anyone who’s wanting to increase their leads for the purpose of email affiliate marketing.

I’ve heard from many people who seem to make money with the leads they’re getting.

It’s certainly an easy way to mail your list, with the built-in mailer. And you’ll probably want to use it rather than download your lead list. Any “better” autoresponder will not let you upload these leads.

I know there are either positive or negative reviews of this product. The positive ones are pushing a bunch of bonuses if you purchase from them, lol. And the negative ones are just slamming the program.

Personally, I’m going to give it a try to see for myself.

I’m skeptical about you making as much money as the sales video promises. But it’s cheap to try! You might have to persist for a few months until you’ve got a large enough list to start promoting other offers.

I’ve purchased this product to show you what’s inside, and if I get positive results, I’ll be sure to come back and update this review.

UPDATE: February 25th, 2020

I’m up to about 19K subscribers and have approximately 12-15% click-through rate.  I’m sending out emails for both this system and other products.

So far so good!!  It’s definitely worth a try.  I’ll be back again…


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How Does It Work?

myleadgensecret is very easy to use

You know, even us online marketers, who write many product reviews, are susceptible to the “shiny object syndrome”, LOL. When I write my reviews, I’m honest and won’t condemn it unless I feel it’s truly terrible.

That being said, I was so curious about this system, I just had to give it a try.

I promise to let you know any positives or negatives I discover, OK?

Let’s take a look at the sales page…

Sales Page

This landing page is simple and to the point. Jim’s video is well done and he seems personable. He doesn’t come across as “salesy”, and talks about his past and where he’s at now.

He comes across as a normal guy who’s not flashing his money, cars or homes. That’s refreshing!

I know that any marketer has to be likeable in order to convert their visitors, but he is one of the better ones I’ve heard recently.

He shares things like:

  • He started online in the ’90s
  • Facebook didn’t even exist yet
  • Google Adwords was just starting, and advertising was cheap
  • Scammers ran rampant

He talks about how all the “guru’s” teach one thing, but DO another. They’re not willing to truly give up their money-making secrets.

OK, I do believe there are some who truly help….lol.

Jim then shows you how successful funnels are for your conversions, and how having a list of leads to promote to is necessary.

On average you should get about 1 sale per 100 leads.

Of course, that depends on the quality of your list, but we’ll get into that later…

Normal Cost Of Buying Leads

Did you know that you can always buy leads, through Solo Ad services? But these average about $1 per click. So a list of 500 would cost you $500, and those aren’t leads… just clicks.

So Jim Harmon decided to start a system with 10 trusted partners, all sharing their huge email lists with this system.

This is also what’s known as Splitting The Cost Per Lead. Because these leads are used multiple times, you’re splitting the cost of expensive leads.

Unknown to many is that many of the most successful online marketers use this technique!

But is this legal?

You’re not supposed to share leads without their permission right?

True, you’re not! But these aren’t those types of leads. These are called Permission-Based Leads!

When these leads enter a funnel, they have the option to request or deny more information. And because they said “yes”, it’s legal to send them promotions.

You might have seen this option yourself when giving your email address online:

the leads gave their permission

100 Leads Per Day (To Start)

Jim Harmon has set up his system to give you 100s per day. That’s 3,000 leads per month!

That would normally cost you about $3000, instead of $30, or $1 per day.

What the sales page doesn’t tell you is that when you’ve earned your first sale as his affiliate, your daily leads jump to 200. So that amounts to 6,000 leads per month, for the same $30.

Who Are These Trusted Partners?

That’s a very good question! I did some research on this, and couldn’t find out exactly who the 10 were. One review stated that 4 of them were:

  1. Russell Brunson
  2. Neil Patel
  3. Frank Kern
  4. Mike Filsaime

He claims to have received leads from these gentlemen himself. I have no idea if this is a fact or not, but I wanted to share what I had found out…

OK, now let me take you inside…

Member Area/Dashboard

Home Page

Once you’ve purchased the product, and optional upsell, you are immediately brought to your dashboard. This is what you’ll see.

mlgs has stats for everything

Notice the two opened emails already. I sent out my first ever email about 15 minutes prior to taking this screenshot, lol.

Here, you have access to all your different areas, as well as a walkthrough video and access to support.

The support page has a “ticket” format for reaching out to their team, and also has a “Knowledge Base” of various topics for you to lookup.

There is great support for myleadgensecret

My Leads

This tab shows you how many leads you received on any given day, and the ability to browse through the list. It also shows you when you’ll receive your next 100 – 200 leads.

Mine showed only 6+ hours even though I had just purchased the system. So I’m assuming they are released at about 10:00 pm my time, which is Mountain Time in Canada.

the leads come mostly from United States

As you can see, these are real people. You’re shown:

  • The date they signed up on a list.
  • Their first and last names.
  • Their email address.
  • Their IP addresses.
  • The City, State, Postal/Zip code, and Country.
  • The lead partner list.

Most of mine were from the US, with 1 Canada, 2 UK, and 1 Australia.

So these emails would be considered top tier, which would be the more costly leads via a Solo Advertiser.

Master Email Swipes

If you purchased the upsell, which I had, you’ll have access to this section.

There are 30 Master Swipes, written by Jim Harmon himself, that can be used for any product promotion.

With one click, you can import an email into the mailing system, and send as is or edit it the way you want.

Mailing System

This is the built-in mailer system. Here, you have a choice between sending the email via your name or My Lead Gen Secret.

You can also choose to send to all of your leads, or choose which Partner leads you prefer to use.

This is handy if you do any sort of testing to see which Partner’s leads perform the best.

And of course, you have the editor, with the usual formatting options. There is also an image library of icons that you can add to your email.

my lead gen secret system has an email editor

As you can see, the system has it’s own tracking software, so there’s no need to add your own.

The system also has a “Perfect Timing” feature. This is a predictive feature that selects the optimal delivery hour of the day for each of your leads, based on historical activity.

There is also a countdown timer, showing you when you can next send out an email.

I like the fact that you can only send once per day.  This will prevent spamming by the community.


This tab will give you all of your statistics for each mail out. This shows you the numbers along the bottom, as well as in graph form.

No graph for me, lol. Too soon…

lead gen software that gives you 100 leads per day

Hey, look… I’ve gone up to 5 opens since I took the first screenshot, LOL

I will come back and update these images as time goes by, so you can see my progress!


This section explains the compensation plan, as well as providing your promotional tools. There is also a tab to show the commissions you’ve received, as well as your downline.

Is this an MLM?

Yes, and no. Though you do receive a commission for any referrals up to 5 levels deep, it’s not you’re typical MLM.

I’ve been part of Multi-Level Marketing systems before, and they require you to actively support and encourage your downline, to keep it growing and strong. That wasn’t something I could do well.

But this system keeps track of any downline, and if they maintain their membership monthly, you will be a commission from them. There’s no contact or added work on your part.

Here is how Jim explains his commission plan…

what is my lead gen secret compensation plan

In addition to this, you can double your leads from 100 to 200 leads per day by simply referring one confirmed member. As long as at least one referral remains active, you will get your bonus 100 leads.

So I will continue to send out emails promoting this system to see how long that takes. From the reviews I’ve seen, others have done it in 2 days…

This section also has 10 email swipes, 5 text ads, and 5 banner ads for your use.

And to top all this off, Jim Harmon is offering you a $100 bonus for each week that you refer 5 new confirmed membership sales in that 7-day contest period. So that’s a potential $400 per month if you’re successful.

Recommended Advertising

This section currently shows 3 top ad services and programs recommended by Jim and his partners.

  1. Newspapers Alive – $60 to $300 per month
  2. Organic Prospects – $30 per month
  3. Twice Confirmed Traffic – $50 per month

These are additional ways to get eyes on your promotions but can become quite costly.

I suggest you try the system first, for a while, to see how successful you are first. That’s what I’m doing!



Two Ways To Make Money

myleadgensecret com can be used two ways

Method #1

You can promote MLGS itself.  You have access to email swipes and other tools to promote this to your leads.

You could also add banners or ads to your website if you have another business.  This could bring in referrals from other sources.

As your lead list continues to grow, you’ll eventually be emailing thousands of people which will increase your chances of converting.

With each sale, you receive $5, and $5 for each month they remain active.  On top of that, you receive commissions from any downline referrals you get.

And don’t forget the weekly $100 bonus he offers…

Method #2

Use your leads to promote Clickbank or other affiliate network products.  Be sure to find a money-making product to promote.  These leads are interested in the MMO niche.

If you try to promote a “diet” product, you probably won’t see much success.

Pro Tip – Most affiliate networks have a way to sort their available products.  You can sort by niche and even their top sellers.  These would be the ones to bring you the best conversions.

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Bonus Facebook Support Group

I don’t want this review to go on forever, lol, so if you decide to give this a try, let me know, OK?

There’s a Facebook support group that is very active. But you must have purchased this system to join.

I discovered that one of the moderators has shown the members how to create their own self-hosted autoresponder. It’s a way to clean up your list and delete any leads who aren’t responding to your emails.

It apparently only costs about $3 per month, even if you had 1 million leads!

I haven’t looked into this yet, but it’s there if you’re interested.



My Concerns

#1: Upload Leads To Your Own Email Service?

This is not something I would recommend without talking to your email service first. The more notable services like Aweber, which is what I use, have very strict policies to follow.

If you upload something without requesting approval, you may be banned and lose the list you’ve developed within their system.

One review I found discussed this, as he inquired with Aweber before he did anything. This was the reply he got…

youtube review shows aweber letter

I confirmed this by looking up the Service Agreement with Aweber.

cannot upload leads to another service

Seeing as there’s a built-in mailer, I would recommend you continue to use this or create your own self-hosted autoresponder. It’s not worth the risk of an email service shutting you down.

#2: Are The Clicks Real?

There are some reviews who’ve claimed they’ve followed their views and clicks, and have found some discrepancies.

I’m certainly no techy, and I’m not sure how I’d test this myself. If this is a concern for you, you should test your own system and see what happens.

Myself, if the system works, and I can make money, then I doubt I’d be too concerned about this, haha.

#3: Are These Low Quality Leads?

As I showed you above, the first 100 leads I received are top-tier. They were mainly from the United States, then a few from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Now I know they are shared, so only time will tell how many clicks or sales I receive.

But I have to admit, that getting 100 leads for $1 per day is the lowest cost ever.

#4: Do You Need The Upsell?

Unlike some upsells I’ve seen with other products, where the system won’t work without them… this upsell is completely optional.

He does a great job of selling them to you though, lol. So expect the sales pitch.

The master email swipes could be handy if you’re not experienced at writing exciting subject lines and emails that convert. That’s not my forte, so I went ahead and got them.

#5: Can I Use These Leads For Any Niche?

These leads are generated by opt-ins to Business Opportunites and Internet Marketing. So that means the leads are interested in making money online.

So if you’re trying to promote products in other niches, such as weight loss or parenting, these leads won’t work for you.

But… if you’d like to use this system as a side business, and promote it or other MMO products, then it could work quite well as a side income.

#6: How Well Can Cold Leads Work?

This remains to be seen…

I much prefer building a list of people who I want to engage with and get to know. My own business email list is people who have chosen to give me their email addresses, so I know they want to hear from me.

Using cold leads used to work much better, years ago. These days, it’s not as effective.

But alas, I’m still hearing that this works, so let’s see what happens…




  • People are making some money with this
  • Downloadable leads
  • Great community & support (ask me…)
  • Easy opportunity to double your daily leads



  • Don’t know how often these leads are shared
  • Leads are for MMO niche only
  • Major email services won’t allow uploading



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I recommend wealthy affiliate

Well, there you have it, folks! I’ve tried to think of everything I could to show you what this system is like, and as I progress with my own emails, I’ll be sure to come back and update you.

It would certainly be nice to make some money with only a few minutes of work each day!

I especially like the fact that these are top-tier leads and don’t cost me the usual $1 or so per lead. So I’m very curious about how well it could work.

Is My Lead Gen Secret a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

This is definitely something I’ve haven’t done before. It’s not my usual MO!

I truly believe that to have a long-term, successful business, you need to have your own website, and get to know your followers. When you have a loyal audience, you can create a passive income for years to come.

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful industry to earn your financial freedom. And this is what I’d like to help you achieve.

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

Would you like to learn how to create your own successful business? This product could work for you on the side, but it’s doesn’t have any long-term possibilities. It can’t be passive.

I’d love for you to come and see where I learned everything about online marketing, and where I run my business to this day.

This is a proven all-inclusive platform that’s been helping entrepreneurs for 15 years. Some of the members have gone on to run million-dollar companies.

Don’t believe me? Check out Dominic Wells and Human Proof Designs.  He started out here too!

There’s training, tools, hosting, community, support… everything you need to start your profitable business. And there’s nowhere else online that you can get all this for such a low cost.

Actually, you can start for FREE! No credit card necessary. Isn’t that wild!

If you click on the button below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll greet you on the inside. I’ll help you for as long as you need me to, OK? See you soon!


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So what do you think about the “My Lead Gen Secret” review? Did I answer all your questions?

If not, just leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.

Cheers for now,