What Is The BotEngage? Turn Your Visitors Into Profits!

What Is The BotEngage?

Are you looking for a way to get higher conversions for your business promotions? Have you heard about chatbots?

If you’ve been searching for such a tool, you’ve probably come across this product. So what is the BotEngage? Is it legit or another scam?

I don’t blame you for asking. It’s hard to tell these days what’s legit and what isn’t. And I’m glad to see you researching this product before jumping on board.

Let me help you! We’ll go inside and see how it works.

Then with my honest opinions and recommendations, you can make an informed decision, OK?

Would you like to see where I learned how to create my own successful business?




What Is The BotEngage?

chatbot and videobot artificial intelligence

This system will create 4 different types of chatbots to engage your visitors and help drive more sales.

It was created by Victory Akpos and Simon Warner and launched on Warrior Plus on March 18th, 2020.

BotEngage – $39 (50 campaigns per month), $42 (unlimited campaigns)

What’s Inside


  • How To Create an Inpage Bot – 14 minutes
  • How to Create a Chat Bot – 6:16 minutes
  • How to Create a Modal Bot – 10:42 minutes
  • How to Create a Video Bot – 6:10 minutes
  • How to Use Fast Drag and Drop Builder – 3:23 minutes
  • How To Integrate Bots In Our Page Builder – 4:21 minutes

Inpage Bot

  • Build your bot
  • Configure your bot
  • Share your bot
  • Install your bot

Chat Bot

  • Same as “Inpage”

Modal Bot

  • Build your bot
  • Design your bot
  • Share your bot
  • Install your bot

Video Bot

  • Same as “Modal”

My Landing Pages

  • Your library of created pages

DFY Bot Templates

  • Filtered by 4 bot types
  • Filtered by 12 categories
  • 52 templates in total

DFY Landing Pages (Upsell)


  • Subscriber list


  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • 8 Autoresponders


#1: Lead Profiter Reseller License

#2: Unlimited Reseller License Of Outreachr

#3: Reseller License Of VeedAds Worth

#4: Reseller License Of SnapiShop


OTO #1: Botengage Premium – $47 per month or one-time pmt $57, downsell $27/mo or $47 one-time

OTO #2: Botengage Agency – $67, downsell $47

OTO #3: Botengage Whitelabel – $97 (100 licenses), $197 (500 licenses), $297 (unlimited), downsell $77, $147, $297



Who Is This System For?

for potential customers visiting your site

This system is for anyone who has an online business. You can be a newbie, or a more experienced marketer and get wonderful results from using Chatbots.

This AI technology has become very popular and is a great way to engage with your visitors.

As people are getting more impatient and quicker to leave your website, landing pages or other promotions, this is the perfect way to grab their attention and keep them there longer.

And when they feel you’re talking to them directly, they’re more apt to convert into sales.

I believe anyone could use a tool like this for their online businesses.


my bot engage link button



How Does It Work?

this is not like crouching tiger

WARNING: You Are Leaving a Whopping 90% Leads, Sales And Profits On The Table Without This…

Wow! Does that grab your attention, or what? lol

That’s how the sales page starts off. Let’s see what else it says…

Sales Page

This product claims to add a revolutionary workforce of sales assistants to your sites. And you should see a 427% increase in your optins, and a 417% increase in your profits.

Isn’t it amazing how precise these numbers are?

What it’s talking about adding is AI bots or artificial intelligence bots.

These bots will:

  • Multiply your conversions – these bots will grab your visitor’s attention, keeping them from aimlessly scrolling and helping you close the deal.
  • Amplify your engagement – your visitor will enjoy the real-time conversation, helping you to build trust and rapport.
  • Surge your sales – the bot will keep your reader’s attention and focused on “the prize”.
  • Boost your ROI – this engagement will make sure your traffic is never wasted until you get what you want.
  • Set & forget – you can create them exactly how you want, then letting them work without fussing with them again.
  • Remain cloud based – you won’t ever need to download anything.
  • Be fun to build – using the drag and drop editor, creation is quick and easy
  • Integrate with many platforms – you can integrate with WordPress, Shopify, and more, as well as top autoresponders, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

With this product, you’ll be able to create Inpage Bots, Chatbots, Modal Bots, Video Bots and more.

And with their 5-step system, it couldn’t be easier…

Step #1: Set – Start by naming your bots and choosing your avatar.

Step #2: Perfect – With a point and click you can choose your background and customize your appearance.

Step #3: Build – With the drag & drop editor, it’s easy to build your automated interactions.

Step #4: Share – With 1 click, you can share to the masses like social media, your sites, or by email.

Step #5: Forget – Sit back and allow your bots to bring in your sales and profits.

Botengage is built by marketers for marketers.

Because customers are demanding more from their online experience, this technology makes sure they’re getting exactly what they came for when they visit your website.

And the personal touch will only increase your sales because the personal touch builds trust. And with trust, the customer is more likely to buy, right?

The best part is that your visitor never has to know that you’re not really there. The bot acts like a real, live person.

Not only will this help you make more money with conversions, but with your commercial license, you’ll be able to create your own NEW business.

You can sell your services to any other business, no matter the niche, to create and sell unlimited bots to improve their businesses. It’s like a business in a box.

So what do you think? Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it”

Let’s see if the actual product does what it claims…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you get access to your dashboard, this is what you’ll see…

4 different chatbot styles

The first thing I recommend doing is watching all the training videos to get acquainted with the software. They are well done and easy to follow.


There is a training video for each type of bot. The videos are step by step showing you exactly how to create each one.

The remaining 2 videos will show you how to use the drag and drop editor as well as integrating your bots into your pages.

Inpage Bot

Inpage bots blend into your content to look natural. You can fit it in anywhere it flows with the content and won’t interrupt or annoy your reader.

They’re meant to ask your visitor the right question at the right time, so it makes your conversion rate that much higher.

Simply click “create new” and the software brings you through steps to customize how it looks…

customize for your leads

You can then start building your messages. The software lets you choose from a huge variety of options…

drag n drop editor

When complete, you can add this chat “box” anywhere you wish within your content.

This is a great way to engage your reader and ask questions to collect leads and so much more.

Chat Bot

Chatbots are what you usually see in the bottom corner of a website. They’re meant to grab your visitor’s attention and begin chatting as though you were a friend.

These will engage even the busiest of visitors, giving them instant answers when they’re impatient. It’s a great way to stop them from drifting away without a sale.

Creating a chatbot is the same as the Image bot above. Here’s an example of what this bot will look like on your page…

design your own chatbot

Modal Bot

A Modal bot allows you to engage with your visitor, and some won’t even realize it’s happening. It helps to get your audience more actively involved with your content and to take action.

This bot is shown as a slide presentation and can have questions and/or videos for added engagement.

modal bots are slides

And like any other bot, you have the ability to edit the colour, font, background image, etc.

Video Bot

Video is one of the most engaging mediums online and will help to capture your visual visitors.

These videos can be your created videos or something from YouTube, give links to other content, have call to actions, and so much more.

add any Youtube videos

You have the option to install any bot in 3 different ways, using the SDK code, an embed code or add it to a landing page.

These are the platforms that this software will integrate with…

integrates with many platforms

There is also a share feature that allows you to send a share link (if you’re selling to clients) or to social media sites, email, and more…

share it with many platforms

DFY Bot Templates

The software comes with 52 templates in all different niches that you can choose from…

many bot templates inside

What nice about the templates is that the bot is completely done for you with images and script. You can use it as is, or edit it to customize it to your business.


This section shows you the leads you’ve collected with your bots. This is nice to have if you don’t have or don’t want to integrate your autoresponder.

You can download this list to upload elsewhere if you wish. Please make sure you inquire about this with your own autoresponder. Sometimes this isn’t allowed.


You will be able to quickly integrate with:

  • GetResponse
  • Sendiio
  • ActiveCampaign
  • SendLane
  • Market Hero
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • General list – within the software

If you click on the demo video below, you can see it in action…


#1: Lead Profiter Reseller License

Lead Profiter is the software that captures your leads without an optin page or form. You can send emails and follow-up messages without needing a 3rd party autoresponder.

And with the license, you can sell the software as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

#2: Unlimited Reseller License Of Outreachr

This content marketing software helps you generate more engagements, leads and sales through quizzes, video pop-ups, surveys and more.

And you can sell this as your own and keep all the profits with the reseller license.

#3: Reseller License Of VeedAds Worth

This video creator will allow you to:

  • Resize your video for any device.
  • Turn your video to a GIF.
  • Add intros and outros with music and logos.
  • Choose from thousands of templates.
  • And much more…

Again, you can sell this as your own for 100% of the profits with the license.

#4: Reseller License Of SnapiShop

Smapishop is a cloud-based eCom store builder. With just a few clicks you can build a fully optimized and monetized store to collect even more commissions.

And yes, you can sell this as your own and keep all the profits.


OTO #1: Botengage Premium

This upgrade will give you a membership to their VIP Sales Academy, plus new templates added to your account every single month or 480 per year.

For your purchase, you get 250 templates immediately to get you started.

The additional training is easy to follow and with the step by step instructions, you can quickly put your bots into action.

OTO #2: Botengage Agency

This upsell is an Agency Toolkit. You’ll receive a suite of marketing tools to help you land clients for your new business.

These DFY (done for you) tools will grab their attention and convert into clients.

You also get:

  • A ready to go, fully optimized agency website
  • 3 telemarketing scripts
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • Landing pages
  • Email swipes

Everything you need to kick start your new business.

OTO #3: Botengage Whitelabel

This license allows you to sell complete Botengage accounts for 100% profits. Everything is done for you, so all you have to do is sell and reap the rewards.

All the support costs have been taken care for you. Your customers are directed to their support desk for any concerns.

Usually, White Label means you can use your own branding, but nowhere does it imply you can…


my botengage link button



Demo Video



My Concerns?

I have no concerns with this product

I have no concerns with this product. It does what it promises and is easy for newbies and more advanced alike.

This type of tool can be a huge benefit to you and your business. Engaging with your visitors is sure to help your conversion rates.

The only disappointing thing for me was NO integration with Aweber, which is the email capture service I use. 🙁

I am hoping this is something they will add in the future.

And it was a relief to see a sales page that didn’t promise you loads of free traffic!

This is a tool to help convert the traffic you already have. Yes, it could drive more traffic when sharing it on social media and such, but they never promise you it’ll make you rich overnight.

I highly recommend you get the “Unlimited” version for $3 more. I have a feeling that’s all they’ll be offering in the near future anyway.

The one-time price of $42 is significantly cheaper than some 3rd party services out there.

Granted, these are much more professional companies, but unless you’re running a huge business, I don’t think you’ll need something so extravagant. Here are others I found online:

  • Tars – Plans start at $99 per month
  • Botsify – Plans start at $50 per month
  • Pandorabots – Plans start at $19 per month

There are many more available, but they are all either monthly payments or a specific cost per message. So you see, this product price will pay for itself very quickly.




  • Low one-time cost
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Great way to engage your visitors
  • High conversion opportunities



  • None that I can see…



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

i recommend wealthy affiliate for your business training

I think this product is great and definitely cheaper than a monthly plan with other companies. The software is easy to use with great training videos.

If you’re looking for a way to engage your visitors, this is the perfect way to do so.

Is Botengage a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

This used to be something expensive to have when Chatbot technology first came out. But now, you see people developing their own software and it’s become much more affordable.

Do you have your own website yet, to be able to use these bots in your content? If you don’t, I always recommend every person working online have their own website.

It’s your online real estate that only you control. It’s scalable and professional.

Or maybe you do, but you’re struggling to get anywhere with it…

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

Come and check out where I learned all about online marketing and where my website is hosted.

This platform is all-inclusive, with everything you need under one roof. The in-depth training will help newbies learn the ropes, as well as struggling marketers get the help to succeed.

And the best part? You can start for free, no credit card necessary. Isn’t that great?!!

Click on the button below and you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you inside and help you along for as long as you wish.

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So how did you come across Botengage? Did my review help answer all your questions?

If you have any more, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.

Cheers for now,


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