What is PPC Steps? Neil Moran’s Expert Training

What is PPC Steps?

Are you looking for a way to make money online?  There are many ways to do this, but learning how to do it right is the only way to succeed.

If you’ve been searching for a way, you’ve most likely come across Neil Moran’s training platform.  But what is PPC Steps?  Is this really the proper way to learn PPC (Pay per Click) marketing?

These are great questions and I’m so glad to see you doing some research before purchasing.

Let’s go inside, see what it offers, how it works, and if it’s what you expect.  I’ll give you my honest opinion and recommendations, OK?

By the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision if it’s right for you or not.

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the PPC Steps review - rating




What Is PPC Steps?

all about PPC marketing

This training and membership platform will teach anyone how to properly apply PPC methods to earn an online income.

It was created by Neil Moran and launched on Warrior Plus in November 2019.

PPC Steps – $3 Trial for 3 days, then $27 per month

What’s Inside

Members Home

  • Welcome Video
  • Link to Facebook Group
  • Link to Your Affiliate ID
  • Link to Request Training

Easy CPA 

  • 9 Modules with Multiple Videos & Links
  • Last 3 Modules are Drip Fed

Easy CPA Technique 2

  • Advanced Technique on Autopilot
  • Drip Fed After 20 Days

Amazon S3 Setup 

  • 6 Videos & Links

Traffic Sources

  • 6 Traffic Sources
  • Some Are Drip Fed
  • More To Come…

Push Ads

  • 7 Modules with Videos & Links
  • Drip Fed After 60 Days

Bing Ads 

  • 4 Modules After 90 Days
  • Instant Access for $47, or Yearly Sign-Up

List Building 

  • 7 Modules Drip Fed Over 2 Months

Golden Nuggets 

  • 10 Modules Drip Fed Over 2 Months


  • 3 modules
  • DFY Landing Page Library

Members Videos

  • Member Request Videos


#1:  Access to an Exclusive Fast Start DFY Campaign

#2:  Done for You Proven to Convert Landing Pages


OTO #1:  Yearly Membership – $270 per year or $1500 Lifetime Access



Who Is This Training For?

This training is perfect for beginners as well as intermediate marketers who are either struggling to make money online or simply want to scale their businesses for greater income.

The training is step by step and easy to follow.  It’s also delivered in a drip fashion so that you don’t get overwhelmed with all that’s there.

Neil has you start with the basics, and then unlocks additional training over time.  This is also great to stop his students from skipping around and missing vital pieces of the puzzle.

This is an excellent program taught by one of the industry’s leading experts in CPA marketing.

And what could have easily been a program worth thousands of dollars, he’s kept it at a low cost so everyone could benefit.


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How Does It Work?

easy steps for ppc campaign and high quality score

This is a step by step training course to show you how to run your own affiliate or CPA (click per action) marketing campaigns.  You don’t need any experience or technical skills.

That sounds amazing!  Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

And as a bonus, Neil will show you a traffic source where you only pay for conversions!

This is a newbie-friendly training course where you can begin to see results within minutes of starting your campaign.

Neil explains that everyone has the capacity to make money online.  And the easiest and fastest way to do that is to find a mentor who’s “been there, done that”!

Who better to teach you the ropes than someone who’s already put in the time, right?

But unfortunately, most coaching programs cost thousands of dollars.  So now what?  That could be your grocery money going down the tubes.

This is why he put together this guide to help people directly.  Its an A-Z program with simple strategies to help even the newest of marketers.

Inside the system, you get everything you need to finally start making money:

  1. Step by step video training – These videos will show you exactly how to set up your campaign, get traffic, and start making money.
  2. Personal help – Neil will be giving you his personal guidance if you get stuck, or if you simply want to advance faster.
  3. Private support group – This group is like having an army of supporters to help you through your journey.  It’s full of like-minded people who are always ready to help.

The strategies you’ll learn start at basic, and proceed to advanced, so this is great for newbies as well as intermediate marketers looking to scale their business.

You’ll be getting Neil’s 10 years of experience condensed into one place for you to take advantage of.

This ongoing training is constantly updated, offering new case studies, new methods, and new traffic sources to keep you ahead of the curve.

With just 45 minutes per day, you’ll be earning an income you can be proud of.

For just $27 per month, you’ll learn how to start making an online income and start living the life of your dreams!

This sounds amazing so far!  Let’s see if the product does what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you access your member area, this is what you’ll see…

amazon ppc strategy for online sales

Below the welcome video, there are links to:

  1. Neil’s Private Facebook group
  2. Your affiliate link if you wish to promote PPC Steps (all members are automatically approved)
  3. Renew or upgrade your membership
  4. Request training

Training Platform

There are also links below the video for each training section that you see in the menu bar above.

The welcome video is refreshing to hear.  Neil shares his desire to help people because he’s so tired of seeing all the crappy products pushed onto people.

He wants to help you succeed without having to spend tons of money on special tools and software.

He starts you off with the simpler methods and proceeds onto more advanced strategies in due time.  

He also explains how you can ask for additional video training if there’s something more you need to learn that’s not included in the training.  Wow!

What I especially like about this training is that it’s in “Drip” fashion.

This means that he only allows you to access training in a manner to help teach you the basics first, then proceed onto more advanced techniques.

This helps to prevent the “overwhelm” of looking at everything at once and skipping around.

There are currently over 80 videos for you to watch, with more being consistently added.

Easy CPA

This section originally had 8 modules, and he’s already added another since the launch.  And there are multiple videos in each module.

This first training program is meant to get you results without expensive tracking or hosting expenses.  He wants you to start with very small budgets, and to ask for help whenever you need it.

If you follow each step in order, you’ll begin to see results quickly.

Module 1 – Setup

Neil shares with you the different accounts you need to join to get you on your way.  These are free to join and he explains everything for you in additional videos

He also explains why you need a domain for this process and how to find them for as little as $1.50 per year.

After helping you set up your campaign goals, he discusses the difference in targeting a narrow or a broad market.

Module 2 – Converting Offers

This video will discuss converting offers, GEOs and carriers.  If you don’t know what I mean by this, it’s ok!  This is what the training is all about.

Basically, he’s teaching you how to keep your expenses at a minimum!

Module 3 – Optimization

This important part of the training is about monetization.  This is how you make your money, after all!

There are certain ways to optimize your campaigns, by studying your data.  He goes over the techniques to help those of you who aren’t quite getting the hang of it yet.

There’s also an optional method of automating your optimization if you wish to use a paid service.

Module 4 – Instantly Double Your CPA Commissions

This training proceeds to teach you how to make even more money!  Neil explains why you shouldn’t quit just because you only made $10 on a $20 investment.

When things like this happen, he wants you to reach out to him so he can help you.

You are also given access to his landing page vault…

access to landing page vault for google adwords campaign

Notice how you can’t access some of the links for his recommended days.

As of day 1, you would still have to wait for 2 days before getting into the landing page vault, and 2 more weeks before the other 2 links.

This all helps to keep you on track and not get ahead of yourself.  This plan will create for you the most success!

Module 5 – How to Find Stable Offers

Neil lets you know about updates with Monetizer, one of the groups you’ve already registered with.

He discovered a feature (or lack of one) that made things difficult with your campaign data and asked for a change.  And they did!

He shows you how to use this brilliant update.

Module 6 – DFY High Converting Offer & Passive Income

Neil provides you with a DFY (done for you) campaign for you to work with.  He walks you through the data he’s already received, and how to set up your tracking and landing page.

These videos are done with an “over-the-shoulder” recording, so you can see exactly each step to take and how to do it.

Modules 7, 8, & 9 Are Drip Fed

The following 3 modules are drip-fed to keep you from information overload…

  • Module 7 – DFY Forced Commissions available 2 days after starting.
  • Module 8 – Guaranteed Profit Campaigns available 3 days after starting.
  • Module 9 – DFY 11 Point Monetization Lander available 14 days after starting.

Notice the 8th module?  Guaranteed Profit Campaigns?  You can’t lose any money with these!

These are campaigns where you only pay for your results.  Awesome!!

Easy CPA Technique 2

This additional training for CPA techniques will unlock after 19 days.

It will teach you that CPA marketing doesn’t have to be hard, and this technique will bring you results on autopilot.

Amazon S3 Setup

This training of 6 videos is important to know for hosting your landing pages.  Using Amazon S3 is free for the first year and dirt cheap after that.

This is a fast loading site and the only way you can save tons of money from having to pay for hosting fees.

He also shows you a great site to build landing pages, and offers his personal help if you need it to get set up!

Traffic Sources

There are currently 6 traffic methods taught in this section, with 2 available immediately, and the remaining modules unlocked after 3 days and 30 days.

They cover everything from cheap paid traffic, bot free traffic, self-funding campaigns, and more.  Your first lesson is about using Popcash and starting with as little as $5…

checklist of multiple traffic sources

Push Ads

This training section is all about using push ads for your promotions.  This training can be accessed 60 days after the start of your membership:

  1. Push Ads Introduction
  2. Push Ad Essentials
  3. Ads & Images
  4. Push Ads Setup
  5. DFY Push Ads & Images
  6. Your POA (plan of action)
  7. Push Ad Networks

As you can see by the titles, this is again a very thorough training for using push ads.

Neil stresses the importance of images and copy (the written part) and shows you how to set everything up for maximum success.

Bing Ads 

You have two options with this section on Bing Ads.

You can either wait 89 days to access the training, or you can choose “Instant Access” for $47, or pay for your yearly membership for $270.

This training has 4 modules with multiple videos and links in each one:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Tracking
  3. Campaign Setup
  4. Optimization

List Building

This is something you need to start building for yourself.  It’s a great asset to have and with a list, you don’t have to rely on Solo Ads (paying for paid traffic…).

Neil teaches you multiple ways to build your list and these modules are drip-fed over time:

  • 20,000 Top Tier Leads Per Month (Available immediately)
  • Tracking Leads With BeMob (3 Days)
  • Cheap Top Tier Leads (27 Days)
  • Double Whammy Method (30 Days)
  • Squeeze Pages (30 Days)
  • List Building with Push Ads (30 Days)
  • Bing Ads Leads (59 Days)

build a ppc company with this ppc process

The initial method is using MLGS (My Lead Generation System) which I’ve written a review on if you’d like to take a look at what it is.

Golden Nuggets 

This section is amazing!  There are 10 different modules describing various ways to scale your business and creating even more income.

They are again dripped over time so you don’t get overwhelmed.

My favourite is the $1100 Payout CPA Offer Funnel & Squeeze Pages lesson where Neil will show you a breakdown of a CPA offer which you can use for any high-ticket biz opp (business opportunity) or MMO offer (make money online)

The golden nugget modules and their drip times are:

  1. High Converting Direct Link Offers (4 Days)
  2. How To Find High Converting Data (Immediate)
  3. Double Your Open Rates (60 Days)
  4. Increase Page Load Speeds by 63% (Immediate)
  5. Simple Direct Linking Offers (30 Days)
  6. Video Translation Software (Immediate)
  7. Facebook Quick Cash Method (Immediate)
  8. $1100 Payout CAP Offer Funnel & Squeeze Pages (60 Days)
  9. Earn $30 Per Click (60 Days)
  10. Optimization – How To Find The Green (Immediate)


This section is displayed in the image above, about landing pages.  There are 3 modules here:

  • Check You’re Secure (14 Days)
  • Landing Page Vault (2 Days)
  • Translated Landing Pages (14 Days)

Once you got some training under your belt, Neil will show you how to make sure your pages are secure so you don’t get your ads blocked.

And then you’ll learn how to translate your landing pages to reach the many different language groups around the globe.

Members Videos

This section impresses me the most!  If you have a question about something, and you need to watch how Neil does it himself, you can request he make a video for you.

These videos are uploaded to the platform where anyone can view them.

He walks you through the solution to your question and provides any necessary links to help you out…

What is seo? Neil will help you.


Please listen to Neil explain the program in the Demo Video below…


#1:  Access to an Exclusive Fast Start DFY Campaign

This exclusive DFY (done for you) campaign will show you the exact strategy you need to follow to:

  • Run profitable CPA campings
  • Find profitable offers before spending any money
  • Make passive income from your campaigns
  • Plus more…

#2:  Done for You Proven to Convert Landing Pages

You will have access to the entire library of DFY landing pages, which have been previously proven to convert.

This library is constantly being updated with the best of the best.


OTO #1:  Yearly Membership

This upgrade gives you the opportunity to save over 25% by paying an annual fee of $240 per year.  That’s equivalent to 3 free months!

You can also choose to pay $1500 for lifetime access, and never worry about paying fees again.


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Demo Video



My Concerns?

I have no concerns about this training.  I believe Neil Moran to be one of the industry experts on CPA marketing.

Between the excellent training and his personal help whenever you need it, you will see success much quicker than trying to go it alone.

You have a 3-day trial for $3 to check out the platform and initial training.  Then for only $27 per month, you get all of his years of knowledge packed into the training, with DFY pages and case studies.

I honestly haven’t seen this much value for a membership cost in quite some time.

And don’t forget, he continually adds updated and extra training, as well as any training you request to help you when you’re stuck.

All in all, it’s an awesome program.




  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • $3 trial
  • Low membership fee
  • Extensive training
  • Detailed step by step videos
  • Proven methods to make money online



  • None that I’ve found…



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I believe this training can really help you make money online with CPA marketing.  The techniques you learn will work with any affiliate marketing campaign, but Neil focuses on CPA.

This is something that’s perfect for newbies because he starts his training from scratch with the most basic methods.  And then it progresses to more advanced training as you start to get the hang of it.

It’s quite brilliant, actually!

Is PPC Steps a scam?     No

Would I recommend it?    Yes

This training is very useful if you’ve never done anything online before, or if you want to add another profitable method to scale the online business you already have.

Do you have your own business yet?  If you did, you’d have the perfect home to host all your campaign promotional material.

Plus, your own website is very professional looking and a wonderful way to brand yourself!

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

Come and check out where I learned all about affiliate marketing, and where I’ve chosen to run my business from for all these years.

This platform is simply amazing. They have loads of marketing training that covers an alternate method to Neil’s.

And the tools to build and bring you success are integrated right into the platform.  The best part is the huge and active community for support and encouragement.

All this plus PPC Steps is a winning combination for your future success!

And you can start for FREE, no credit card necessary! It’s a win-win!

Click on the button below and you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you on the inside and help you for as long as you need me to.

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So where did you hear about PPC Steps?  Did my review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



P.S.  Please share my post with your friends!